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Effective Ways to Cut Down Wedding Costs

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By Joncarla Domingo Sese

All brides dream of a wedding with an endless budget, but the actual cost of wedding details can quickly empty the wallet and cause pressure to couples. Wedding spending has drastically increased in the last decade. Most couples admit they’ve gone over initial budget because of unplanned upgrades. You don’t have to break the bank to get the wedding of your dreams. If you know how to work around a few key wedding elements, you can stay on your budget without cutting quality or losing ‘wow’ factor you’ve imagined.

1. Steer clear from expensive Saturday bookings

Saturday is the most coveted day for a wedding. This is why it is costly, not to mention taxing, to book a Saturday wedding. Some couples have to wait a year to get a Saturday slot on their preferred date and venue. Great savings can be made from booking a Sunday or Friday wedding. Also, price negotiations with vendors are easier since there isn’t as much competition for services.

2. Go easy on wedding stationery

Wedding stationery can easily eat up a percentage of your budget if you let yourself get carried away with the extras you don’t need like lined envelopes, foil stamping and high-grade fiber paper stock. Remember, expenses don’t end on invitations. You still have to send them out and postage is an added cost.

You can save on excessive spending by opting for simpler alternatives to your paper goods. Know that you can have classy invites even with standard card stock. If you do your research well, you can find invitation vendors offering quality wedding cards and printing services at a cheaper price. Instead of hiring a calligrapher, consider printing addresses on envelopes.

3. Be flexible with your flower choices

You don’t need a specific flower to achieve a certain look. Talk to your florist about cheaper alternatives to steal colour and texture of your desired arrangement. Florists can always suggest in-season flowers at a lower price, reducing cost up to 70% without giving up on quality.

4. Stand by the favorites

It’s nice having something exotic to offer guests but it’s not budget-friendly. Catering companies charge less for common comfort dishes and your not-so-adventurous guests will surely appreciate you for making a safe choice. It’s also a good practice to ask your caterer about all-inclusive packages you can take advantage off.

5. Go for bigger tables

Often, caterers offer a range of table sizes to accommodate guests. By opting for bigger tables, you can save on a few elements such as linen sets and centerpieces.

6. Control alcohol selection

If an open bar is a must, ask the venue manager if a BYOB is possible. Controlling alcohol selection to just beer and wine and some common cocktails can save you from spending hundreds of dollars on drinks. You can also arrange a ‘Stock the Bar’ party where guests can bring a bottle of liquor or champagne as gifts to be used at the reception.

You don’t have to break the bank to have a lavish wedding. With all the expenses lined up like the honeymoon and home buying, saving money has never become more important.

Joncarla Domingo Sese is a VA and Project Manager who’s worked with many entrepreneurs in and outside the United States. She is currently working as a full time happiness engineer for Padlet (formerly Wallwisher Inc). During her free time, she reads ( and sometimes write) articles related to parenting, food, and wedding. You can visit her blog at

Carla lives in Angeles City with her husband, Sean and daughter, Janella. Tweet with Carla @joncarlasmile

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December 29, 2016 |

How to Pick the Colors For Your Wedding

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By David Levin

If the setting sun determines your bridal color selection, won’t you be wearing bright oranges, reds, golds, and maybe navy blue? Perhaps, your cover band will select songs from an era of blissful sunsets, twilight songs of years long past, to play for your night in the spotlight?

Have you considered yet, how you would select your wedding theme?

Sitting on the golf course with my love, I realized I wanted to wear the colors of the night, and I couldn’t imagine my wedding without the crooners. The Rat Pack of my parent’s era, love songs made for dancing the night away… Shelby shared.

Fill the garden with white sparkling lights, dancing in the breeze, warm delightful colors of the sunset on each of the bride’s girls, groom’s men wear navy tuxedos, and music echoes from a season as the reception lingers. A night made for dancing requires colors spilled from the heavens. But more importantly, it requires a band – music that sets the stars on fire.

Pink, Black Tie, & Masquerade

Can you think of a more exciting evening reception than the masquerade ball? On the verge of Mardi Gras, a masquerade ball can bring a wealth of music options, southern jazz bands, cover bands with uptown beats, or maybe a seasonal combination of current hit classics. You can have more fun with a select group of older songs than you can with random songs, at most parties… Remember the vast majority of wedding attendees are going to be your parent’s ages.

