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Effective Ways to Cut Down Wedding Costs

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By Joncarla Domingo Sese

All brides dream of a wedding with an endless budget, but the actual cost of wedding details can quickly empty the wallet and cause pressure to couples. Wedding spending has drastically increased in the last decade. Most couples admit they’ve gone over initial budget because of unplanned upgrades. You don’t have to break the bank to get the wedding of your dreams. If you know how to work around a few key wedding elements, you can stay on your budget without cutting quality or losing ‘wow’ factor you’ve imagined.

1. Steer clear from expensive Saturday bookings

Saturday is the most coveted day for a wedding. This is why it is costly, not to mention taxing, to book a Saturday wedding. Some couples have to wait a year to get a Saturday slot on their preferred date and venue. Great savings can be made from booking a Sunday or Friday wedding. Also, price negotiations with vendors are easier since there isn’t as much competition for services.

2. Go easy on wedding stationery

Wedding stationery can easily eat up a percentage of your budget if you let yourself get carried away with the extras you don’t need like lined envelopes, foil stamping and high-grade fiber paper stock. Remember, expenses don’t end on invitations. You still have to send them out and postage is an added cost.

You can save on excessive spending by opting for simpler alternatives to your paper goods. Know that you can have classy invites even with standard card stock. If you do your research well, you can find invitation vendors offering quality wedding cards and printing services at a cheaper price. Instead of hiring a calligrapher, consider printing addresses on envelopes.

3. Be flexible with your flower choices

You don’t need a specific flower to achieve a certain look. Talk to your florist about cheaper alternatives to steal colour and texture of your desired arrangement. Florists can always suggest in-season flowers at a lower price, reducing cost up to 70% without giving up on quality.

4. Stand by the favorites

It’s nice having something exotic to offer guests but it’s not budget-friendly. Catering companies charge less for common comfort dishes and your not-so-adventurous guests will surely appreciate you for making a safe choice. It’s also a good practice to ask your caterer about all-inclusive packages you can take advantage off.

5. Go for bigger tables

Often, caterers offer a range of table sizes to accommodate guests. By opting for bigger tables, you can save on a few elements such as linen sets and centerpieces.

6. Control alcohol selection

If an open bar is a must, ask the venue manager if a BYOB is possible. Controlling alcohol selection to just beer and wine and some common cocktails can save you from spending hundreds of dollars on drinks. You can also arrange a ‘Stock the Bar’ party where guests can bring a bottle of liquor or champagne as gifts to be used at the reception.

You don’t have to break the bank to have a lavish wedding. With all the expenses lined up like the honeymoon and home buying, saving money has never become more important.

Joncarla Domingo Sese is a VA and Project Manager who’s worked with many entrepreneurs in and outside the United States. She is currently working as a full time happiness engineer for Padlet (formerly Wallwisher Inc). During her free time, she reads ( and sometimes write) articles related to parenting, food, and wedding. You can visit her blog at

Carla lives in Angeles City with her husband, Sean and daughter, Janella. Tweet with Carla @joncarlasmile

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December 29, 2016 |

Seven Wedding Rings Trends for 2017

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By Alfred Ardis

Fashion-forward brides know that there’s more to wedding rings than a simple gold band. While this is the traditional look, others brides may opt for a piece that fits their personal aesthetic. Since this is a piece of jewelry that is worn every day, it makes sense to choose something the wearer adores. Here are a few of the most exciting new trends for this meaningful piece of jewelry for 2017 and beyond.

1. Rose Gold

This romantic metal has been a runway staple for a few years now. These wedding rings recently gained traction when Lauren Conrad chose this option. Rose gold is a welcome alternative to the standard silver or gold. As a bonus, the warm hue is flattering on most skin tones. Couples can use it alone or mix it with other metals for a popular two-tone effect.

2. Pave Diamonds

Brides and grooms alike can add sparkle to an otherwise dull band with pave diamonds, tiny stones set close together and covering either the surface of the band or just specific areas as an accent. While white diamonds are a perennial favorite, other colors and stones are becoming popular as well.

