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Your Fairy-Tale Wedding Dress – Not So Happy Ever After!

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By Cynthia T Jackson

The day you’ve dreamed about… Walking down the aisle with prince charming in his sleek, charming four piece suit that scream class and sophistication and not to mention possibly rented for the special occasion. That dream of eventually looking like a fairy-tale princess and all eyes on you and not leaving out the fact that the most cherished and adorned piece of item that sums up the whole voyage of marrying your soul and best mate is ultimately the most expensive item for you as a bride to be. It’s supposed to take roughly a whole year to source your dream wedding dress and within that time frame, chances are you would need numerous alteration and fittings to suit your changing figure, which I’m sure would trigger the need to go on a diet or possibly a crash diet to lose that unwanted love handles that seems to breakdown our world if we don’t lose it just in the nick of time to achieve that perfect hourglass or that supermodel figure for just that one special day.

If you fall into the category of wanting to buy and have the perfect wedding dress, probably a designer named, then spending that amount that could cater for one tenth of the total wedding budget is one to thread carefully and carelessly at the same time if you want to achieve that fairy-tale wedding. However some brides to be would even go as far as buying more than one wedding dress, so that they have a choice on the day and another dress for the evening duration of the event. You would assume that, they perfectly deserve to buy as many dresses as they want since they are spending their hard-earned cash that they carefully planned and saved for and rightly so to spend as they please. Would it have crossed the barrier if finance is scarce and some would take a loan without a blink of an eye to maintain that dream wedding just so that they can be happy and cherish that happy day for as long as they are still within that marriage with prince charming?

It is definitely hard and poignant at the same time, knowing that this wedding dress would only be worn by the bride for just one day and potential would find it difficult to sell that season dress, since mandatory every year, designers introduce their latest collection meaning that the dress that was purchased would be depreciated and would radically lose its monetary value and potential buyers for second-hand dress or even worse, a dress that has been bought for a wedding but the bride had no chance to wear it for many unforeseeable reasons and not a guarantee that it would sell and fetch the money invested from the beginning, let alone a demand for that style and taste with the next year season.

Therefore after searching and speaking with disillusioned and irritated brides, the consensus response and ultimate solution would be summarised in these hopeful (I say hopeful because in an ideal world, it would work perfectly) three tips to avoid falling into this trap and coming on top, but this tips would purely be for the brides who are not overtly concerned about wearing a brand new or a designer named gown for that special day. If you are indeed that bride who cherish and dream of wearing first edition only dress, do not feel guilty as after all it is your special day and you rightly in your element to feel special whether you are spending a quarter of a deposit for a mortgaged house.

1. Look and enquire about a rental wedding dress

This is somehow not a popular trend for wedding dress designers, but I’m sure it would be interesting and beneficial to be able to rent your gown and spend a small fee for couple of days rental and can be returned in a pristine condition, just how groom and grooms-men outfit is rented, this would be amazing if designers offers this service.

2. Look into buying a second-hand dress

This may sound overly unpleasant and remind brides about how financial unprepared they are about their special day and the embarrassment may reach its peak especially when you see glossy and stunning gowns every single day. However cub that feeling and replace with the awareness that this day is important for one momentous day and the rest will just be great memories that will be stored and replayed over and over again but one that cannot be changed or altered. Therefore, the possibility to buy a gown already worn before but one that is in fabulous condition and great quality that it cannot be identified from a new gown, with the obvious major difference of price, which would be far cheaper than the original gown is perfectly sensible and logical.

3. Look into the minimum(budget) and affordable dress

Mostly the cost of a dress will indicate whether it’s by a designer or the dress is customised and bespoke, which will clearly cost a large sum of money, so this require uttermost discipline from the bridal party to maintain and stay on course. By allocating the bare minimum estimated and keeping abreast of the budget and not deviating from the target expenditure, you would be in control and it would help you stay consistent and focus by ultimately achieving the happy ever after.

