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Wedding Coming Up? Looking For Perfect Wedding Favors?

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By Jason Thomas

It’s Wedding Season. Do You Have the Perfect Wedding Favors?

Wedding season is upon us. It might be cold currently, but those heightened and frenzied wedding months are upon us. If you are getting married this year, you are probably crossing all the last minute items off your list, which are a lot. You already have the perfect location, the perfect dress, the perfect flowers, and even the perfect food – not to mention the perfect groom! What’s left on your list? Do you have the perfect wedding favors to commemorate your special day?

You will want something unique that your guests can keep to cherish the great memories you make on that first day of your new life together as husband and wife. Let’s be honest for a moment. The majority of the guests at your wedding will be happy for a couple hours, be super excited about the food, and adore the bar. They will not bath in the bliss of your marriage for the rest of their lives. Good wedding handouts, to commemorate the day, are not handed out because they will be placed on some shrine remembering your wedding. They are usually thrown away.

If, however, you get a gift that is highly useful, one that your guests see and immediately think to themselves, “I could actually use this”, then you have officially picked a useful wedding handout.

There are several great options for promo companies that can help you make those memories last. An increasingly popular product that have taken wedding by storm, especially over the last two years, is a fully customizable sticky screen cleaner. These little guys make great wedding favors for your guests. Sticky screen cleaners can be:

  • Customized to display to your photo, message, and wedding date.
  • Used by your guests long after your wedding.
  • The most unique favor your guests have ever received.
  • A constant reminder of your magical day.

Microfiber sticky screen cleaners stick directly to the back of your phone or other mobile devices. The gentle microfiber fabric cleans off dirt and smudges from touchscreens, and the adhesive backing can be used hundreds to thousands of times to re-stick on your phone. They are even washable.

Show off the unique, creative side of your love with sticky screen cleaner wedding favors. They will have your guests talking about your special day and will give everyone a useful keepsake to remember!

Pristine Screens offers perfect wedding favors for your perfect day!

Get FREE Samples at or call 800-540-5971

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December 29, 2016 |

Effective Ways to Cut Down Wedding Costs

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By Joncarla Domingo Sese

All brides dream of a wedding with an endless budget, but the actual cost of wedding details can quickly empty the wallet and cause pressure to couples. Wedding spending has drastically increased in the last decade. Most couples admit they’ve gone over initial budget because of unplanned upgrades. You don’t have to break the bank to get the wedding of your dreams. If you know how to work around a few key wedding elements, you can stay on your budget without cutting quality or losing ‘wow’ factor you’ve imagined.

1. Steer clear from expensive Saturday bookings

Saturday is the most coveted day for a wedding. This is why it is costly, not to mention taxing, to book a Saturday wedding. Some couples have to wait a year to get a Saturday slot on their preferred date and venue. Great savings can be made from booking a Sunday or Friday wedding. Also, price negotiations with vendors are easier since there isn’t as much competition for services.

2. Go easy on wedding stationery

Wedding stationery can easily eat up a percentage of your budget if you let yourself get carried away with the extras you don’t need like lined envelopes, foil stamping and high-grade fiber paper stock. Remember, expenses don’t end on invitations. You still have to send them out and postage is an added cost.

You can save on excessive spending by opting for simpler alternatives to your paper goods. Know that you can have classy invites even with standard card stock. If you do your research well, you can find invitation vendors offering quality wedding cards and printing services at a cheaper price. Instead of hiring a calligrapher, consider printing addresses on envelopes.

3. Be flexible with your flower choices

You don’t need a specific flower to achieve a certain look. Talk to your florist about cheaper alternatives to steal colour and texture of your desired arrangement. Florists can always suggest in-season flowers at a lower price, reducing cost up to 70% without giving up on quality.

4. Stand by the favorites

It’s nice having something exotic to offer guests but it’s not budget-friendly. Catering companies charge less for common comfort dishes and your not-so-adventurous guests will surely appreciate you for making a safe choice. It’s also a good practice to ask your caterer about all-inclusive packages you can take advantage off.

5. Go for bigger tables

Often, caterers offer a range of table sizes to accommodate guests. By opting for bigger tables, you can save on a few elements such as linen sets and centerpieces.

