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If you’re in the hunt for wedding venues, the choices can seem overwhelming. Whatever happened to simply having it in a church? Of course, the choices have expanded quite a bit since that was the norm. While still a popular destination, many couples (especially those for whom “church” isn’t a part of their lives) like to look for other possibilities. But whether you’re looking at hotel ballrooms, public parks, or even the beach, there are some important things you should think about before making a final decision. Here are three important tips that can help you make a good choice.


This is one of those important elements to great wedding venues that many couples utterly fail to give a second thought. It’s an unspoken assumption that if a facility is hosting parties of a certain capacity, they will have the parking to cover the guests comfortably. This is often not the case. You have guests driving around the block three times, looking for a place to stop. You have cars parked on the street, in neighbor’s driveways, and halfway up the grass on some nearby slope. This is no good, and it sets your guests on edge before the ceremony even begins. Make sure the facility you choose can accommodate plenty of cars.

The Reception

Think carefully about a reasonable proximity between wedding venues and the reception site you want. This is another important consideration many people forget about or feel too unimportant to worry about. It’s anything but! While you may know the route between the two facilities like the back of your hand, it’s safe to say your guests will not. This could lead many to skip the reception altogether, which is the last thing you want. If you can get a facility that will host both the ceremony and the reception, you should strongly consider using it. If you must split the two locations, try to find a place nearby.

Name Value

This tip is going to be couple-dependent, but if you want to make an impression with your ceremony, you might want to consider using a place that has some name recognition. There’s certainly nothing wrong with holding your ceremony at some small place that only you know about, but if you want to immediately make an impact with your invitations, consider looking at wedding venues that people know. The added benefit here is that these places have already built their reputations on holding ceremonies of this nature.

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