There are many ways to achieve that fairy-tale wedding and looking like a princess, but by keeping to this tips, which I want to reiterate can only be a great solution if the service of rental is possible and you completely at ease if you don’t mind spending less on a second-hand dress. So to round it up sweetly, by having an open mind, great attitude, an eye and ear to spotting opportunities, then I’m sure your special day will be magical without the mammoth price tag.

As event helpers, if you need help in sourcing your perfect dress, please feel free to get in touch and we would be more than happy to assist.

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Tips to Choosing The Right Wedding Dress for Plus Sizes

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By Robert Scannell

There are certain tips to follow to find the perfect wedding dress that will give you a stunning silhouette. If you are on the plus size, then you are going to want to choose a dress that will make you look taller and more slender. There are some tricks to try to identify which of these gowns will work best with your shape, whether you have an apple or a pear shaped body.

Firstly you are going to want to look for designer wedding dresses that have a higher waist. Something that has a band just below the bust and then flows from there can be very flattering on a plus size. You will also take attention away from your waist and help focus on the dress as a whole. These types of gowns also provide you with a stunning finish, making you look more slender and ensuring that you feel special on your day.

Try and choose an ankle length gown that isn’t too frilly and fluffy. Basically steer clear of princess style dresses and rather choose something along the sophisticated line that hangs effortlessly from the waist band to the floor. Whether you choose white or off white, you will find that choosing a longer gown will leave you feeling more elegant and sophisticated, feeling beautiful and making the impact you wanted to make on your special day.

Don’t hide completely. Just because you are a plus size, doesn’t mean you cannot show some skin. While you will probably want to stay clear of a strapless wedding gown design, only because they can be so frustrating and leave you pulling up the gown all day long, rather go for something with slightly off the shoulder straps or a spaghetti style strap, showing some skin and moving the focus to your neck or bust area. Ideal if this is your feature you like the best.

The dress you choose needs to be comfortable. Remember you are going to be wearing this wedding dress for hours. You will wear it during the ceremony and throughout the reception, though you may choose to change right at the end of the day. Being comfortable is important. This is a day you want to remember and the last thing you want is to find yourself wanting the day over so you can get your dress off.

A good idea is to try on a number of wedding dresses at the bridal store and move around in them. Most women will try on and then stand in front of a mirror. That is fine. But try walking around the store in the gown, sit down for a few minutes and get a real feel of the gown before making any decisions.

Stay away from ruffles and frills. Ruffles and frills are only going to add volume to your size, which you are trying to avoid. Choose straight and smooth lines, something that makes you feel pretty. A good option is to take someone wedding dress shipping with you, get them to take photographs of you in the dress, so you can get a good idea of how each dress fits, but also how you are going to look in your wedding photographs.

Try and choose a company that provides you with a complete service, including alterations, so you know the dress will fit to perfection on the day.

Here Comes The Bride is a bridal shop with over thirty years’ experience. This San Diego store offers a full service couture bridal experience to brides to be with over three hundred affordable designer dresses to choose from. Here Comes The Bride offers a personalized tailor experience with their own custom fitters, sewers, pressers and beaders. This company is dedicated to helping brides look spectacular on their special day. To find out more about Here Comes The Bride or see some of the wedding dresses they have available, visit their website at

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How to Tell If You Have Bought a Counterfeit Wedding Dress

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By Robert Scannell

There are some factors you will want to take into careful consideration to ensure that you don’t end up buying a counterfeit wedding dress. Designer dresses are growing in popularity and you may find it important to choose a gown designed with attention to detail and care by one of the greatest wedding dress designers. This means that you also have to know what to look for to ensure you aren’t buying a fake, which you pay full price for and yet doesn’t provide you with the quality you were hoping to get for your memorable day.

