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How to Select a Good Wedding Dj! by Richard Justin

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If you think about your dj for wedding reception, the choice of Wedding Djs will experienced, ultimate determine, a latest influence, the success of evening because music is also be an impotent part in Wedding. Before choose a Djs view their online videos, experience, event successful rate. You will then be able to assess the wedding DJ’s ability to co-ordinate a wedding.
It is important to consult with the wedding DJ ahead of the event in order to discuss details such as the location of the wedding. Certain locations will require extensive set up or tear down and will cost more. Lighting effects might not work well in certain facilities and other facilities do not allow special effects like smoke or fog. The wedding DJ should have appropriate equipment for the event and size of the guests. Back-up equipment and a back-up DJ is required for those exceptional situations. A professional wedding DJ should also discuss with you other details like dance floors, DJ set up and seating arrangements. You’re most likely to have a balance of young and old guests at the reception, so the DJ needs to be able to balance the volume correctly. The volume should not be offensive but loud enough to generate energy and enthusiasm. Try to find a DJ that is both professional and charismatic at the same time.

A good idea is to always pre-interview your prospective DJ over the phone and then when you think you’ve found the right one, you set up a meeting in person to make sure they really are the right DJ for you.

Questions: To Ask Your Prospective Wedding DJ

Will this wedding DJ play CD’s or mp3’s you provide?

Some wedding disc jockeys have a list of songs they play and except for the bride and groom first dance, do not give you much choice. Your wedding disc jockey should be flexible with a wide selection, so requests from your wedding guests can be fulfilled. Don’t try to give the DJ a CD or a list of 100% of the songs to play for the night. Your musical taste is not the same as 120 people at your wedding. Let your DJ do their job and keep your wedding guests happy.

Is the DJ familiar with your wedding venue?

Your wedding disc jockey may also be better prepared to deal with known issues or caveats with the wedding venue. It does not mean you should reject the DJ if they have not been there before, but it’s a nod in their favor.

What problems has the DJ encountered at weddings and how did they solve them?

You want a wedding DJ who is resilient, able to respond quickly to unforeseen mishaps that can mar your wedding. You can bet that many weddings look smooth, but had issues that were quickly seamlessly patched behind the scenes by DJs, caterers, and other vendors.

A very important thing to look for in choosing your DJ is their equipment. Ask about the quality and condition of the equipment your DJ will be using and make sure it is professional quality and in good working condition. The bottom line in deciding on your DJ, and the single most determining factor, should be experience, experience, experience.

Author is an executive with wedding dj party. For more information on wedding entertainment visit our website.

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Meet Wedding DJs In Person To Avoid Surprises by Daryl Ledyard

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Many wedding DJs attempt to conduct their interviews over the telephone and through email instead of meeting face-to-face with prospective clients. In our experience, there are two reasons a disc jockey would do this – either they don’t feel you are worth their time, or they have something to hide. Some deejays are very different in person than on the telephone and what is presented on their website, and you should insist on meeting in face-to-face so you can judge for yourself whether they are a good match for you and your wedding. Your “gut” feeling is very important in selecting the right disc jockey, and it’s practically impossible to make this evaluation unless you are together in person.

A DJ should do far more than just play music. They should become involved with the planning of the event. The DJ should be available to you prior to your function to discuss music selections and coordinate the event. By combining your suggestions with their professional input, an itinerary should be prepared before the function. This will allow the DJ to focus on the itinerary of your function while you sit back and enjoy it. It is important for your DJ to know exactly what type of musical preferences and entertainment needs you have for your event. They should be willing to listen to your ideas and suggestions. They should make themselves available prior to your event to discuss selections. They should be earnest in accepting the songs you have chosen to be played as well as those you have chosen not to be played. Special requests should never be a problem and your DJ should be willing to play them where they are appropriate.

Make sure that the DJ uses only professional audio equipment. A system comprised of only pro equipment is far less likely to fail and will look and sound better than a home built system

Be sure to specify the type of apparel that your DJ should use. It is important that your DJ looks the part by dressing in formal of semiformal attire (dependant on event type). There should be no added fee charged for formal attire.

