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Are you getting married? Maybe it’s your own special occasion or, maybe you’re a professional planner, and you’ve just run out of ideas. If so, here are 7 unique ideas for wedding receptions:

– Develop a Theme. The right theme can make any occasion memorable. How about a masquerade ball? Themes are easy to coordinate throughout the entire event. Favors, paper products, music and even the way the guests are dressed can fit accordingly with the theme. Make sure you let them know ahead of time so they can join in the fun.

– Choose an Unforgettable Guest Book. How about a photo booth? Your guests can take their own pictures for a unique remembrance. Plus, the happy couple can take home duplicates to preserve in an album for many years of delight.

– Give Guests a Taste of the Town. Wherever you live, there’s always some food, which is native to that locale. Or, perhaps there’s a beverage that is made right in your town. This is such a unique idea; your guests will be talking about it for years.

РPlan a Dessert Buffet. How do chocolate-covered strawberries, miniature cr̬me brulees and bananas foster sound? A mini dessert buffet is a guaranteed way to tantalize the tastebuds of every guest. Ask your caterer if they have ideas for decorating the table. And, a dessert buffet encourages mingling.

– Drink it up. Espresso and cappuccino bars have become an extremely popular choice nowadays. They’re both hot and a good accompaniment to dessert. As wedding receptions tend to die down after a certain hour, these bars will provide your guests with a little jolt to see them through the rest of the night.

– Hire a Watercolor Artist. Search online or ask at your local art museum for a watercolor artist who will draw various scenes from the event or any other art theme you desire. As they sit and draw, your guests will be quietly entertained as they mingle and talk about his or her work.

– Try Something New. This is probably the biggest tip of all and there’s no need to be afraid of it. The way to come up with unique ideas is to sit down with your significant other and look at your likes and dislikes and who you are as a couple. What brings you the most enjoyment in your spare time? What is your favorite season, music genre or history era? This is how to “unveil” the real you. This helps you to move on and develop one of the best wedding receptions ever. You’ll be surprised how many ideas develop.

Keep in mind that your planning doesn’t have to be so expensive or complex you feel the need to throw your budget out the window. With a little thoughtful planning and research, you’ll be able to come up with complementary theme accessories. Then, you’ll realize just how much fun planning wedding receptions can be.

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