Once your budget has been set aside and you have a clear idea on the designer you want to buy, then you will want to start shopping around. Sometimes looking online at the selection available and identifying some styles you think will work best for you, matching your body type, taste and theme. From here you can visit the store or order online, depending on where you live and what works best for you in the long run.

The first thing to start looking at is the reviews. Bad reviews are a serious concern, especially if you are buying online and not visiting the store to try the gown in person. Bad reviews often mean bad quality or service. Bad quality may be counterfeit wedding dresses being sold as the genuine item. Read through the reviews in detail, get a good feeling from the company you are thinking of buying from and then decide whether to proceed with the purchase or not.

Next read each wedding dress description in detail. If the company provides a website and enables you to purchase online, reading the description can also give you some sense about the company. Read the description to look for basic spelling and grammatical errors which anyone would pick up. This could be a sign that you are about to purchase from a non-reputable company or a company that is operating just to get your money and then send you a poor quality product.

Always take a few minutes, check the company’s contact page and get their address. Then put the address, not the company name, into Google Maps and identify if you see them in the street view. If you live in the area, get in the car and drive to the address. You need to know you are dealing with a real bridal shop that has been in business for years offering reliable service and top quality designer wedding dresses.

Ensure the company you purchase from will take the dress back within a set time period. All companies should offer you a refund, as long as they haven’t carried out specific alterations to fit you to perfection. This means if you get the wedding dress and realize it is not the genuine product, then you should be able to get a refund. Companies that don’t offer refunds and will only offer a replacement service or charges a restocking fee is one to be concerned about.

Here Comes The Bride is a bridal shop with over thirty years’ experience. This San Diego store offers a full service couture bridal experience to brides to be with over three hundred affordable designer dresses to choose from. Here Comes The Bride offers a personalized tailor experience with their own custom fitters, sewers, pressers and beaders.

This company is dedicated to helping brides look spectacular on their special day. To find out more about Here Comes The Bride or see some of the wedding dresses they have available, visit their website at

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Choosing the Right Wedding Dress Is More Than Just Trying a Bunch On

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By Robert Scannell

It’s important for the bride to not only consider her personal style, but that of her groom. Then she should think of the setting the ceremony and celebration will be in as well as a few other factors in order to narrow down her choice. Here are some things to consider.

Take the Imagination Back

Before she starts shopping for her dream dress, the bride-to-be should take a moment to close her eyes and envision herself as a bride – just like she did when she was younger. Then she should take note of what she sees. Is it a simple, flowy dress or a huge ball gown? What about her hair, is she wearing a veil? The setting is important too.

Then she should write down the description of what she imagined. It should include look and feeling of the fantasy. If she desires, she can even have her groom do the same so that both of their visions can be met. Believe it or not, both wants can be met easily when they are down on paper. It’s entirely possible to mesh a traditional wedding with something outdoors, or tropical. It can be done!

Celebrate Your Setting

Another thing to take into consideration is the ceremony itself. How formal will it be? What features does the site have? It’s important for the dress and even the tux to reflect the setting style of the wedding. This is why, often times a bridal consultant at the boutique will ask about the setting and decor.

Formal ceremonies with candles require a formal dress to match, something like a flirty sundress type gown would not mesh well. An outdoor, afternoon wedding is not appropriate for a long train or formal veil, either. A classic reception hall for the celebration calls for a more classic style. These are just some examples that a bridal boutique specialist can help with.

Attention to Even the Tiniest Detail

There are always ways to bring in the bride and groom’s personal style to a ceremony and reception regardless of the setting. Paying attention to the details is important! Does the bride absolutely love Nerds candies? Why not set out some packs on each reception table or make a candy table for guests to nosh on? Are the bride and groom athletes? They can forgo the formal shoes and wear Nikes. These are far better ways than choosing the wrong gown for the setting.