You would hate to spend an hour interviewing your wedding DJ and like their personality, only to be blindsided at your wedding by having another DJ show up, when you expected the DJ that you interviewed. Make absolutely certain your contract spells out exactly who will be your DJ.

It is extremely important to have your booking confirmed in writing. All terms of the agreement should be in writing to avoid any complications at a later date.

1-800-Disc Jockey is an online DJ resource – find a free dj quote for los angeles djs, san diego djs or other events. Our Disc Jockey search tools make your DJ search easier.

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To Hire A Wedding DJ or a Wedding Band by Businesslocallistings

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Weddings are romantic occasions. Wedding planners make sure the ambiance of the event shouts love, romance, and happiness—from the flowers, to the reception hall decorations, to the music.

Music plays an important part in a wedding. It sets the mood for the couple as well as the guests. Slow music is played for slow, romantic dances while fast music is played as the people party the reception away. But the big question most wedding planners will ask is, “Are we going for a band or a wedding DJ?” But before you answer and make assumptions, consider some the pros and cons of the two options.

Wedding bands are hired mainly because most people prefer live music, which is a valid factor to consider when choosing between a disk jockey and a band. Song requests are also a lot more fun because you can ask them to up the tempo if the guests feel like dancing. Of course, you can also do that with wedding DJ’s but the sound quality won’t be the same. Bands can also blend-in with a wedding’s theme—for example: 70’s music for retro style weddings. The band’s vocalist can also serve as a pseudo host for the wedding reception.

However, if you’re wedding-planning on a budget, chances are a wedding DJ will easily fit in to the set budget. Good wedding bands can cost up to $2000 while a disc jockey will ask for a lot less. Also, one common problem with bands is that they can stick to just one genre. Some wedding bands can really only play one sound, and have a hard time switching genres or styles. You might find yourself with one that is either too classical, too jazzy, or just plain too wedding-band-like. And, if you’ve got a favorite song, they may not be able to play it well; unless you really hired them because they play you’re type of music. Wedding DJ’s have huge collections of music, covering different styles and genres. Switching from one song to another won’t be a problem with DJs. In addition, adjusting the volume of the music is a lot easier with wedding DJs because they can easily turn down their equipments. Wedding bands, on the other hand, use live instruments that are often too loud (especially for the people seated near the stage).

Bands will also need to take breaks, meaning there will be portions of the wedding with “dead air.” This can turn down the energy of your guests and it takes away the fun. Even if people are only eating, continuous music ensures a more positive ambience for everyone in the room. A wedding DJ simply presses a button and music can play until everyone goes home.

Of course, there is the possibility of hiring a bad disc jockey for the wedding—one that is always on autopilot, playing boring songs while also looking bored during your special day. Make sure you ask your wedding planner to get a high-energy DJ—one that peps-up the guests when they look bored. Employ the help of wedding DJ services with good track record. Or, if you know one personally, and they pass your standards, the less trouble for you.

If you decide on hiring a wedding DJ, remember this: They are not only there to play music; they are also there to host the reception and do tasks like calling the attention of the guests when it’s time to cut the cake or asking the father of the bride to take his daughter for a dance. When looking for a DJ, ask about the type of events they’ve done. Ask yourself if you feel good upon meeting them. Ask the people you know about reputable wedding DJ services in your area of Tampa, FL.