6. Control alcohol selection

If an open bar is a must, ask the venue manager if a BYOB is possible. Controlling alcohol selection to just beer and wine and some common cocktails can save you from spending hundreds of dollars on drinks. You can also arrange a ‘Stock the Bar’ party where guests can bring a bottle of liquor or champagne as gifts to be used at the reception.

You don’t have to break the bank to have a lavish wedding. With all the expenses lined up like the honeymoon and home buying, saving money has never become more important.

Joncarla Domingo Sese is a VA and Project Manager who’s worked with many entrepreneurs in and outside the United States. She is currently working as a full time happiness engineer for Padlet (formerly Wallwisher Inc). During her free time, she reads ( and sometimes write) articles related to parenting, food, and wedding. You can visit her blog at

Carla lives in Angeles City with her husband, Sean and daughter, Janella. Tweet with Carla @joncarlasmile

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What Is a Photo Booth?

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By Casey Brothers

The new “must have” in wedding entertainment is having a photo booth! Ever wonder what one is and why you’d want to have one at your wedding?

Generally speaking, it will be either an enclosed or an open air area that will include a camera, backdrop and printer. Keep in mind however that not all booths are created equal. They can vary is size, shape and quality. Some will allow you to print pictures right on the spot and others will have the pictures uploaded onto a website for later viewing.

So, why are they so popular at weddings? Here’s my top 5 reasons why you should consider having a photo booth at your wedding!

1. Start the entertainment! The first hour or so of a reception everyone is still in their shells and unsure of what to do, but a photo booth gets the fun flowing right away.

2. It includes everyone. If you’re a bit of a wallflower, (like myself), receptions can make you feel left out, but everyone from young to old can have fun in a photo booth!

3. Gives your guests a gift. Each guest will get a special gift to remember how much fun they had at your wedding.

4. More reminders of your day. A good company will have the ability to give you digital copies of each picture. Then you can later make a really fun photo album using all the pictures.

5. Everyone’s doing it! Just like your guests expect you to provide a D.J. for them to have fun and dance as the popularity of photo booths grow your guests will also expect and greatly appreciate you having a booth!

Things to consider when choosing a photo booth company:

1. Are they fully insured? Make sure to ask!

2. Can you customize your booth? A good company will have the ability to customize your booth with different templates and backgrounds.

3. What is their picture quality like? Some booths simply use webcams for their photos, which means if you try to use them later in an album you might run into quality issues.

4. Are there any hidden fees? Some companies advertise a low price, but then will add on set up and tear down fees, limit picture prints, or even add on charges for them to bring the props.

Take the time to really look at all the companies in your area, ask questions and find the perfect booth to make your day special and fun for everyone!

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December 22, 2014 |

DIY Wedding Favors Aren’t As Hard As You Think by Lise Rina

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On your big day, you want it to look just right. It has to have flare, romance, and a look and feel that reflects you and your special someone. This includes the little details just as much as it does the dress and cake, so the favors have to be unique to you. In order to assess what kind of favors to get, you have to first look into what your budget will allow. If your budget is tight, and you want your big day to be unique, the best way to capture the feel is to make the favors yourself. The first step in making DIY wedding favors is to decide on a theme.

The theme should relate to you and your fiance’s relationship in some way, so lets take a look at some basic points. Where did the two of you meet? If there were sentimental or unique aspects to how you two came to be, this is a great place to start in coming up with the theme. The two of you have built your relationship on such memories, so why not include them in your big day?

Another good place to look would be in any hobbies or similar interests the two of you may have. If you both like to read, or maybe you love fishing, whatever it is that you and your fiance do together would be a good idea for an easy DIY favor. Maybe your families have similar wedding day traditions that you’d like to honor. If you could put a fun and creative spin on family traditions, it would be a unique way to remember the big day.

Once these points are brought up, you could look at the time of the year. A lot of couples base their themes on the season the weddings are to take place in, or holidays near which the big day is due to commence. This is a great way to decide on the colors that will be used in the decorations. Another possibility is the favorite colors of the bride and groom, if they correspond well.

Another way to pick the colors is to look at more physical features. You can use the place where you are getting married as a way to pick the colors, for example, you can pick greens if you are having a mountain wedding, or cooler shades like blues and aquas if you are getting married near a particular body of water. You should also look into how big or bold you want your favors to be, since this will effect how much time, effort, and money you will be putting into them.