3. Stackable Bands

These thin diamond bands are designed to be worn one on top of the other along with the engagement ring. Some couples opt to purchase several stackable bands at once, while others add to their collection to commemorate special occasions like an anniversary or the birth of a child.

4. Five-Stone Setting

Although eternity bands were once the hottest trend for newly married couples, they can also be expensive. Five-stone versions are a simpler, elegant alternative that features five stones centered on a plain band. Perfect for brides with a more refined aesthetic. Those who still prefer an eternity band may want to look at shared-prong settings, which increase the brilliance of the diamonds by minimizing the metal while still holding the stones securely in place.

5. Vintage-Inspired Styles

Some retro-style brides may opt for actual vintage pieces. Others may choose modern versions of old favorites that incorporate elements from classic styles of years past. To get this look, shop for delicate detailing like minimal scrolls, filigree engraving, and delicate raised edges.

6. Spacing Between Bands

Tradition once dictated that space between the engagement ring and wedding band was to be avoided at all costs. Some brides would even weld their sets together. These days, space is sought after, with fashionable ladies looking to replicate the look popularized by Mariah Carey. Avoid a matched set when looking for an eclectic style to turns heads.

7. Unusual Materials

Shiny gold, silver, and platinum metals have long been the law of the land when it comes to wedding rings, but these days there are more materials than ever from which to choose. Think wood, stone, and even bone, along with traditional metals with the unusual twist of a matte or textured finish. These are especially popular when it comes to the groom’s ring.

To learn more about their options for wedding rings, Columbus, OH residents should visit

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Engraved Wedding Bands

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By Richa Khandel

Exchanging rings on the wedding day marks the union of two people in love. Selecting rings for the special day requires both time and money. Many couples prefer to have their wedding rings engraved. It gives your wedding band a unique appeal and perfectly expresses your love for one another.

Engraving is the most effective way of giving your wedding ring a personalized touch. Engraved rings are a perfect symbol of love and faithfulness shared and cherished by two people. Traditionally, engraving was only limited to initials; but modern jewellers have given endless engraving options to couples. There are different kinds of sentiments that you can engrave on your wedding ring. The popular ones include:

– Romantic poetry or any other personalized romantic message that a couple wants to remember forever.

– Important dates like the wedding date, birth date, proposal date or the date on which they first met.

– Initials or full names of both the bride and the groom.

– Words like ‘forever in love’, ‘only yours’, ‘I love you’, ‘eternal love’.

– Any other event that holds a place of importance in the couple’s life.

– Symbols like heart, flower or cupid.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the ring fits you well. Another important thing to consider is the type of ring. Not all rings can be engraved. You need to consider a ring which is wide enough to present a clear view of the text. It is important that the message or text written on the ring should be clear and readable. Double check the inscription for spelling or other errors before giving it to the engraver. Also make sure that you check the engraved message properly once you receive the finished ring.

Rings used for engraving are mostly crafted out of gold, platinum or silver. These metals are malleable and can be engraved easily. It is difficult to do engraving on hard metals like titanium and tungsten.

You can select whether you want to go for a hand engraver or a company that does machine engraving. You can view samples beforehand to see what the product will look like. You can compare samples of both the type of engravings and ask questions, if any. You should also clarify the time frame and the costs involved beforehand only.

Engraving is one of the easiest ways to personalize a wedding band and give it a special meaning. It is an affordable way to make memories last forever.

You can shop for exceptionally designed wedding rings online. For more information, visit

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December 29, 2014 |

Guide On How To Wear Wedding And Engagement Rings

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By Duncan Lancer

Wedding and engagement rings are the most common; however, many people don’t know how to wear them. To guide you here are ways on how to wear the bands:

Matching bands

If the wedding and engagement rings are matching, you should wear them on the same hand. Before the wedding you should wear the engagement ring on the third finger of the left hand.

