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To ‘Clutch’ or Not!

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By Achal Mehrotra

Themed and location weddings may have changed the way weddings are planned these days but somethings never change. The bride’s wedding outfit has remained the staple white in color although every wedding season brings in a new style – traditional, modern, Victorian, flouncy, layered etc. in various fabrics like silk, satin, lace, taffeta, mesh and so on. Among the most important accessories that complete the bridal outfit is the wedding clutch. Although the bride may not be able to carry a clutch for an obvious reason like holding the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaid or the ‘maid of honor’ will be tasked with ‘clutching the clutch’!

Most women find it very difficult to choose appropriate accessories to wear to a wedding; it’s almost as difficult as what dress to choose. Weddings can be formal or casual and the time of year also matters a great deal as it dictates the kind of material choice. However, there are some basic rules that can help make quick decisions.

Material and shape

There is a wide range from beads, embroidery, fur, knit, leather, satin, sequins, silk, velvet and so on. Most importantly, clutches made from beads and sequins are very fragile and edges can sometimes catch in the dress while satin, silk and velvet can get dirty quite easily. A curvy woman would do well to choose a rectangle shaped bag; for someone tall and slim, a round shaped bag is ideal. Clutch shapes have become bold and beautiful including the likes of heart-shape, lip-shape, bottle-shape and fan-shape etc.

Matching the accessories

A certain level of matching is recommended without overpowering. A beaded dress bodice calls for a beaded clutch but if the dress is fully covered with sequins, a matching sequined bag will be completely out of place. Another subtle way is to accessorize clutch with the jewelry. Silver jewelry will go well with matching silver clutch; gold knob or embellishments on a clutch will look weird when paired with silver jewelry. A great way to get the perfect look is to match a red clutch with ruby jewelry, a green one with emerald jewelry and so on.

Strap or no-strap

This is entirely a matter of personal preference. A wedding clutch is only meant to hold essentials like a tissue, an eye pencil, a lipstick or gloss and of course, the cell phone so one without a strap adds to the classy look; however, that leaves only one hand free! A strap bag however ensures that the clutch doesn’t get left behind on a table or on the wash-room counter.

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4 Simple Rules to Help Accessorize the Wedding Dress

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By Leo Eigenberg

Once the wedding gown is agreed, the next step is to identify the right collection of accessories and pieces of jewelry. Aim to create the perfect look without resorting to too many diamonds or similar jewels. Here are four rules to help with accessorizing the bridal gown:

Matching metals

The color choice of the metal is certain to have an impact on the dress style and color. Gold jewelry is likely to look best with an ivory colored dress since this can help to highlight the creamy hue of the material. A white bridal dress is often best complemented by the platinum or silver metal. Gold often clashes with a dress in pure white. Also, for the dress with bead-work in place, try to let the embellishments dictate the preferred color choice for the accessories. For instance, a dress with beading in silver is best complemented with earrings, bracelet, or necklace in the same color.

Less Is More

Avoid getting too excessive with the accessorizing process. Avoid having a sash, necklace, earring, tiara, and veil at the same time. Accessories should help to introduce a unique element, but include too many and the entire outfit can start to look overly busy. Before buying a drop earring or an ornate necklace, make sure they are able to complement the stand-out features of the gown. For the gowns designed with a simple style, a unique statement is achieved with a fascinator or a necklace.

Cover Up

An elegant cover-up is certain to benefit the bride if the wedding takes place during a cool month. From fur stoles to capelets and boleros, there are a variety of choices that can provide a perfect balance with the wedding dress. An understated and simple styled gown is easily paired with the showy cover-up, such a capelet with bold sequins or scalloped edges. But, for the more overstated gown, a minimal cover up is certain to avoid making the entire outfit look over the top.

Get Creative

Rather than being over extravagant, there are a variety of super-simple options to enhance the look of the wedding outfit. A sash or belt is a perfect choice. A stylish fastener can offer an effective way to change the look of the dress without having to invest a lot of money. A preferred style of belt must be able to work well with the body type. A wide belt is favored by those with a long torso, while a thin belt looks better on the shorter one. Also, a v-shaped belt is perfect for the petite body and the embellished or beaded belt can help to flatter the mid-section for the apple shape.

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Turn Heads and Melt Hearts on Your Wedding Day

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You have carefully chosen everything for your wedding day. The venue is ready, all flowers and decorations are in place and the menu for your reception is divine. There is one little thing you forgot and that is your wedding hair.

Your wedding headpiece is an important part of your attire. An attractive and unique design will amaze your wedding guests and compliment your dress, but a poor choice for a wedding hairpiece will create distraction or worse yet pity from your invitees. There are numerous choices for a wedding headpiece therefore you need to carefully consider your options in order to pick the right one for you.

Many brides opt for the bridal tiara. Embellished in crystals and rhinestone, a tiara is a wonderful choice for a formal wedding. Some tiaras even feature different gemstones that can be chosen to blend well with the colors in your wedding.

Wedding headbands have become hugely popular with brides and are offered in an array of designs. Pearl accents, crystals and gold or silver plating create perfect accents for your hair whether you decide on an updo or allow your tresses to flow.

Greek Stefanas are another lovely hair accent which will make you look very feminine. These charming wedding headpieces are amazing when wrapped around an elegant updo or a quaint little bun. Most feature simplicity with a pretty little satin ribbon.

The traditional bridal birdcage veil will add a vintage touch to your special day. Some designs boasts French netting scattered with pearl accents. Other options for your birdcage veil include single tier face veils sprinkled with crystals or rhinestones and veils featuring flower or feather fascinators.

Some brides prefer just a simple headpiece that will add that special touch to their lovely locks. Side accent hair combs are the perfect choice to add a bit of glam to your look. Whether you prefer gold, silver, pearls or crystals, the choices seem endless.

If you decide to wear your hair in a bun and want to give your look a touch of drama, bunwraps and bridal hair vines are the way to go. Both elegant and decorative, a sweet wrap intertwined in your hairstyle will make your updo absolutely perfect.

Lace and flower hair clips are another wonderful option for the bride looking to add just a little bit of something to her wedding hairstyle. These types of wedding hairpieces will create a look that is pretty and complimentary.

Whether you choose a pretty veil, a sweet fascinator, an elegant tiara or a simple wrap, this day is all about you and your partner. You are going to be the most beautiful lady at the event and these stunning headpieces will simply accent the beauty you already possess.

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