A few unexpected touches and details will have the guests reeling over how “cute” and “original” the ceremony and festivities were. It’s better than making a huge mistake such as the dress or tuxedos that will be not only ingrained in people’s memories forever, but captured in photos. Taking the time to get the right dress, and choosing a boutique that has plenty of skill and expertise will make all the difference. The gown should fit properly, and flatter all her assets as well as meld with the surroundings for a perfectly memorable day.

For over 30 years, Here Comes the Bride has catered to satisfied bridal parties by providing top of the line gowns and wedding dresses in their full service couture bridal salon. Over 300 designer gowns are available in store due to connections with the most elite designers in the industry. Personal, tailored service is available as well as spectacularly clean and unique accommodations for each patron delivering the perfect experience. From the moment a patron steps in, they strive to create an experience rather than a purchase. They also offer in house tailors and beading specialists to ensure the perfect look and fit. Learn more at:

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How to Pick the Colors For Your Wedding

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By David Levin

If the setting sun determines your bridal color selection, won’t you be wearing bright oranges, reds, golds, and maybe navy blue? Perhaps, your cover band will select songs from an era of blissful sunsets, twilight songs of years long past, to play for your night in the spotlight?

Have you considered yet, how you would select your wedding theme?

Sitting on the golf course with my love, I realized I wanted to wear the colors of the night, and I couldn’t imagine my wedding without the crooners. The Rat Pack of my parent’s era, love songs made for dancing the night away… Shelby shared.

Fill the garden with white sparkling lights, dancing in the breeze, warm delightful colors of the sunset on each of the bride’s girls, groom’s men wear navy tuxedos, and music echoes from a season as the reception lingers. A night made for dancing requires colors spilled from the heavens. But more importantly, it requires a band – music that sets the stars on fire.

Pink, Black Tie, & Masquerade

Can you think of a more exciting evening reception than the masquerade ball? On the verge of Mardi Gras, a masquerade ball can bring a wealth of music options, southern jazz bands, cover bands with uptown beats, or maybe a seasonal combination of current hit classics. You can have more fun with a select group of older songs than you can with random songs, at most parties… Remember the vast majority of wedding attendees are going to be your parent’s ages.

Red, White, & Black Love Seasonal

Two wedding seasons call for girls in red dresses. And why shouldn’t you make the most of that by asking your cover band to present their best female vocalist in coordinating attire? A theme of love songs, old and new, could bring dancers of many generations onto the dance floor. Cover bands offering themes of love songs, evergreen music selections, and popular tunes of the season might bring seasonal ambiance to your wedding reception without over-decorating the hall.

Pastel Summer Dresses for a Brunch Reception

Just because your reception is in the morning, instead of the evening, doesn’t mean that you don’t want a top-shelf cover band to perform summery dance tunes in the garden. Dance floors are portable now, and quite cozy in a summer garden. Dance bands appreciate tented covers in the event of spring showers, but nothing sets the tone or ambiance of a wedding more than lovely music, and delightful pastel colors in a garden wedding setting.

Do you need help coordinating your wedding colors with the dance band that best suits your theme?

Ask our expert event coordinator about cover band specialties, seasonal dance band choices, and how color sets the mood for your wedding reception at We have answers and solutions for your wedding band questions.

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>Upcoming Spring 2015 Wedding Dress Trends

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By Robert Scannell

Every bride wants to be beautiful on her wedding day. To many this translates into being fashionable and beautiful. If not, then many brides would still be walking down the aisles in balloon dresses with puff sleeves and sky-high teased hair.

Thus many brides look to magazines and the Internet to give them a sense of the types of wedding fashions that they like and get a sense of which fashionable elements they could incorporate in the hunt for their own special wedding dress.

Wedding season kicks into high gear beginning in April, which means that many Spring brides are currently on the search for the dress of their dreams before that time. Today’s brides have a myriad number of trends to choose from and those trends are shaping the brides of the future.

Sleeves are still a big hit well into 2015 and brides have the Royal Wedding of the Century to thank for that. When Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge married Prince William, she walked down the aisle in a long-sleeved white Alexander McQueen gown.