Now that you might have an idea of what you want the favors to be, you can look into some materials. Some people favor shells over decorative plates, and some people like flowers while others prefer candles. All that matters is what looks right to you. Once the materials are gathered, you have to assemble them. This part requires a lot of hot glue, so you have to remember to put that on your shopping list. In the next paragraph I will describe how to make a few displays that I have seen used in the past.

Now that you have all of this, you have to actually put the favors together. This step is simple with a little creativity and bit of patience. Just visualize what you want, and piece together the materials, and then apply whatever binding tool you have chosen to hold it together. I have seen people use fish bowls with marbles in the bottom and silk flowers coming out of the top, and I’ve seen some use bubbles with a shear fabric bunched up over the top and tied off with a decorative ribbon. It all depends on your taste.

These are just a few of the simple, inexpensive favors that have been used before. Remember whatever you do, this is your day, and it should represent your relationship in a way that works for you. No matter what you choose to do, just know that the guests will go home happy knowing that they got to keep a little piece of your special day, and making the favors yourself will do even more to ensure that the memories are unique.

Now you have some DIY wedding favor ideas. It is time to search for unique wedding favor bags for your DIY favors? Visit now for special favors packaging.

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September 26, 2014 |

Unique Wedding Favors: Six Tips to Help You Celebrate Your Guests in Style by Jamie Jefferson

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Wedding favors make your guests feel special and give them something to remember your wedding day. Here are six tips for finding unique wedding favors that will allow you to celebrate your guests in style, without breaking the bank.

1. A little personal touch goes a long way. Even if you don’t have a lot to spend, the more you can tailor the favor to each guest, the better. Look for personalized wedding favor ideas and you won’t have to spend a lot to make a big impact.

2. Start thinking about favors as soon as your guest list comes in. Get a stack of bridal magazines and tear out any ideas that look interesting to you. Do an online search for those items so you can make sure you get the best price on the favors you want. You’ll also want to get on the mailing lists of the online superstores that specialize in small gifts as well as those that specialize in personalized gifts. Once you know your final numbers from your guest list, take a look at the wedding favors on these sites, and always look for a coupon code before you make your final purchase. You may be able to save a percentage off your entire order, or at least get your order shipped for free.

3. Ask friends to chip in to help create your favors. Chances are, your close friends will love the opportunity to get involved in your big day. If you know someone who is particularly crafty, whether it’s with florals, papercrafts, or simply snagging great deals online, enlist their help.

4. Think back to the best wedding favors you have received. Which ones stick in your memory? Ask family and friends, as well as members of the bridal party for ideas that will be particularly meaningful.

5. Look at the photo processing websites for ideas on easily personalized gifts that you can create in just a click, from a digital photo.

6. There are so many choices available online, and it’s important not to get overwhelmed. Strive to match your wedding favors with the theme of the shower, which will narrow your choices considerably. You’ll find all kinds of wedding favors that cater specifically to the theme of your wedding or reception, such as golf wedding favors, for example.

Once you’ve decided on your wedding favors, wait to make the purchase for a day or two. Take your time, and make sure your decision regarding your wedding favors is exactly right for your big day.

Jamie Jefferson writes for and, where she shares discounts on personalized bridal shower favors and even golf wedding favors.

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September 26, 2014 |

Choosing the Practical Wedding Favors Your Wedding On A Budget: Practical Wedding Favors You by Lise Rina

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When you plan a wedding, the costs can get out of hand really quickly. But there are a few areas where you can easily cut some corners and use discount or wholesale items to stay within your budget so you can spend a little more in other areas. One of these areas is practical wedding favors. These are wedding favors that your guests can actually use and enjoy, and if they are done correctly, you won’t be spending much at all. Here are six great practical wedding favors that you can easily put together on a low budget:

1. Scented soaps – What? Soap for a wedding favor? Are you kidding me? Nope, you read that right. Scented soaps of all shapes and sizes are a great idea and make great practical wedding favors for any wedding. The great thing is that these are easily created cheap. Simply pick up some small scented soaps at your local discount store as well as some ribbon or sheer material to wrap them in. You should easily be able to create these practical wedding favors that any guest will love to have with just a little work.