Red, White, & Black Love Seasonal

Two wedding seasons call for girls in red dresses. And why shouldn’t you make the most of that by asking your cover band to present their best female vocalist in coordinating attire? A theme of love songs, old and new, could bring dancers of many generations onto the dance floor. Cover bands offering themes of love songs, evergreen music selections, and popular tunes of the season might bring seasonal ambiance to your wedding reception without over-decorating the hall.

Pastel Summer Dresses for a Brunch Reception

Just because your reception is in the morning, instead of the evening, doesn’t mean that you don’t want a top-shelf cover band to perform summery dance tunes in the garden. Dance floors are portable now, and quite cozy in a summer garden. Dance bands appreciate tented covers in the event of spring showers, but nothing sets the tone or ambiance of a wedding more than lovely music, and delightful pastel colors in a garden wedding setting.

Do you need help coordinating your wedding colors with the dance band that best suits your theme?

Ask our expert event coordinator about cover band specialties, seasonal dance band choices, and how color sets the mood for your wedding reception at We have answers and solutions for your wedding band questions.

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4 Most Popular Bridal Bouquet Styles

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By Jennifer Lee Winget

Marriage is bliss if carried out willingly with dedication. We all have figured out how our dream wedding looks like since we were children. Now the time has arrived to make the dream come true.

The wedding day is probably the most important day in our lives and we work really hard in keeping all the things right. It is like a rebirth for both the people who are tying the knot. It not only union of two individuals but two souls, two families, even two communities if necessary. Marrying someone means to take responsibility, to entangle your connection with the new being, to stay dedicated and committed to your own self. Flowers are an important element of wedding and are used in a varied ways throughout the happy occasion.

Bridal bouquet is important and is required not only to complement the bridal gown. It has more significance to just ornamenting the gown and accessorizing the overall look of the brides. The presence of a bridal bouquet means to drive away evil and assure the holiness of the wedding. There was a time, the bridal bouquet was just a simple posy of leaves, herbs, spices and simple flowers which after so many years have come up to play more as an important accessory to the bride. In order to place an order of the bouquet, opt for the professional flower shops with expert florists. Overall, one thing is clear that the flower bouquets are important to any bride and more than just symbolic reasons now. If you are in a fix about which style of bouquet to choose, then the 4 following trends can definitely ease out your pain.

• Purity and serenity: If you are a person who loves simplicity, then carry the serenity and innocence through your bouquet. A simple composition of fresh white flowers, hand tied in ribbons and frills are a classic choice and can perfectly depict purity.

• Multiple textures and shapes: This style features quite vibrant composition of floral arrangements but if prepared by professionals from reliable flower shops are sure to reflect your charismatic choice and bold personality.

• Being all sparkly: Crystal headed pins and silver sparkles all over the flowers or some selected ones can create a varied looking bouquet. Even though your bouquet consists of simple flowers, adding sparkle can undoubtedly add a stunning appeal to the simplest bouquets even.

• Popular pastel: Pastel shades of flowers are highly popular among most of the brides and can complement every subtle color theme to create an understated magical beauty.

Jennifer Lee Winget is a prolific writer and blogger, mainly specializing in various aspects of the floral world. Jennifer is also the owner of a beautiful flower shop, offering online flower delivery services to clients globally.

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December 29, 2014 |

Top Things You Should Know Before You Get a Wedding Florist

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By Sharon Nugent

The demands of a wedding florist are highly increasing today as the flower industry is growing at a very rapid pace. Today, the wedding florists run their exclusive companies that provide you with all your needs, starting from simple to a stylish wedding.

The world is full of creative wedding florists and so it becomes easier for you to find one. What is more essential is that you trust your wedding florist and make them understand your plans and ideas for the wedding and how you want the arrangements and the decorations to be done. They would help you decide what flowers would suit best with your theme of the wedding as they are the experts and professionals in their fields. By having an exchange of ideas with them, you can turn your dreams into reality for your special day.

