4 Most Popular Bridal Bouquet Styles

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By Jennifer Lee Winget

Marriage is bliss if carried out willingly with dedication. We all have figured out how our dream wedding looks like since we were children. Now the time has arrived to make the dream come true.

The wedding day is probably the most important day in our lives and we work really hard in keeping all the things right. It is like a rebirth for both the people who are tying the knot. It not only union of two individuals but two souls, two families, even two communities if necessary. Marrying someone means to take responsibility, to entangle your connection with the new being, to stay dedicated and committed to your own self. Flowers are an important element of wedding and are used in a varied ways throughout the happy occasion.

Bridal bouquet is important and is required not only to complement the bridal gown. It has more significance to just ornamenting the gown and accessorizing the overall look of the brides. The presence of a bridal bouquet means to drive away evil and assure the holiness of the wedding. There was a time, the bridal bouquet was just a simple posy of leaves, herbs, spices and simple flowers which after so many years have come up to play more as an important accessory to the bride. In order to place an order of the bouquet, opt for the professional flower shops with expert florists. Overall, one thing is clear that the flower bouquets are important to any bride and more than just symbolic reasons now. If you are in a fix about which style of bouquet to choose, then the 4 following trends can definitely ease out your pain.

• Purity and serenity: If you are a person who loves simplicity, then carry the serenity and innocence through your bouquet. A simple composition of fresh white flowers, hand tied in ribbons and frills are a classic choice and can perfectly depict purity.

• Multiple textures and shapes: This style features quite vibrant composition of floral arrangements but if prepared by professionals from reliable flower shops are sure to reflect your charismatic choice and bold personality.

• Being all sparkly: Crystal headed pins and silver sparkles all over the flowers or some selected ones can create a varied looking bouquet. Even though your bouquet consists of simple flowers, adding sparkle can undoubtedly add a stunning appeal to the simplest bouquets even.

• Popular pastel: Pastel shades of flowers are highly popular among most of the brides and can complement every subtle color theme to create an understated magical beauty.

Jennifer Lee Winget is a prolific writer and blogger, mainly specializing in various aspects of the floral world. Jennifer is also the owner of a beautiful flower shop, offering online flower delivery services to clients globally.

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