On the day of the wedding you should move the engagement ring on the hand that is closest to the heart. Traditionally this is considered to be the right hand; therefore, on the wedding day you should move the engagement ring to the third finger of the right hand.

After the wedding, you should move the engagement band to the third finger of the left hand so that it’s on the outside of the wedding band.

Non-matching bands

Since the bands are different, you should not wear them on the same hand. The right way of wearing the bands is putting the wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand and the engagement ring on the hand and finger of your choice.

This means that you can choose to wear the band on either the right or left hand. You can also wear the ring on any finger that you want.

Before the wedding day, you should wear the engagement ring on the third finger of the left hand; however, on the wedding day you should move the band to your right hand. After the ceremony you should insert the engagement band into the right guard and wear it on the same finger as the wedding ring.


These are tips on how to wear wedding and engagement bands. In some cases couples find it necessary to have an eternity ring. If you are wondering what an eternity band is, this is a ring that serves as a symbol of continued love between the husband and wife. In most cases, it’s given as an anniversary present or after the birth of a child.

Unlike wedding bands, these bands usually don’t have standard settings or stones and their actual composition relies on the decision of the giver.

If your husband decides to give you an eternity ring, you should wear it on the third finger of the left hand. This means that you should wear it together with the wedding and engagement bands. If the two bands are too wide, you can wear the eternity band on any other finger of your choice.

We are a store with many types of matching rings for couples therefore if you are looking for matching couples jewelry you should look no further than our website.

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December 22, 2014 |

Men’s Wedding Rings: Choosing a Metal by Wedding Ring Guy

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The man’s wedding ring tends to be the more difficult purchase in many ways when compared to the lady’s option. While it might take a while to choose from an array of ladies rings, it is often the groom’s ring that poses more initial obstacles. In many cases, men approach the table with much less understanding and perception on the variables of different rings. While some are happy to be led in the process by their often more familiar partners, it is always wise to choose a sensible metal that meets practicality as well as the design. Durability, intended wear and even hair and eye color can have an impact on the best metal in any given case, but there are arguably a few metal types that prove most popular amongst men’s wedding rings shoppers.

Gold Men’s Wedding Rings

Perhaps the most popular metal for males, gold seems to an evergreen option for those with a more straightforward idea of how their ring should look. Gold is a soft metal, and as such it is susceptible to scratching and discoloration over the years – particularly amongst those that intend to wear their ring daily and those that use their hands frequently in the course of work, sport or their free time. However, its elegant simplicity means it remains a keen favorite amongst male ring buyers everywhere, with a diversity of stylish designs available in gold.

Platinum Men’s Wedding Rings

Platinum has become an increasingly visible presence in men’s wedding rings design in recent years, favored over silver for being a more hardwearing, durable metal. Platinum offers a stunning appearance and an unparalleled density, with most jewelry-grade platinum over 90% pure. Especially for men’s rings, the need for durability tends to be more of a practical consideration than anything else, to help ensure longevity and preserve the lifespan of the ring. One thing to note is that wedding rings in platinum will cost considerably more than wedding rings in gold, because of the density and the relative values of both metals.

Titanium Men’s Wedding Rings

Titanium has risen to become a serious player in the men’s rings market, preferred for its strength and relative lightweight feel. Titanium is as durable as it gets, and many men choose this robust silver-colored metal for their wedding band for practical as well as style reasons. Those who do physical labor or intensive hobbies know just how much stress this can put on the hands, and for those that intend to give their wedding ring a daily outing under these circumstances, titanium can seem like a natural choice.