The actual work of a wedding florist is to make the wedding flowers look like an extension of your personality. They are passionate about flowers and it is always reflected in the way they design, arrange and decorate the flowers for your occasion. Here is a list of questions that you should always ask your wedding florist before you decide on whom to give the contract to:

  • Will you place and decorate the flowers in the event according to my requirements?

You would not want your wedding event to turn into a surprise for you! Never hesitate to give in your ideas and what you require to be done. Always know what the plan of the florists is beforehand. It is your event; you need to be aware of what and how the decorations will be done.

  • Will you take away and unpack the decorations after the wedding?

This is an important thing to note, as some wedding florists may charge extra for this. You have to know what the policies of the venue about the cleanup are. The florists will not pick up any other renting containers or other decorative pieces.

  • Who is the in-charge of my wedding flowers?

In order to make sure that all your conversations do not go waste with the designer, get a confirmation from him saying that the one who has been doing the talking will be one who gets to arrange the flowers. If it is a huge event, it might not be possible for one person to arrange so he might be accompanied by a trusted helper.

  • Do you literally limit your number of weddings that you get on a weekend?

The ideal answer to this question should be yes. The florist should not have more than two weddings at the maximum per weekend. It also depends if the wedding is a large scale one or a small scale one. You should be sure that he is able to devote sufficient time to your wedding.

  • What will the idea substitutes be in your opinion if these flowers are unavailable?

You should be aware of all the possibilities that can happen rather than being surprised when you cross the aisle. It is the duty of the florist to guarantee the colour, shape and size of the flowers and also get you a picture of how the arrangements will look like before you approve.

  • When will the flowers come? What about their transportation?

Flowers should always be delivered at the last moment. They should be transported not before half an hour when the photography is scheduled to begin. The best florists use a refrigerated vehicle for the transportation so that the flowers arrive fresh at the venue.

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December 22, 2014 |

Wedding flower packages allow variety by lola blooms

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Not every bride wants to go the traditional route. She might still wear white but putting together a large wedding can be a large headache. Part of saving money but still having a memorable event is to have a variety of flowers and use them for unique purposes. Instead of a theme there will be a more eclectic and modern sense.

Not everyone feels comfortable with doing floral decorations and hesitates to commit to a particular style of color scheme. Most vendors will make up a package of suitable wedding flowers, in bulk and at wholesale prices to make arranging easy. The bride-to-be has lots on her mind and probably flunked botany. This is where the flower provider comes to the rescue with well selected wedding flower packages that will fit the environment for the ceremony, be suited to the care that can be provided and satisfy the important role that flowers play without dominating the process. Maybe you are working on a small budget and can’t hire a florist and need to keep the flowers within some real cost restraints. Top quality vendors know how to help. They will have packages put together with wedding suitable and appropriate flowers. There will be flowers for bouquets and for the bridesmaids to carry, label boutonnieres for the groom’s party, table settings etc. They will take the worry out of the process, save money and still guarantee a successful and memorable event.

When you’re working on your to-do list for the wedding, make sure you look for a vendor who has experience, empathy and has done lots of weddings on all scales. Make sure they understand what you need, and then work with them to get it done. You will need to be ready when the flowers come, have a safe and flower-friendly environment ready, tools for cutting, tying and wrapping, water containers with the right amount of H2O, appropriate light and the right temperature. Buying in bulk will give you replacements for the flowers that aged more quickly than the others. Flowers will grow and pass their optimum points at different rates and some replacements will be needed. Buying in bulk will solve this possible dilemma.

Look for a vendor who offers wedding flower packages. No wedding is alike and one size fits nobody. The best vendors are sympathetic people who really want to help you have the best day of your new life together. Not every wedding is a world event and many are very small with two families and some friends celebrating a new beginning for a happy couple. Flowers are a thread that joins everyone and holds them together for the moment. Finding creative ways to use them, decorate with them and let them do their special work of making memories is one of the arts a dedicated flower vendor can lend to the occasion. Most are willing to go above and beyond to help when asked. Finding and working with the right person will reward you with priceless memories that will keep you within your budget and help you share an important day with many others.