2. Glass Coasters: No, they aren’t that expensive, but they are fun and they are great practical wedding favors. There are many sites online, especially glass wholesalers and glass plants, that have thousands of designs extremely cheap. You can easily then purchase the ribbon or sheer material to hold them together so that you have beautiful, fun, practical wedding favors for your guests.

3. Mini Game Sets – You can find mini game sets, such as poker, cards, and more, online in bulk extremely cheap. These are fun wedding favors that your guests will absolutely love, and the best part is that you can usually find these practical wedding favors wholesale for under $1 each.

4. Candles: Candles will probably be on your guest tables anyway, so why not give them as practical wedding favors? Everyone loves candles, and you can order them in any shape, size, color, or smell to match your wedding or your personal style. You don’t have to spend the extra money to have them personalized, simply buy some ornate ribbon to tie around them and you have a great favor that will be a huge hit.

5. Pen and Notepad Sets – Again, these are extremely practical wedding favors as anyone can always use an extra pen and notepad. You’ll also be able to find these online or at a wholesaler near you extremely cheap, such as under $1 for both, which means that you can easily provide a wonderful wedding favor for your guests that they’ll actually use and enjoy.

6. Small Picture Frames: These practical wedding favors also offer a dual function to you at the wedding, as they can serve as place card holders. Finding small picture frames cheap isn’t a problem either, as you can find them at many discount stores or online. And, the best part is, there are so many different colors and shapes that you are sure to find the right ones to match your wedding.

Now that you have your practical wedding favors chosen, plan a get together with your bridesmaids and put them all together for the big day. This is a great way to enjoy some time with your friends and still work on your wedding. Make sure that you have everything you will need before you start – such as ribbon, material, the wedding favors, and, of course, snacks.

Looking for practical wedding favors is your best source for wedding favors.

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The Etiquette On Distributing Wedding Favors by dave4

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Making a faux pas during the wedding ceremony or at the wedding reception is every bride’s nightmare. It is best to acquaint yourself with the etiquette related to various wedding traditions so there is no chance of a goof up. Distributing wedding favors can also get tricky if you don’t know what to do. Here are some tips on handling different wedding favor situations.

– The classic distribution of wedding favors requires you to place one favor at each place setting. For this kind of distribution you need to purchase one favor for each guest including children. You also want to buy some extras in case of damage or unexpected guests. An excess of 5% of the expected wedding guests is recommended. It’s better to have a few leftover favors than to seat guests without favors.

– If your wedding favors budget is a bit tight, why not give out one wedding favor per couple? This method will cut your wedding favors budget into half. The way to go about sharing wedding favors is to place the favor between the couple with a card stating both their names so they know the favor is to be shared. If you skip the card, it could cause embarrassing scenes so be extra careful. In such cases, it is best to choose wedding favors that have a ‘couple’ theme like chocolate covered Jordan almonds in a bride & groom theme or a photo frame with place for two photos. Children & young adults get their own wedding favors, as do singles without a date. Please DO NOT expect siblings to share. That’s a guaranteed recipe for failure.

– If your wedding favors are part of a bigger theme like having a fruit table for desert and giving away chocolate dipped strawberries as favors, then it might be a wise idea to arrange for a center display. Place all the favors on a single beautifully decorated table in fancy baskets or with elegant decorations. The table could also be part of your wedding décor. Add a note requesting the guests to help themselves to a wedding favor each. Make sure you keep extras at the table in case of damage or double dipping.

– You can also place the wedding favors directly in the cars of your guests. Ask the valet to place your wedding favor in the guests’ cars. This can get tricky if guests are pooling in and driving to the wedding together. But what a lovely surprise for your guests when they think the event is over only to find an unexpected favor waiting for them.

– In case you are having a buffet instead of a sit-down dinner, then it is best to place the favors at a table near the exit. Add a small note thanking the guests and requesting them to take a favor each. This also saves the guests the trouble of carrying around their wedding favors during the wedding and the chance that they could forget it at the table or elsewhere. Of course, if you plan to do this, you cannot buy wedding favors that are to be used during the ceremony. Bells to be rung as a signal for the couple to kiss, server sets to use for the cake cutting ceremony and bubbles to blow at the departing couple are all eliminated. So choose your wedding favor carefully.