Tungsten Men’s Wedding Rings

For the ultimate low-maintenance ring, tungsten represents a solid, hardwearing choice. Whereas other rings can become scratched and dulled with age, tungsten cannot be scratched in the same way and retains much of its character and color as it gets older. Tungsten produces rings which are heavy, but anecdotally the additional weight is often more comfortable for male wearers. is an e-commerce venture specializing in wedding rings and bands made out of 14K and 18K Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Tungsten, Cobalt, Stainless Steel and Silver. They work directly with factories and pass on the savings to you. The site offers very liberal return policies of 30-90 days and also offers Lifetime Replacement Guarantees on some of their rings. Browse a fantastic selection of men’s wedding rings at

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Ten tips For Choosing Your Wedding Rings by Michael Freedman P.J.Dip

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Preparing for a wedding can be a busy time with so much to arrange. Perhaps the most important purchase is the wedding rings, as most of the other details, the flowers, the cake the music band etc. are all gone the next day. However the wedding rings remain as an eternal shining reminder of your love and of this special day.

This is an in-depth guide intended to help you choose the right rings for you and your partner and also provide you with the background knowledge to find the right wedding rings for you online.

1) Don’t leave it to the last minute.

With so many things to arrange for the wedding, many couples will leave the wedding rings purchase to the last minute. However this could mean you have insufficient time to order the rings you like best. Some rings can take 4-6 weeks to order, especially if you require bespoke hand-made rings or a shaped ladies ring, but even many standard designs can take 2-4 weeks to order. Also if you ordered a ring and it arrived in the wrong size it may need to get sent back and replaced or sized, which could take more time.

You may also need plenty of time to look around and see what is available and make the right decision, so plan this purchase well in advance of the wedding, ideally at least three months before your special day.

2) Decide on your budget.

Decide on your maximum budget before you buy, but bear in mind the metals you would like as the cost of the rings will depend largely on the choice of metals and whether or not they are diamond set.

In addition the wedding rings are arguably the most important wedding purchase and it is a good idea to be sure to have sufficient budget for the rings you want. It would be unwise to spend most of the budget on the cake and flowers etc. which will be gone the day after the wedding and compromise on your choice of rings, which will be the eternal reminder of this day.

3) Matching wedding bands or individual.

Many couples now like to purchase matching wedding rings, and many varieties are available. However in making this decision, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, do you both like the same style or same colour of metal? Often men and ladies have different tastes in wedding ring styles and choosing matching bands could mean one partner compromising on what they like. This is probably not a good idea as each person should enjoy wearing their wedding ring. For instance many men now like to buy titanium and zirconium wedding rings, which are hard-wearing, matt finished and understated whereas ladies tend to prefer bright shiny metals.

Also the choice of the ladies wedding ring is often made to match with the engagement ring, and may need to be shaped to fit.
As a general rule, I would suggest that if you have different taste in the style of wedding ring you like, you should each choose an individual ring that appeals to you. However if you both fall in love with the same style and it will also match with the engagement ring then why not choose a matching pair.

4) Choose the metal for your wedding ring.

There are many possible precious metals to choose from for your wedding ring, the most popular are 9ct 14ct and 18ct white, yellow or rose gold, platinum and palladium.
The ladies wedding ring will usually be the same metal as the engagement ring as, they are likely to be worn together. The same metal will match best in appearance and should avoid any issues with one ring wearing over time due to differences in hardness of the metals.

When jewellery is made from precious metals, usually alloys are used. An alloy is a metal which is a combination of the precious metal and other metals. If pure gold or silver were used for jewellery, they would be very soft, this hardness would not be ideal for most jewellery purposes. Therefore alloys are used to give different colours and working properties and to keep down the cost of the metal.

Gold is generally available in the UK in 9ct 14ct and 18ct purity standards This carat value refers to the amount of gold which is in the alloy. 24ct gold is pure gold, therefore 9ct is 9/24 and 18ct is 18/24 gold. This can also be expressed in parts/thousand – 9ct is 375 parts/thousand 18ct is 750 parts/thousand of gold. Yellow and rose gold alloys are usually made by adding copper and zinc to the gold, more copper is added for rose gold to produce a deeper reddish colour. White gold is made by adding silver for 9ct or palladium for 18ct.