Lola Blooms takes pride and joy in making wedding flowers full with wedding flower packages that please the senses and pocket book. Brides can create the day of their dreams without breaking their budget.

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September 10, 2014 |

“Bridal Bouquet Ideas and Activities” by george michaels

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When a bride orders her wedding bouquet, it might not seem that any “activities” will come from it other than as a thing for the bride to hold. But the bridal bouquet can be the source of many interesting activities and meaningful gestures.

During there ceremony there are all kinds of possibilities. Certainly you can go traditional and have a flower for both the mother of the bride and mother of the groom. The moms, in particular, love this activity and guests usually appreciate it as well. But what if you turned that traditional gesture on its head and supplied flowers for both the mothers and the fathers?

If the bride supplies flowers to both the men and women, there are a couple of ways to do this. What if dad’s flower was enclosed in a verse that he will then get up and read at the ceremony? What if it was a flower to recognize the members of the family who have passed, and it gives dad an opportunity to recognize those family members?

If the bride chooses not to have a unity candle, but wants some gesture like it, she can have her bridal bouquet designed by having several small bouquets put together. At an appropriate time during the ceremony, the bridal bouquet is “broken up” and various people might receive a share, such as the mothers and fathers of the bride and groom.

Now, if the bride wants to hang onto her bridal bouquet during the wedding ceremony, but is willing to have some fun with it at the reception, there are a few options there as well. How about a dance involving the bridal bouquet? This is silly, but fun. The bridal bouquet is on display somewhere near the dance floor and guests must guess a flower that’s in the bouquet before they can enter the dance floor. The first few guests might not have a problem as some flowers are obvious, like roses and tulips, but others might give people pause. Of course, this won’t work if the bridal bouquet is all roses or some other single and obvious flower but for a traditional mixed bouquet, it can work well.

For a naughty touch, the bride can hide her garter in the bridal bouquet and actually put it on her leg before the groom takes it off. Or she can have a couple of breakaway bouquets that are wrapped in garter belts, so hers doesn’t get thrown, but instead the tiny bouquets with garter belts attached are thrown.

When it comes time for the bride to throw her bouquet, there are several options. Some brides choose not to keep their bouquet and simply pluck one flower out of it before chucking the whole thing during the bridal bouquet toss. This is an alternative to having a special bouquet set aside for throwing, and there are others as well.

Are there are a lot of single women coming to the wedding? Maybe one thrown bouquet won’t be enough. Many brides these days are opting for something a little more fun. There are a few options, really. One popular option is to have the florist create several small bouquets and then bundle them to look like one bouquet. They are tied lightly with a ribbon. When it comes time for the bouquet toss, the bride unties the ribbon, and throws the “bouquet” which is actually several little bouquets. Several women will catch the bouquet, rather than just one.

George Michaels is the managing editor of and

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September 10, 2014 |

Preserving your wedding memories by Yolanda Nash

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Ok, your wedding is over do you know how to preserve all of those special memories you created? Well if not I will give you some tips and advice to preserve every special item you used in your wedding.

Do you want to hand down your wedding dress to your daughter? Do you want to eat a piece of your wedding cake on your first anniversary? Do you want to use your wedding bouquet as a wall decoration? Well do not worry you still can as long as you follow these simple tips.

Your bouquet

To preserve your bouquet you will need to start drying the flowers right away. What you will need to do is hang the bouquet in a dark dry place for at least a week. When you check the bouquet make sure it is nice and dry and free of moisture. If needed dry for a few more days just to make sure. When you are completely sure your bouquet is dried then you can place it a nice curio cabinet or on a wall however you choose.

Your first piece of cake

If you do not have one buy a food sealer, you know one of those neat little small kitchen appliances that sucks all of the air out of the food you are sealing. When you have your food sealer take and suck all of the air out of the plastic bag you are sealing this way when it is air tight it will be good for a long time. This is not it though you want to be safe than sorry. Once you have it sealed you need to take and wrap some aluminum foil and wrap it up then you should be good to go. Just make sure you put your piece of cake in a good working freezer that will keep a constant temperature.

Your wedding dress

When starting the preservation process of the gown time is of the essence. The first thing you need to do is take it to the dry cleaners within a couple of weeks after the wedding. If you wait much longer than this some stains that the dress might have might not be able to be removed.