There are many wedding etiquette do’s and don’ts for the ceremony and the reception and often traditions should be followed. But keep in mind that the wedding belongs to the bride and the groom and should they choose to ignore the protocol of customary wedding etiquette it is a forgivable offense. The day is after all their celebration of union and joy. Any choice they make that make them happy is the proper choice.

Andrea Britt is owner of where you can find elegant, unique  favors, bridal party favors ideas, and wedding planning tips.

Article Source: The Etiquette On Distributing Wedding Favors

September 26, 2014 |

Wedding Favors: D.I.Y. or BUY? by Lindsey Hively

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Great websites like Etsy and Pinterest have made is so easy to find creative D.I.Y. solutions for everything from interior decorating to wedding favors. Many brides, still early in the wedding planning process and filled with energy, look to sites like these for ideas and draft lofty plans to create their fabulous wedding favors during the 11th hour of wedding preparation. This is especially true for brides looking to hand out perishable wedding favors to their wedding guests. Whether you plan on taking on your wedding favors on your own or have enlisted your family and friends to help, it is important to plan ahead when deciding whether to D.I.Y. or buy.

Knowing the reasons for choosing D.I.Y. wedding favors is essential to deciding whether or not D.I.Y. favors truly are the right choice for you. The top two reasons brides indicate for wanting to make their own wedding favors are to save money and to create something completely unique and custom tailored.

On the flip side, brides that have chosen the D.I.Y. route for creating their wedding favors listed the amount of time it takes as the biggest downfall. This being said, consider the following two tips for deciding whether to D.I.Y. or buy your wedding favors.

1. Objectively Determine Your Level of Creativity

If you were the kid in elementary school that had trouble gluing two popsicle sticks together and couldn\’t draw a stick figure to save your life but still want great, unique wedding favors you may want to look into paying someone to do them for you. If you have a great idea in your head but just cannot put the pieces together on your own enlist the help of one of your creative friends or Google wedding favor companies. Many companies are willing to work with you to come up with the exact favors you are looking for, whether or not it is already a product in their store. Do not be afraid to ask store owners if they can deliver exactly what you want. Then be prepared to clearly communicate your expectations for your favors.

2. Do Not Overestimate Your Free Time

Early on in the wedding planning process, when things seem to be progressing smoothly and ahead of schedule, it is easy to assume that things will continue to move along perfectly right up until the moment you say, \”I do.\” Be careful in estimating your free time, especially when it comes down to wedding crunch time. The last thing you want to do is have to hand make 350 wedding favors the night before your rehearsal dinner because you don\’t want to give your wedding guests stale favors.
Remember too, that time is money! What else could you be doing instead of monotonously pumping out a ton of favors? You can probably list 1,000 things more fun than sitting in an assembly line like a factory worker. The best part about D.I.Y. wedding favors is designing them–NOT making them. Consider handing your design over to a professional so they can do the dirty work for you.

Lindsey is the owner of Kernel Coladas Gourmet Popcorn, the premier gourmet popcorn and caramel corn store. Kernel Coladas pops gourmet flavored popcorn in a wide variety of flavors and offers an assortment of chic packaging options as well.

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Wedding Favors –Unique Favor Ideas by Jnet Verra

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When it comes to wedding favors, engaged couples can get as creative and unique as they want. There is a myriad choices of wedding favors available today – from simple, sophisticated to unique favors. There are many couples nowadays who’d like to give out unique wedding favors, according to their unique taste and personality. Here are some favor ideas that can complete a unique type of wedding.

Wedding Favors by Themes

A unique wedding favor can be something that reflects a certain theme. Now, if you are planning a themed wedding, be it a seasonal theme, ancient theme or modern theme, make sure that the rest of your wedding supplies, including the wedding favors will be selected accordingly. For example, if you will have a beach themed wedding, where you will be holding it somewhere at the beach, consider beach themed wedding favors. Typically, you can find beach themed favors that features white sands, pebbles, stones, seashells and other tropical-like adornments on the favors. Aside from that, you can also find other seasonal-themed favors to match any seasonal wedding.

