A Wedding Back in time – The Joys of Hiring a Wedding Carriage for That Special Day by Lorenz

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of “executive” hire services offering transport for wedding days: but how many can claim to be as classy as London based AA Executive, whose fleet includes a bona fide horse drawn wedding carriage? A Roller or a Bentley is all very well, of course – nothing quite like the soundless whirr of that refined engine, the smell of interior leather, and so on – but even they can’t compete with the sheer style of a lacquered brogue or hansom, drawn by proudly groomed horses and driven by a liveried footman.

The idea for such a sensational fleet addition, when you think about it, is a natural one. The wedding day is traditionally the one time in both bride and groom’s life when they get to travel in style, cruising through the streets of their home town in state before rolling up at church or registry office to the gasps of the assembled guests. A wedding carriage is the ultimate expression of that style. Just think of the sensation caused by an immaculately polished carriage, clopping sedately along the high street, its windows shining in the sun.

Carriage hire comes complete with a choice of horses – Welsh cob or muscular Clydesdale, for example. The horses’ coats gleam after a thorough wash and brush, their manes are neatly cropped or bobbed. The driver and footmen’s liveries can be selected to match both the interior of the carriage and the coats of the horses – or to complement the overall colour scheme of the wedding. Should transportation be required after the wedding, horses and carriage will wait for the duration of the service. Full groom facilities are included as part of the price and the horses are of course well fed and watered throughout the day.

The wedding carriage itself is a joy to behold, a modern replica of a beautiful Regency landau, its plush seats and glistening wood harking back to days when style was synonymous with luxury. And comfortable, too – those seats and the ample suspension leaves under the carriage’s belly are bolstered with modern materials to ensure the smoothest ride possible.

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a limousine, or a classic car, of course: it’s just that everyone else does that, while hiring a horse drawn carriage is something a bit special. The front covers of popular magazines are replete with images of fairy tale weddings, fantasy receptions – the kind of thing that sets the event apart from the everyday. Hiring a wedding carriage propels a wedding into that league – arriving in one, the whip of the driver bristling finely in the air, white ribbons hung from the carriage doors, is like turning up at the end of one’s own personal fairy story.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with treating oneself to a bit of real style on the wedding day. And there’s nothing quite as stylish as one’s own personal retinue. Footman, driver, page, all on hand to complete the atmosphere of occasion every wedding deserves, and of course, a genuine horse-drawn wedding carriage to finish it off.

AA executive cars provide wedding cars and wedding carriage on hire in London, Kent and the South East. Vintage cars for weddings and Rolls Royce cars are also available on hire.

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