As white gold is really yellow gold with the addition of white metals, the alloy may be slightly yellowish in colour, therefore white gold is often plated on the surface with rhodium metal (rhodium plating), which is a hard naturally white metal. Unfortunately rhodium platings will wear off every year or two and will require regular re-plating. In the long term this can be expensive and actually over time platinum which is naturally white and does not require re-plating is likely to work out cheaper. However natural white gold can now be purchased (white gold without any plating), these vary in colour, some have a slight yellowish tinge, but there are some which are now fairly white, however they can not be as bright a white as platinum or palladium.

Platinum is the most precious of all metals, it is said to be pure, rare and eternal. The purity refers to the purity of the alloy, generally 950 parts per thousand pure as opposed to 750 parts/thousand for 18ct gold. Because of this high purity platinum is very kind to the skin. No-one is allergic to precious metals (gold, platinum & silver), the metal allergies some people encounter are caused by a skin reaction to the other metals which can be found in the alloys. Platinum is also very rare it is estimated to be around thirty two times as rare as gold, though it is only a little over twice the price of 18ct gold. Finally platinum is called an eternal metal as it is hard wearing and does not lose metal when scratched, unlike silver and gold. This allows it to be re-polished after years of wear to restore it’s appearance.

Palladium is a newer precious metal which is now hallmarked in Britain. It is one of the platinum group of metals and is naturally white in colour. Palladium is also light and fairly hard wearing and has become a very popular choice for wedding rings as it is less expensive than 18ct white gold and will not require re-plating.

Many men nowadays are less fond of the shiny appearance of precious metals, or they may require a harder wearing metal if they work with their hands. This has made industrial metals such as titanium, zirconium and tungsten carbide popular choices for men. Titanium and zirconium are light, non-allergenic and extremely hard-wearing. Zirconium is black in colour and titanium is generally either a shiny white or a greyish colour, it may also be coated black or various colours can be achieved without coatings. Tungsten Carbide is the hardest metal known to man, it is scratch proof and very heavy.

The best way to find the right metal for you is to try rings on in various metals and see which metals you like the look of and that suit your skin tone and your budget.

5) Choose your ring width

The choice of ring width can be influenced by a number of different factors, such as the size of your hands, personal preference and the cost of the metal.

In general the ladies wedding ring will be about the same width as the engagement ring, which is usually two to three millimeters in width. Often ladies will also wear a third ring on the same finger, the eternity ring. This ring is usually purchased after the first year of marriage or after the birth of the first baby. Therefore, when choosing the wedding ring it may be a good idea to leave enough room on the finger to add an eternity ring later.

The most popular widths for gent’s rings are five to six millimeters. Some men particularly men with large hands may like a wedding ring up to ten millimeters wide. It is not common for men to choose a width of less than four millimeters.

Sometimes a particular width will be required if a large diamond is set in the ring, in order to accommodate the width and depth of the diamond within the band.

Plain bands are also available in various depths or thicknesses, usually described as light, medium and heavyweight. When purchasing a precious metal, particularly with platinum, the choice of width and thickness will have a massive bearing on the price as the cost of the ring is determined by the amount of precious metal.

6) Wedding ring style.

There are a huge variety of wedding ring styles to choose from. The most popular style is still the plain wedding ring, which is classic and never dates. However plain wedding rings now come in many profiles and you may wish to try on different shapes and widths to see what appeals to you. The main shapes are explained below, some of these shapes also come in light, medium or heavy-weight.

Court Shape – Rounded inside and outside (the rounded inside is known as a comfort-fit and makes the ring comfortable to wear, this also makes the ring slightly heavier and deeper than the D Shape).

D Shape – From a side view this ring is shaped like a D, the flat edge goes over the finger and it looks rounded on the outside (similar to the appearance of the court shape when worn). The D Shape is generally less comfortable than a court shape, however it is less expensive as it contains less metal. D Shape rings are also usually less deep and can therefore often fit under the diamond of an engagement ring better.

Flat Edge – This ring has a flat edge on the outside. The inside which goes over the finger may also be flat edged (shape is called flat flat) or comfort fit (shape is called flat court).