Practical Wedding Favors

Another thing that makes a wedding favor unique is if it is not intended to be used as a wedding favor, alone. Meaning, a unique wedding favor can be something that can serve a dual purpose or something functional even after the wedding has ended. Practical wedding favors come in different types of useful items such as bottle openers, tape measures, playing cards, wine stoppers, refrigerator magnets, pens, luggage tags, tea infusers, mugs, shot glasses, hand fans, salt and pepper shakers and etc.

Customized Wedding Favors

another great idea to come up with unique wedding favors is to find custom favors. With such items, you’ll let yourself add your own personal touch onto your wedding favors. You will be able to show off the kind of personality you have, as well as your creative side. There are lots of custom-made wedding favors available out there. You can find most of them online, where lots of online stores specializes on different types of wedding favors, including custom-made ones.

DIY Wedding Favors

Last but not the least are the DIY wedding favors. If you really opt for something unique, then do-it-yourself wedding favors will never fail you, as there’s nothing more unique than something made by yourself. Get creative and feel free to include anything that’s within your taste. You can find DIY kits as well as other materials and adornments you can use at your local craft stores. You can make and decorate your own edible, decorative or useful wedding favors, according to your will. Remember that anything that is made out of your mind and creativity will always highly appreciated.

Try to browse the Internet to find some more unique wedding favor ideas. Just always keep in mind your budget, and take time when you shop so that you can compare prices. Remember, you don’t have to break your bank just to follow a tradition. There’s a lot of ways on how to trim down wedding expenses. Opt for cheap wedding favors and other wedding supplies, but hat doesn’t mean you are sacrificing the quality of your wedding. Shop online, where you can find affordable wedding favors, yet as elegant as lavish ones.

Jnet is an author for a variety of lifestyle issues and topics including weddings. If you’re looking for wedding themes, visit the website and browse their extensive collection. Find bridal favors to make your wedding extra special!

Article Source: Wedding Favors –Unique Favor Ideas

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Wedding Favors As Table Accessories by Jnet

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Aside from serving as wedding keepsakes, wedding favors can also be a part of the decorative accessories that can give a touch of accent onto the reception tables. Therefore, it is very important to choose wedding favors with proper care and attention.

When making homemade wedding favors, consider beautiful favor packaging. Start making homemade favors in advance so that you will have plenty of time to make the accessories more personal. In order to make personalized favor packaging, use personalized ribbons, or including your names and other wedding info. Hand printing can make a wonderful personal touch, but if it won’t work because you don’t have the best penmanship, use your computer and printer at home. You may also hire a professional calligrapher to do the job for you.

Consider wedding favors that are functional as well. Picture frames or place card holders that usually used to hold place cards can double as wedding favors at the end of the occasion. That idea can make a practical suggestion, especially for those couples who are on a tight budget.

Table centerpieces may also consist of several wedding favors. Also known as breakaway favor centerpieces, they are often a cluster of fresh flowers in several small vases. Of course, you can use other alternatives aside from flowers, such as stacking a number of favor boxes on a separate table, and before the finale, encourage each guest to get one as a take-home present.

Another creative idea where wedding favors are involved is making hanging decorations for the reception chairs. If there’s no more space on the table, you can hang each favor on each chair. This is a clever way of presenting wedding favors to your guests, and will also accentuate the reception chairs. To hang the favors, you can use mini favor bags with handles or tie ribbons to the favors and hang them on the chairs.

For a Christmas wedding, you may opt to make a Christmas tree or more where you can hang you wedding favors. Mini potted trees can make a wonderful table accents, but try to give a twist by making each tree look like a Christmas tree with your favors hanging. You can hang little favor bags filled with button candies or each bag may contain a fortune cookie.

Another popular decorative favors are candles. Wedding candles are perfect if you are looking for something that can make a romantic appeal on your table setting. Choose wedding candles that match with wedding reception colors. Have each candle personalized, or you can pick stylish votive holders that will serve as favors of your wedding.

Search the Internet to find some more decorative wedding favors. Other possible favors that can can make a good accent on the reception tables are colored soap favors in a clever shape, wedding bells, coaster favors, flower or butterfly wedding favors and the likes. There are thousands of online stores that carry a wide assortment of such wedding accessories, at reasonable prices.

Jnet is an author for a variety of lifestyle issues and topics including weddings. If you’re looking for bridal shower favors, visit the website and browse their extensive collection. Find wedding supplies to make your wedding extra special!


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