Diamond Events 5470 E Busch Blvd Ste 113 Tampa, FL 33617 Phone: (813) 263-0726 Email: Website:

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Hire a Professional wedding dj not your friend by Richard Justin

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So what you are thinking that anyone can do the dj work with those equipments, it’s not a big deal anyone can do that. You are probably thinking that anyone can attach speakers with laptop and can play the music for few hours. Getting an ordinary dj for your wedding would be the biggest mistake; it can ruin your wedding day. Professional wedding djs are the people who are well mannered and have a lot of experience. And they are capable of playing the music for the full wedding day not just for the reception. The most important task the professional dj does, that they keep entertaining you and your guests. As it’s hard to handle the dynamic favorites of people, but these djs are capable to handling such things. You might have seen different people with different characteristics in parties. Same kind of dynamics happens in wedding too.
The professional djs have a full fledged track list with tons of songs according to attending guest’s interest. Entertaining your guest is the most important component and one of the most memorable aspects of your wedding according to your guest. But if it’s not up to their mark, they would talk about it later for days.If you hire a Professional wedding dj, it will definitely ensure you that your wedding reception is well planned in advance. As these djs are well experienced so they are familiar with the events of wedding reception such as first dance, bride and father dance, bouquet toss, and all other events related to the wedding reception, the most important thing is that you won’t have to worry about the song list according to the particular wedding activity.
Professional wedding djs are always equipped with the best dj equipment and they usually invest a lot of money in their equipment because they meant that providing well and reliable dj services to the clients is very important. If you have hired an ordinary dj for wedding and he doesn’t have the proper equipment than, the poor sound quality would definitely noticed by you and your guest. And it’ll surely create a stressful situation.So just change your mind about not to hire a professional dj for wedding. So just sacrifice your money for professional dj and you’ll see that it will be one of the best sacrifices you ever made.

Author is an executive with divinity dj.

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Hiring The Best Wedding DJ – For Your Budget! by Quinton Landry

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How nice it would be when your guests would probably say, “It was a striking event, ” everything was special and up to the mark. At that time, you feel on top of the world.

Everyone wants to stick to the strict budget within a wedding and tries to help cut the expenses wherever possible. You may also enjoy the same thinking, but don’t try to cut your expense by removing a hiring of an DJ from the list. You can find good DJs at reasonable costs. You may take help of your friends and relations members who recently got married to use a good wedding DJ. Music is an important part of every event, and it makes your special day full of joy and happiness.

Wedding DJ is the emcee of your big day, and he is to blame for making all the announcements. He keeps the things within a flow and makes your guests dance, have fun and revel in at your wedding. A superb DJ can make your wedding a booming event. Everyone knows that planning for a wedding is very stress filled, and it requires a lot of things. You have to follow many people to catch them in a timely manner and make arrangements. But a good wedding DJ can assure you which you could remain free on your big event as he is there to adopt the responsibility to create every announcement and show your your guests.

Wedding can be a special occasion of your life, and you should be cautious you don’t hire an incompetent wedding DJ who can spoil your day. If you have to pay a little extra cash from your pocket, you can not hesitate as it will be your dream wedding. By finding a good wedding DJ you won’t regret in spending some extra bucks out of your pocket. When people come and praise right at the end of the day, you surely feel glad to hear all praise. It bolsters up your confidence, and you should feel that you have made your day a big event just by arranging everything perfectly.
How to become self-educated about hiring a professional DJ for your Wedding and how extremely vital that hiring decision turns out to be for your Wedding Day.

There is actually more to hiring a DJ for a Event or Celebration next price. It is essential that you consider this fact: The DJ you decide on is actually The Host/Master of Ceremonies to your reception. He/She will be producing 75% or better of the Announcements together with choosing the appropriate new music, coordinating with Photographers, Videographers, Maitre D’ and staff to keep the events on schedule. Plus, he/she is the main Party Motivator to get your guests up and dancing and celebrating. So, yes, it is critical.

So what on earth is the key to help self educating yourself about hiring a great Wedding DJ???? Simple… Ask a whole lot of questions rather than just rates. Like “What sets you in addition to other DJ companies? ” or “What has to be your biggest event or party? “. Become educated about the service. If you want a High-End professional DJ company which will get your celebration inside high gear then it’s well worth paying a premium price. Especially if it’s your Wedding Reception!

Next to the wedding ceremony, your wedding reception may be the biggest part of your wedding day and in addition to the food and drink, the main part of your wedding celebration is the music. In the country it has become very common to use a Disc Jockey (DJ) to produce the music and emcee with wedding receptions. Finding a DJ for your reception is probably going to become a bit more complicated but a lot more important decision than you may think.