Other Plain Band Shapes – There are also other newer plain band shapes such as concave or flat with bevelled edges and D Court (halfway between a D Shape and a Court) etc. The best idea is to try on or look at many different styles and choose what appeals to you. If in doubt it is hard to go wrong with the classic traditional D Shape or Court Shape.

If you would like something more unusual, there are many other alternatives to the classic plain wedding band, including two-tone (bi-colour) rings (usually two-tone rings are white and yellow gold), celtic knotwork rings, russian wedding rings and various designer wedding rings with interesting patterns or textures. It is worth considering, when purchasing a textured ring, that most textures can come off with years of wear and return to shiny, however the finish can usually be restored by a good jeweller.

7) Handmade, Shaped or Bespoke Design Wedding Rings.

When the ladies engagement ring is an unusual shape, or a twist design or if it has a large diamond or unusual shaped diamond, it is often necessary to have a wedding ring specially made to fit with the engagement ring. These shaped wedding rings can be purchased ready made in various designs. However it is often very difficult to find one that will be an exact match for an unusual engagement ring. Many will fit fairly well, but usually some gaps will remain or the bands will not fit together properly. Some off the shelf shaped rings fit well, but are lacking in design features or don’t look good when worn without the engagement ring. For these type of wedding rings bespoke jewellery design can be ideal.

A jewellery designer can consult with you and design a unique wedding band to fit exactly together with your engagement ring, without leaving any gap. Although a one-off hand-made ring will be more expensive, it is a unique piece and many customers will enjoy taking part in the design process. Jewellery designers often have computer design software that will allow them to show you a computer image of how the ring will look before actually making the ring, alternatively some can make a mock ring in silver to show the style before making the real ring.

However bespoke design is not only for shaped wedding rings, if you want a ring made which is unique and individual and designed the way you want it, this is the best option. Bear in mind that this will often cost over double the price of a similar mass produced ring.

8) Diamond set or plain bands.

The plain wedding band is still the most popular style of wedding ring. However many ladies and in recent years more and more men, like to have a diamond or diamonds set in the ring.

Eternity rings and half eternity rings have become very popular choices for ladies wedding rings, particularly if the engagement ring is diamond set on the shoulders. It is worth noting that full eternity rings, where the diamonds are set all the way around the band, cannot be sized later, so a half eternity ring is often a more sensible choice. If the engagement ring has diamonds on the shoulders a half eternity can often be found with the same type and setting of diamonds which go the same distance around the band, which will match beautifully with the engagement ring.

When choosing matching bands it is often popular to have the ladies set with a diamond and the man’s without, however some couples will have both rings diamond set. Many men also like to have a diamond set in their wedding band, even when choosing a titanium ring.

9) Have your fingers measured.

It is very important to have your fingers professionally measured before purchasing wedding rings, particularly if you are going to purchase online.

Many websites offer a sizing strip you can print off cut out and place around the finger. However this method of sizing can be very inaccurate. The finger size can also vary depending on the weather with fingers expanding slightly in hotter weather. A professional jeweller, will take many factors into account when measuring a finger and ordering a ring, such as the current weather, and the width and profile of the ring being ordered. It may be worth having fingers sized on a few occasions to be sure the sizing has been done correctly and the ring will be comfortable in different weather, or with hands hot or cold.

This is one advantage to buying from a jewellers shop instead of online, as the jeweller will measure the fingers as part of the service and take responsibility for the finger sizes he has advised if the rings are ordered. With many websites if the customer determines the finger size and asks for the ring to be specially made, the website cannot take responsibility for wrong sizes being ordered and will not bear the cost of re-sizing.

The shape of our fingers is also a factor as some people have more prominent knuckles. When the knuckle is larger than the finger, the best size is the smallest size which will comfortably fit over the knuckle. Otherwise the ring will look too big and be uncomfortable when it is worn. Some people’s fingers are larger past the knuckle and for this finger shape, it is important that the ring is tight enough that it cannot slip off and be lost.