When taking to the cleaners you will need to make sure that the dress is properly cared for such as in applique, beading or embroidery. Make sure you get a really good idea of how they will be treating your dress. Ask of how many dresses they have cleaned and how long it will take.

The best way is to store your dress with acid free tissue paper and acid free box. When I say acid free I mean everything from the window of the box to the interior, if not you will get brown spots on your dress. You will need to remove all the padding of the dress including the shoulder pads and bust. You will need to lay the dress completely flat and do not store nothing else with it.

Do not store your dress know where else but a dry area where the temperature remains constant. Storing in a shed, garage or attic will not be a good idea because the temperature will fluctuate. Also check your dress every six months just to make sure it is still in good condition.

Yolandas is the owner of Yolandas wedding favors, wedding planner and Author. In her online store she sells lots of different wedding favors, wedding accessories and anything that you would like to go with your wedding. She sells discount wedding favors and cheap wedding favors for the budget minded.

Article Source: Preserving your wedding memories

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The Wedding Flower Girl by Herry Petter

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A flower girl is part of a wedding procession, bearing a special relation to the bride and groom. Because very young children may become overwhelmed by the duties, and older girls may feel insulted by a “baby” role, the recommended age for a flower girl is usually between four and eight years of age. The flower girl walks down the aisle behind the bride, either before or after the maid of honor, and carries a basket of flowers, scattering them down the aisle.
There may be one or several flower girls, especially if the bride has young relatives to honor. The concept of the flower girl is commonly witnessed at British royal weddings, or at exquisite weddings modeled after them.
The male equivalent of the flower girl is the ring bearer or a page boy. Usually, the ring bearer and the flower girl are dressed to appear like a couple, or they may wear miniature versions of the bride and groom’s clothes.
Generally, the flower girl walks ahead of the bride at the wedding party’s entrance procession. The flower girl may either shower flower petals on the floor or carry a bouquet of flowers or thorn less roses. Once the bride and groom are seated on the wedding stage, the young flower girl will sit down aside among the audience, with her parents. Alternatively, if the wedding ceremony is not scheduled to last very long, an older aged flower girl may stand quietly at the altar along with the other honor attendants.
In olden times, the clothing for the flower girl was provided by the families of the bride and groom. During modern times, however, it is expected of the parents of the flower girl to pay for her clothing as well as for other expenses that are entailed in her participation in the wedding procession.
Usually, the choice of a flower girl is obvious, but in other cases, it may be somewhat of a task in choosing among several possible candidates. It is perfectly alright to choose more than one flower girl – not only does this add to their confidence, and enhance the cuteness aspect of a wedding procession. It is advisable to avoid choosing a very young child to be a flower girl, for she may become scared and confused. On the other hand, a much older girl may be more suitable to be given a role of a reader or a junior bridesmaid. If at all it becomes impossible to choose a suitable flower girl, it is alright to do without one!

As indicated above, above a young flower girl may feel jittery during the wedding procession. It is advisable therefore to prepare her for her role beforehand. In order to boost a flower girl’s confidence, you may buy her a book about being a flower girl which will explain her role and pump her up with excitement. Additionally, you may seat the flower girl’s parents near the front of the aisle so that she can see them when she walks down the aisle and during the wedding ceremony. It is best to let a flower girl be herself, and appear naturally to be enjoying her role. This will seem attractive to the wedding guests and enhance the beauty of the wedding occasion!

The Author Herry Petter is freelance writer in local newspaper and magazine covering topics like flower girl dress for less and Ivory Flower Girl Dress

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September 10, 2014 |

Ideas For Wedding Flowers: Bridal Bouqet Design by Francina Smit

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Bridal bouquets have been around for a very long time. In fact Greek brides in ancient times had bouquets made of herbs that were believed to ward of evil spirits! Since you may be searching for wedding flower ideas and because bridal bouquet design has evolved so much, this article will be dedicated to different bridal bouquets.

Designs have become bolder and more individual which is a great thing. You can leave your mark on your bridal bouquet as well and have something that truly reflects who you are. More and more interesting materials are being used in bridal bouquets and it gives the designer a lot more to work with besides various flowers.