Their wedding was held in 2011 and it is still influencing brides who are weary of the strapless wedding dress or who require more modest dresses for religious ceremonies. Even Kim Kardashian ditched her usual sultry choices of dresses to marry Kanye West in a wedding gown with sleeves.

Many brides are thrilled that wedding dresses with sleeves have become a trend with lasting power, but the next step in bridal fashion has exploded on the scene. Some brides do not want full-length sleeves, but instead want to balance a little sexy with a bit of modesty. For those kinds of brides, the new off the shoulder look is for them.

The style evokes romance and lets women show off their delicate collarbones without putting everything on full display. This style was seen on all of the top runways this season and harkens back to a time when one may have bumped into Jane Austen in the country.

Much like the sleeved trend, color seems to be another bridal fashion with longevity. Stark white rarely flatters brides, so designers eased into the possibility of playing with color by introducing cream, then blush and champagne into their color palettes.

Now designers like Vera Wang boldly demonstrate black wedding gowns and gowns with black accents while others show green dresses on their runways. Interestingly, brides are snapping colored dresses and dresses with hints of color up, thus increasing the demand for wedding dresses of all colors.

Many young girls dream of being princesses when they grow up and their wedding day allows them to live out their dream. Thus, this year designers highlighted full tulle gowns on their runways. The gowns evoked images of fabulous princesses ready to marry their prince.

However, not all gowns were full and fabulous. Many designers took a more modernized concept of the princess bride and streamlined the tulle in order to give their dresses an ethereal feeling without the bulk.

One trend that has started to gain steam and flourish in 2015 is all about the back. Most wedding guests are forced to stare at the bride’s back for the majority of the ceremony. A light bulb went off in a few designers’ heads and they decided to create dresses with backs to rival the beauty of the Sistine Chapel.

The upcoming year is a big one for brides. Designers have listened to their requests and have complied by creating beautiful gowns that any woman would die for. There will be an influx of beautiful, fashionable brides hitting the aisles soon. Talk about some very lucky grooms.

Here Comes the Bride is an upscale, full service couture bridal boutique headquartered in San Diego, California. It has been in business for more than 30 years and prides itself on offering the best bridal experience to all of their clients. The boutique keeps more than 300 gowns and corresponding accessories in stock from top wedding designers such as Watters, Pronovias and Justin Alexander. The company utilizes their exclusive contacts within the bridal and fashion industry to provide their brides with endless options for their dream wedding gowns. For more information on their company and their services, call 619-688-9201 or visit them on the web at

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How to Shop For Wedding Dresses

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By Alfred Ardis

Wedding dresses are available in a variety of shapes, styles and colors. Based on your personal taste and body type, selecting wedding dresses to try on can be a breeze. With a little bit of preparation and research, finding dream attire for the big day should be painless.

Do Your Homework

Before beginning your search for wedding dresses, spend some time looking at options online. This research will help inform you about what is available and the types of dresses that are in style. You can also get an idea of price ranges. If you find a designer who produces dresses that truly interest you, make sure the boutiques you plan to visit carry that designer. If they don’t, you can save a bit of time by skipping those stores.

Be Honest

Before shopping make a list of the parts of your body that you would like to emphasize as well as problem areas that you may need to hide. Try not to bargain with yourself about weight loss or fitting into a style that doesn’t flatter your current body. Because wedding planning can be so stressful, you should consider that you may not have the energy or ability to change your body along with all of your other planning responsibilities. Instead of creating more stress for yourself, identify flattering cuts and styles. Think about shapes that you currently wear and really like. Let this information guide your search.

Make a Budget and Don’t Budge

Wedding dresses can range drastically in price. Before shopping, make your budget and stick to it. Avoid trying items that are too far over your budget. This rule is especially important if you do not have a lot of excess cash to spend of your big day. Most consultants will ask for your price restraints early on in your visit to their boutique. If they don’t, offer the information to them. A salesperson who tries to show you items that are far above your maximum price should be avoided.