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding DJ by Michiel Van Kets

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When planning your wedding there is always a lot of detail and arrangements to be made so it’s best to be prepared and make yourself a list. A list can ensure you don’t miss anything out help you prioritise things to do, and sort out what details need to be booked first.

The entertainment at your reception is one such item that should be high on your tick list, and it’s wise to book it well in advance as popular and well-known wedding singers and djs are booked up very early and you don’t want to miss getting the best!

When carrying out your research the first thing you need to do is decide how much you can afford and stick to it. You’ll be surprised at the difference in price quotes you’ll get – as with anything the cheapest will more than likely also be the worst but you don’t necessarily have to opt for the most expensive either. Check out how much experience they have and what the price includes as well as references and customer testimonials and go with the one you yourself like the best after listening to a video of them.

Don’t forget to ask them for details, such as how long their set lasts for; times they play from and to; breaks; and if there are any extras costs you need to be aware of like transport or accommodation arrangements and so on.

Always ask people you know if they have any recommendations, perhaps they had a great dj play at their own wedding or know of a friend who works part-time as one and is very good. Friends, people you work with and your own family together add up to a lot of people so it’s always worth asking around. Then make a shortlist of acts you want to contact for further information.

Once you have selected 2 or 3 djs you like the sound of it’s time to set up an interview with them. Meeting up with them in person means you can get to know them a little and ask them about their style – find out if they joke with the audience, what payment methods do they accept, and generally just see if you like them and are happy to book them for the night. You will probably be getting together more than a few times before the wedding day arrives to discuss your song list so it makes sense to go with someone you have a rapport with.

Djs have to have insurance and a license to play so check they comply with these regulations before booking them. It’s also recommended you get a contract, can you imagine if it all goes horribly wrong on your wedding day and there’s nothing you can do about it because you didn’t have anything in writing?

Take a look online and you’ll find some of the UK’s top wedding singers advertising their services, these are the ones that are booked well in advance so you have to be quick off the mark if you want them to play at your wedding.

A top wedding dj know all the favourites, how to stir the crowd up and get them up and dancing. They’ll have compiled a song list with thousands of tracks covering all kinds of styles from love songs and slow dance to pop and chart, disco and well-known favourites. Put your heads together to tailor your own wedding music list and don’t forget to arrange the song for the first dance!

A professional should be set up, have completed their sound check and be ready for when the guests start to arrive. Basic costs should include pre-recorded background music, the first dance, a few hours of live singing in segments throughout the evening, a fully functional and supervised disco in between live sets for a full evening’s music and an extensive disco playlist. Your wedding singer might offer extras from pre-recorded music whilst you have dinner, to an L.E.D. light Show or a dance floor of bubbles!

Searching for a wedding singer Bristol, or in any other location, the internet always brings up lots of options, go to wedding entertainment websites and listen to song list wedding sung by the artists themselves, watch a video of the show, or see their music sample list. Don’t waste anymore time – be organised and start looking today!

Michiel Van Kets writes articles for The Wedding Singer, James Barlow is a singer and dj wedding, providing wedding entertainment for over 70 receptions every year in venues, being an available wedding singer bristol. Music from song list wedding for you to choose from is displayed on the website.

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What Makes A Good Wedding DJ by A Booth

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If you are looking for some entertainment at your wedding one of the first questions you should ask yourself about the reception is if you are looking to have a live band play at the wedding or if you want a wedding dj to make the music for people to dance to. If you decide that a wedding dj might be the better choice there are a few things that you should look for in the wedding dj when you are looking for the right one to hire. It is a good idea to ask the wedding dj a few questions so you will know it when you come across the one that will do the job right for your wedding.