Although you can have a bridal bouquet in any style, color and design you like, this is not something you can pass over. Here are some wedding flower ideas and in particular ideas for the bridal bouquet:

1. There are many ways to personalize your bouquet like adding a monogram to it. You can for instance have the groom’s first letter of his last name (or both the bride and groom’s) printed on the ribbon that will be used for the bouquet. Another way to include monograms is to use piping or wiring shaped in the relevant letter and inserted in the bouquet among the flowers.

2. Lately bridal bouquets have become more bold in color and design and it does not have to be white, cream or pastel anymore. Purple and hot pink, a mix of citrus colors or orange and red. Or you can just have a monochromatic theme and use just one favorite color. This is a fun touch to any wedding and the bouquet really pops against the dress!

3. A very practical (but beautiful) solution to keeping cost down in these hard economic times is to make use of a “breakaway bouquet”. Although this appears to be one big bouquet, it is actually two or three in one which can be taken apart easily and be used separately for the tossing bouquet and to give to the matron of honor or other honored person or persons. The bride may also want to keep one for herself.

4. If you really want to go with something different, you must think texture. And not just in the flowers but using different materials to add texture to the bouquet. This adds a three dimensional feel which is very unique.

When you decide which flowers are abundant at the time of your wedding, select ones that have different textures to use together like hydrangeas and calla lilies or star gazers and roses. Then maybe add some special elements to enhance the dimensional look. Visit a hobby store and wander the flowers section to get ideas of interesting textures to add.

If you do some research you will find that bridal bouquet design is not as structured and traditional as it was before. This is very exciting – for you and for the quests. This is your wedding after all and you do not want to look the same as everyone else do you?

If you are like most girls, you’ve been dreaming about your wedding day since you were a little girl. There are so many details to think about that it can become quite mind-boggling though. I have a lot of experience with weddings and will be glad to help.
Article Source: Ideas For Wedding Flowers: Bridal Bouqet Design

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How Do I Carry My Bridal Bouquet on My Wedding Day? by Jim Knight

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To say this is your big day in an understatement! All eyes will be on you. The photographs will last for years. You’ve dreamed of this moment since you were a little girl and planned for it probably for quite some time. The dress and shoes and veil are enough to think about. Everything has to be “just so”. But no one ever told you how to elegantly carry your flowers to make that “once in a lifetime” entrance down the aisle with poise and grace.

First, you are probably already aware that there are different kinds of bouquets. And that means that there are several ways in which to carry your bouquet depending on its share and size. Arm bouquets, pomanders, baskets, etc. are all items that a bride may carry. But we will focus on the most popular, the hand-held round bouquet. While we will suggest the proper way to hold your bouquet, you will always want to follow what gives you the most confidence and what feels most comfortable for you. The goal is for you to look natural and radiant in your gown and the flowers should compliment you, not overwhelm you or creating too much distraction from the most important person on the day….You!

The hand-held bouquet is most prevalent bouquet today for its casual elegance, its practicality, flexibly and ease for holding. It comes in various sizes from small to large and the handle is actually comprised of the flower stems wrapped in ribbon. The hand-held bouquet is mostly round in shape although it can slightly cascade or have different shapes. This bouquet should be carried with both hands in front of you with your elbows tucked close to you and arms resting at your hips. Even though the tendency may be to carry the bouquet near your chest or beneath your face, you will want to carry your bouquet at the waist instead so that all of the details of your gown are not hidden by the flowers. Perhaps you may want to practice walking and holding a bouquet prior to the wedding so you can become comfortable and hot have to think about it. You want to feel and look natural as you hold your bouquet.

Some brides choose the go with smaller bouquets and in lieu of corsages, some attendants and members of the wedding party like to have nosegays instead. Whether you are the bride or a member of the wedding party, your flowers should be carried at the waist, in front, with arms on the hip as though it was a large bouquet.

And don’t forget to tuck in that special vintage handkerchief in your bouquet or tie a ribbon about the handle which contains buttons, pins or remembrances of those special people in your life, past or present. And when the ceremony is over, if you are having a reception, you could place your bouquet on the cake table.

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