Start Early

Finding the right gown can take a long time, and it is only the first step of a long process. After you find it, the store will probably need to order it. This step can take up to two months! Then, you will need to have alterations and fittings. Try to start at least eight months in advance so you won’t feel rushed or buy something you don’t really love.

Looking for a dress for your wedding day can be an enjoyable experience as long as you follow this advice. Try to get a picture in your mind of your ideal dress. Think about the cuts, colors and styles that make you look your best. Start early in order to have the maximum number of options available to you. With these tips in mind, finding your gown should be a breeze!

When looking for the perfect wedding dresses, Huntsville, AL residents head to Finery. Learn more about our collection at

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Guidelines For Your Bridesmaid

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By Imran Nasir

Having your friends involved with your wedding can be a unique experience. As a bride, you will learn very quickly that some dress types, and colors do not fit every person. Being the responsible bride that you are, you will lay out a few guidelines for your bridesmaids as they go to purchase their dress. A few things you need to consider is hair styles, matching styles, or matching colors. You want your bridesmaids to look great, but not make you fade into the background. Choosing with your bridesmaid on their dresses is where your input is the most valuable.

Hair Styles

If you have women with any hair type, one of the first obstacles you run into is what hairstyle will look best. Are you going to have a uniform hairstyle, or leave it up to the girls? You can set a guideline like “your hair needs to be off your neck” an altogether reasonable request. An unreasonable demand is that everyone dyes their hair the same color to look exactly alike. They are not twins; they should be different.

Dress Styles

Take a good, critical look at your bridesmaids. Are they mostly thin, curvy, and how much cleavage do they have? It is imperative to note that not every body type will look the same in one type of dress. For example, a sweetheart cut is great for just about every body type, so it is a good place to start. Remember, they were invited to be a major part of your wedding, you should try to ensure they look pretty that day too. Everyone is staring at them while your back is turned to your guests. Having your bridesmaid’s dress styles match is necessary for the flow of the wedding. If it is very laid back, there may be some differences in dress styles. If it is highly structured, very traditional, your girls will look much better in matching dresses.

Matching Colors

Matching the colors of your bridesmaids is another tricky process. Not every color will flatter every girl. That being said, have a few colors in mind for them. As long as they can accent your wedding colors, it will look great. If you were to alternate the colors of the dresses that always looks stunning. Again, this comes down to how structured the wedding is. If you want a general color palette up on your stage, have them wear a similar hue to your dress (or a pop of color if you are wearing white). Or you can let them choose their color that goes with the wedding that also fits their body type.

Choosing bridesmaids is hard, and their job is not easy either. On the wedding day, reward them for all their hard work by being comfortable in the dresses they are wearing. Comfort will show on their faces, and give a better vibe to the rest of your guests. Plus, if you are accommodating, you may get a better wedding present!

Please find out our elegant looking bridesmaid dresses from

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5 Key Things to Keep in Mind When Picking Out Bridesmaid Dresses

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By Saira Akhtar

Besides picking out who the bridesmaids will be for the wedding, deciding what they will wear is most important. Bridesmaids generally make up half of the bridal party and will be part of the pictures kept forever more. By remembering these 5 factors you can rest assured that on the big wedding day the bridesmaids will have dresses that perfectly accentuate the bride and groom.

1. Price. Price can be a touchy subject but it must be considered first and foremost because it is important to know what everyone can afford before looking at dresses. Deciding as a group what the limit on price should be will keep everyone happy and comfortable buying the dress chosen.

2. Color scheme. When deciding on bridesmaid dresses it is important to make sure that the color or colors of dresses chosen coordinates with the rest of the wedding’s color pallet. During the ceremony having too many colors can be confusing and distracting from the real show case, the bride and groom. The color scheme is very important.