There are many wedding djs out there and amongst all of the wedding djs you will be looking for the one that will suit your wedding. Wedding djs should be able to provide you with a list of songs that they have in their music libraries. Take a look over the list and see what kind of music they have first. If the wedding djs hand you a list of music that is generally young, hip, fast, and loud and you are looking for some oldies tunes you may want to look out for the next dj because this one will probably not enertain your guests in the way that you want it. After all, this is your special day and the wedding dj should be right for your wedding. If you are looking for more of an oldies list of music it may be better to seek out and search for that kind of dj in particular first because many djs are suited more for the younger crowd.

If you are more about dancing and disco fever than you could have your own wedding disco as your reception. If you love to dance you may want your wedding reception to be more of a kickoff wedding disco party rather than a quiet and relaxed affair. To really amp of the feel of a wedding disco you want to hire the dj that will really spin out the grooviest, funkiest disco music so you can enjoy your time breaking it down on the floor of your wedding disco. This dj should give you an endless list of disco songs and should make you want to get up and dance.

Party Events Unlimited is a professional mobile disco hire company, based in Watford. Offering DJ hire service,Wedding DJ hire, Wedding DJs, Prom DJ and Party DJ offering wedding entertainment in Hertfordshire and London.

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What You Need To Know About Wedding DJs — The Pros And Cons by Robin Branson

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A common question often asked by couples who are getting married is “Should I get a DJ or a band for my wedding reception?” I know this is a very common concern because lousy entertainment can turn your reception into a disaster. Therefore, I’ll help you out a little by sharing with you the pros and cons of hiring a wedding DJ for your wedding reception.

The Pros

A DJ would normally have thousands of songs in his/her music library and can easily cater to the needs of your reception. Whether you want to dance to an upbeat dance number or listen to a romantic ballad, a DJ can definitely whip something up for you. A professional wedding DJ can easily play almost any song requested by your friends and family.

DJs also do not need to stop the music to take breaks, unlike bands. This allows everyone to enjoy a constant flow of music and dance whenever they want. However, a good DJ should be able to choose the right music for the moment and switch the songs smoothly and quickly.

I’m sure every couple has a special song. It’s the song that they both love and dance together to. A wedding DJ can play that very song for you on your first dance. And what better way to listen to “your” song than to have it sung by the artist that made the song so special to you and your significant other.

The Cons

Some DJs especially inexperienced ones may end up boring your guests instead of pumping them up. Many DJs have their own routines when they perform. However, a good DJ must be able to improvise and be versatile to set the right mood for the wedding reception. To prevent hiring a boring DJ, make sure you talk to your wedding DJ candidates and gauge their personalities and styles.

If you’ve got a somewhat small venue, you should inform your DJ and discuss about it so that your DJ doesn’t bring too much equipment. Some wedding DJs bring many high powered speakers which could bring the roof down. So if you don’t want the music to be too loud, tell your DJ in advance.

There you have it; the pros and cons of hiring a DJ for your wedding reception. Before you hire anybody, make sure you interview them so you can decide if they are right for your reception. It’s also a good idea to watch them play at another event before you decide.



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What Constitutes Good Wedding Entertainment? by Claire Jefferies

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Finding good wedding entertainment is an art form. Choosing your wedding entertainment can make or break your wedding. Not that you should worry about what your guests think, after all it is your wedding, but you also want to make sure people do enjoy themselves. A wedding should be memorable and unforgettable and that is where your entertainment comes into play.

The first thing you need to consider is your musical content. Picking the DJ for your wedding can be crucial. What makes a good DJ is someone who just doesn’t understand the music they play but also the people they play it for. An excellent DJ is someone who can add bass to music which does not normally have bass in it. A great DJ also knows when to talk and when to remain quiet and let the music speak for him. With a good jumping base people will get up and dance and that is the main job of a DJ is to get people up and on the dance floor.

The DJ also is a large part of the wedding entertainment by adding games and events in the music. With interactive songs and dances like The Electric Slide and the Hooky Pokey or even play the right music to inspire a Congo Line to form on the dance floor.