Some people who have problems with arthritis or have broken their finger in the past, may consider purchasing a type of ring that has a hinge and closes over the finger, so it does not need to go over the knuckle, the hinge is well hidden in these rings and is not noticeable. However this type of ring can be expensive and hard to find.

UK finger sizes are measured by letters of the alphabet and also half sizes (e.g. M1/2) these are usually measured by the leading edge of the ring, this is the extent to which the leading edge of a ring travels up a jewellers sizing stick. However, usually, wide rings will be measured by the centre of the ring and some jewellers use this method for all ring widths. It is therefore worth checking whether a finger measurement is a centre or leading edge measurement.

Different countries use different sizing scales for measuring rings, for example the UK sizes are different to the system used in most of Europe, and the USA uses another scale again. Sizing conversion charts are available on the internet, which show how to convert ring sizes of one country to the same size from another sizing system.

10) Shop around before you buy, then make your purchase.

With so many styles to choose from and places to buy, it’s a good idea to look around for the best designs and lowest prices. The main decision is whether to buy from a jewellers shop or to buy online.

Generally jewellery shops should provide a high level of service, they will be happy to measure your fingers and will usually have knowledgeable employees who can help you decide on the right style and metal to choose and also answer any questions you have.

Online shops can often offer a wider range of styles as they can put the full product ranges of various ring makers on their website without holding all styles widths and sizes in stock. In addition as the costs of running a jewellery business online are much lower than a high street jewellery shop, the prices of the rings tend to be considerably lower.

Many customers now go to jewellers shops to try on some ring styles and have their fingers measured, but then buy online to take advantage of the lower prices on offer.

When you have decided on your choice of metal, style, width and design, accurately measured your finger sizes and shopped around to find the best place to buy, you can make your purchase with the confidence that you have found the right ring for you at the right price. Your wedding ring will be an eternal reminder of this truly special occasion.

This article was written by Michael Freedman P.J.Dip from Ogham Wedding Rings UK

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Choosing Wedding Rings by George Meszaros

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Wedding rings may or may not be selected the same time the engagement ring is purchased. The bride and groom usually mutually select wedding rings. Buying the wedding rings is a serious purchase, and it should be done with careful consideration. While the engagement ring is often a surprise purchase, the bride and groom make the purchase of the wedding rings together.

Brides and grooms often choose matching wedding rings. The groom’s ring is usually wider and heavier than the bride’s. Wedding bands are mostly made of yellow or white gold, but platinum is also popular. Platinum is very durable, but heavier than gold. If you want to have a platinum ring, be ready that it will be heavier than a gold ring.

Rings can take many different shapes and designs. A narrow ring is better fitting for a small hand than wider ring. A wide wedding band would be great for someone with longer fingers and a larger hand. You won’t know until you see it. Make sure you try several different thicknesses. The most important characteristic of a wedding ring is comfort. Since you will be wearing it most of the time, you should make sure that it is comfortable. If you buy a ring that is too wide or too narrow or too heavy, you will not enjoy wearing it.

In an attempt to personalize them, wedding rings are often engraved with dates and names. In addition, wedding rings are often engraved with inscriptions such as “Truly, Madly, Deeply” and “Love Always.” Before you decide on the inscription, make sure you understand how many characters will fit on the rings.

While wedding rings were usually simple gold bands in the past, they have become more ornate jewels in the present. Wedding rings can be any carat. In some countries wedding bands are mostly 22 carat, while other countries favor 18-carat gold.

If you are more adventurous, you and your fiancée may opt for a tattooed wedding ring. As it is true with tattoos in general, they are permanent, So, if there is any chance of you outgrowing the need to have a ring tattooed on your finger, you may want to pass on this one.

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Inscribing Your Wedding Rings by Marlon Dirk

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A wedding ring is meant to last the rest of your life, and therefore having inscriptions on the inside of your wedding ring is a wonderful way to show your love. A personalized inscription can be anything from a personal quote, to a simple I love you, but the important thing is to make it personal.

