7 Most Important Vendors to Have at Your Wedding

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Whether you are planning a wedding for someone or your own, it is very important to know about all the vendors that provide services and what kind of services they actually provide! Many people make the mistake of overlapping services with out even realizing it and then they end up spending way more money than they needed to. I hope that this guide helps you in the planning process!
1. Caterer: The food is very important to focus on! You do not want to pick a vendor with terribly prepared food that all of the guests will hate. It is very important to not oversee this category because this vendor is the one vendor that essentially comes in direct contact with each and every one of your guests. You want to make sure they not only provide food for your reception, but appetizers for the cocktail hour too. Many vendors are growing to also provide some light dessert snacks like cookies and coffee, but not cake. That’s the Cake Vendors job and they do not want to take the cakes thunder away!
2. Cake Vendor: The cake is very important too!! With out the cake, did someone really have a wedding? The cake has to not only taste good or the guests, but look good too. You do not want a slanted cake with uneven frosting, no way! And please pick a cake vendor that is smart enough to put the cake in the fridge… I have come across too many incidents where, for some reason the expert cake vendor thought that the cake would be okay in the 85 degree heat… outside… hours before the reception.
3. DJ: The DJ is the conductor of the reception. With out a vocal, strong, and energetic DJ, your reception will not have the amp and fun you are looking for. A few services the DJ vendors are starting to add on are Lighting, which rental vendors also provide – so pick the cheapest one! – and they are also starting to provide Photo booths too.
4. Liquor Vendor: Liquor vendors may be useful when the caterer is restricted from providing this option. Many caterers are able to provide this, but in the event that a caterer cannot provide this, a liquor vendor comes in very handy! Or even in the case that you find a liquor vendor that’s cheaper than how much the caterer is charging.. well the answer there becomes very simple!
5. Florist: Florists provide an ambiance to the wedding. Even if you do not want flowers as your centerpiece… florists are still necessary! What about the bouquets? yup! Can’t forget about those. So try to find a florist that can recreate your vision. I’ve seen florists do some beautiful work and some that provide half dead flowers in the bouquets. It is all about quality in this area.
6. Event Coordinator: Obviously, as an event coordinator I will promote getting one! However, the importance is of where to get a coordinator from. My recommendation is to actually combine the services and get an event coordinator from a Tent & Party Rental Company, similar to one that I work for now. If you get a coordinator from a coordinating company, and solely just that, the process of getting things taken care of and putting things together actually becomes more difficult. By combining these two services, the coordinator is then able to have automatic and full access to the rental material making the set up, take down, and all the preparation in the middle much simpler.
7. Tent & Party Rental Vendor: Last but not least… you cannot have a wedding with out tables and chairs and linens! That’s what a party rental vendor provides and it is very crucial to have this. If you have your wedding at a hotel, sure they will provide linens, but your options of white an ivory. And if you are not a white and ivory type of person, then check out your local party rental vendors and see what they have to offer.
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