3. Style. Not every style of dress is flattering on every woman but some styles are more likely to be. A dress with a looser fitting skirt and defined waist is a good option for a variety of body shapes.

4. Similarities. If you decide against matching dresses it is important to remember to keep something similar between the bridesmaid dresses. Try having all of the dresses in different styles but in the same color or different styles made from the same fabric. Having some detail be consistent will keep the selection of dresses coherent with the wedding theme.

5. Venue and season. If the venue is indoors then the bride could select any style of dress but if the venue is outdoors then the season needs to be considered. Certain dresses would not be practical all year round. Knee length dresses in December or long sleeves in July would not make sense for the bridesmaids. By keeping these 5 things in mind shopping for bridesmaid dresses will be the enjoyable experience it was meant to be. There will be no arguing over prices. There will be no one feeling uncomfortable in the dress. What there will be is carefully thought out dresses that coordinate together and to the wedding so that each bridesmaid will look like the beautiful accompaniment to the bride and groom that she is.

Get to know more on Dresswe cheap bridesmaid dresses now.

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Your Wedding Day Tips – Don’t Forget the Bridesmaids by Tatiana Porembova

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The overall look of the wedding party must be harmonious. Spending a fortune on the bride, yet having bridesmaids looking a tad shabby will bring down the look of the whole affair. Treating the bridesmaids or mother of the bride’s outfitting as an afterthought is dangerous territory. If your wedding party is looking too much less than a million dollars, (looking more than a million dollars is the province of the bride only) this will unfortunately detract from the overall presentation of the big day.

The Style

The look of your bridesmaids must complement you and your gown, of course. The specialised skills of wedding dress designers are valuable as they extend to a consideration of the entire styling of the occasion. As well as creating the perfect day, you will ultimately want to ensure that your nuptial photos are heirlooms, entirely cringe-free, something you will enjoy viewing and treasuring for a lifetime.

The epitome of the princess perfect bride, offset by a bevy of beautiful bridesmaids, is an occasion that is seamlessly styled. The blushing bride must at all costs avoid glaring clashes with the bridal party. It is important the colour scheme chosen by the bride is adhered to, with bridesmaid dresses in colours that are complementary and styles that are elegant and unique, yet affordable.

The Colours and Fabric

The colour scheme is usually the bride’s first consideration. It is traditional that the choice of colour, style and fabric is the domain of the bride; after all it is her special day. However, wedding dress designers are trained professionals also cognisant of choosing colours and fabrics suited to the event’s style or theme, the climatic conditions, and the location. Your designer will also advise of such general stylistic rules as matching the bridesmaid dress length with that of the bride’s gown.

For a contemporary look, pale colours like silver, platinum, ivory, champagne and light sage are fashionable. Your designer knows the finer details of choosing fabrics and may advise you to order all the bridesmaids dresses at once to ensure that they are consistently coloured and cut from the same cloth. Be mindful, though, that whatever colour is chosen, the bride must shine when next to her bridesmaids, and not the other way around.

As stated, wedding dress designers know their drapery. Perspiration stains and clingy or static prone fabrics must be avoided in hotter climes, while specially chosen materials like heavy satin or even a pure silk/wool blend may be perfect in colder areas.

Pleasing all your bridesmaids with your choice of frock is nigh on impossible, however, do consider price, as your maids will be purchasing their own garments. Also consider that wedding dress designers are experts in choosing a style that can complement the differing body types that you will inevitably be faced with outfitting. Working with the same fabric or colour as a unifying factor, and then allowing for some flexibility and tweaking of the style is the forte of good wedding dress designers. With the help of a professional your bridesmaids can enjoy the preparations with a focus on you, rather than agonising over how they will look on your most important day.

Looking for couture wedding gowns? Tatiana Porembova is one of the leading London wedding dress designers and her work spans a range of styles and influences. Based in Richmond, she creates beautiful bespoke bridal gowns and bridesmaids outfits to provide the perfect garments for the perfect day.

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