Some people have even included more than just musical entertainment for their weddings. Some have employed magicians or bird shows. A bird show is when a bird trainer releases a set of birds in the reception which are trained to perform aerial stunts and fly around the banquet room amazing the guests. A magician is there to perform feats or mystifying illusion and even interact with the wedding guests.

Some weddings have also used a standup comedian for entertainment. A good strong comedian can entertain a wedding party for a long time. They can call out among the guests and even get them involved with some of the magic acts. Basically whoever or whatever you employ for entertainment purposes you would want to have as an interactive part of the performance. People always enjoy feeling like they are a part of something.

While these forms of entertainment are not conventional they are more common than one would believe. All these can make a wedding fun and an everlasting memory for yourself and those who attend. Either way, a good wedding is one which uses entertainment which is out of the box.

Claire Jefferies is writing on behalf of Sax and Honey, who are an award-winning duo of female vocals and saxophone that provides stylish, sophisticated jazz for weddings, parties and corporate events throughout the UK. They also offer Jazz bands Berkshire and Jazz music bands

Article Source: What Constitutes Good Wedding Entertainment?

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Wedding Plans: How Do You Choose The Entertainment? by Luca Salamone

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As with anything else, wedding entertainment is a minefield. There are thousands of Wedding DJ’s, Bands, magicians and Singer’s alike out there, waiting, eagerly to take your money for a service that could be either fantastic, or not so good. The key is this: THOROUGH RESEARCH!

With this particular product, you can’t always see what you are buying until you have actually bought it. You can’t easily see the full product range as there are so many types out there. And when you’ve finally found something you like, can you have it? And will it be reliable enough to show for the biggest day of your life?

Here are a few simple measures you must take when researching and booking your wedding entertainment:

Use the Internet: You will find some of the largest directories for entertainers this way. Browse various websites for Bands and Singers. Use various search methods and phrases such as “London Wedding Singer” or “Wedding entertainment in Liverpool”, paying attention to sponsored ads that highlight your chosen phrases.

Take your pick! Once you’ve found something you like the look of you’ll want to find as much information on this service as you can, even before the contact stage. For example if it’s a band, do they have online demos? Images? Testimonials? You want to be at least semi-sure before you hand over an email address. Narrow it down to say, your favourite 5 bands, before you start any contact.

Obtain a quote and Availability: Money is always an option for most of us! I wouldn’t want to spend half of my wedding budget on a band or singer, no matter how good they are, so I’d be on the look out for realistic pricing. You don’t want to book someone who is overly expensive, but you also don’t want to pay £200 for a singer who will tell you “yeah, I’ll sing for you and I’m also a DJ!” When you first contact the entertainer(s), you would first enquire about availability for the date in question, then a price. Also how long will your entertainer perform for? Performance times can vary, though most singers and bands perform for 1 or 2 x 45 minute sets, depending on their pricing structure.

More information: If you can, get more information about their service. Can you visit them live? Do they have more demos? A repertoire? It is always good to meet up and discuss things in person, this way you’ll get a feel for who they are and what they do.

Book and Secure This of course is the most crucial part. Most Bands/ Singers will take a deposit/ booking fee (anything up to 50% is normal), so you must be completely sure of your choice at this stage. It is always wise to obtain an invoice, receipt and most importantly a contract of agreement.

This way you can be 99% sure that they WILL be turning up on the day and if they don’t, you have the necessary means to be compensated in full.

By this stage you are well on your way to having an unforgettable evening. You can then use the remaining time before your wedding day to liaise with the DJ/ singer(s)/ Band etc. giving them your first dance, requests, schedule and any other information they may require.

Organising wedding entertainment can be very stressful, even on the day, but if you make the right choices early and are prepared to research and book in advance, you will save yourself and your partner at least one set of Wedding worries.

This Article may be freely copied as long as it is not modified and this resource box accompanies the article, together with working hyperlinks.

Biography: Author: Luca Salamone Website: Biography: Luca is a professional trained vocalist performing for a variety of events including wedding receptions. Manchester Wedding Singer.

Article Source: Wedding Plans: How Do You Choose The Entertainment?

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