It’s important before you decide on what to inscribed on your wedding ring that you have it appraised by a jeweler. Let them know that you would like to inscribed something on the interior, and ask them their opinion. Some rings will hold an inscription better than others, and some have more room. It’s important to seek professional help when you decide on whether to inscribe, where to inscribe, and how much to inscribe on your wedding ring.

You may want to choose just to initial the ring, a simple inscription that can last for the rest of the ring’s life. Something simple such as initials take up very little room, and can never be embarrassing. It’s also a great way to have your ring handed down through the generations with the initials, they’ll never forget whose ring it was originally.

A nice gesture that can become an intimate surprise, and a wedding ring inscription can be done before the ring is given or when the ring goes in for cleaning, and then it’s a nice surprise for your loved one to discover that you’ve personalized their wedding ring.

Be sure that you use a qualified professional to inscribe your ring. Engraving is a delicate process and the content of the ring as far as gold, platinum, sterling silver or other metals need to be taken into account when engraving, what works for one type of metal may not work on another.

Another nice gesture is to have the dates along with the initials inscribed in your ring. This again, is something to help as the ring is handed down through the generations and becomes a monument to not only your wedding day but also your marriage

Of course, the other type of engraving is extremely personal including pet names, favorite quotes, or a simple way of saying hello or goodbye. Personal quotes can be extremely intimate, make sure that anything inscribed on the interior of your wedding ring is never, no matter how old you get, going to be embarrassing to your spouse

Inscriptions on the interior of your wedding ring can be a very personal and intimate occasion. You can have it done at any time while you own your ring, and can make it a surprise by having it done while the ring is in for cleaning. Make sure the quote is never going to be an embarrassment and makes a statement on your wedding ring that can last for generations.

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Engagement rings VS Wedding rings by adenparker

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Let’s be honest: a wedding without a ring is hard to imagine. First of all, it’s very uncommon for a wedding to no include rings. And those rings can’t be just a set of shiny things. But is that wedding ring the same ring you get during the proposal?

The Vena Amori
So, why do you wear a ring at all? When you’re engaged it’s simply to show others that you are engaged to be married in the near future. In other words: you’re taken. The ring that you get each other during your marriage replaces the one you got while proposing. Though sometimes it compliments the engagement ring. That choice is yours to make. Approximately three centuries BC the ancient Greeks decided that fourth finger of a hand is connected to the heart via a vein running through it. This vein was called Vena Amori, the vein of love. And with a ring around that finger your marriage is bound to succeed. Although nowadays the choice it yours on which finger you wear your ring. There’s no law!

From friendship to marriage
As said there’s an engagement ring prior to the wedding ring. And this is not just a regular ring. The engagement ring consists of a setting with a nice, shiny diamond. That diamond (and therefore the ring) is customizable to your own taste. That way you can make your engagement ring as unique and special as your engagement itself. In some cases the engagement ring is sort of like a friendship ring. But this is more something young couples do to save money for a real ring.

Which ring on which finger?
You choose yourself! Nowadays it doesn’t matter one bit on which finger or which hand you wear your engagement rings. But in the past it was a pretty big deal. All thanks to religion, of course. It was common that only the woman wears an engagement ring and during the wedding that engagement ring stayed on the left hand while a wedding ring was shoved onto the right hand. For Catholics it was the other way round. In modern times it’s merely a choice of what suits you best. And it’s not just the women that wear rings during their engagement. Some couples also use their engagement rings as wedding rings, or they use a smaller one to compliment the set. Whatever you like the most works, right? It’s your engagement, wedding and relationship. So fill it in the way you want!

Ring after the wedding
So when the wedding is over, you no longer need your engagement ring. Hello from eBay! No, just kidding. A lot of women keep wearing that engagement ring. And sometimes it actually becomes the wedding ring. Or it’s engraved or a little diamond is set in. There are so many options and choices that only one thing truly counts: whatever you want and feels best! That’s the main thing, right? Your love, your life, your rules. Enjoy it your way!

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Deciphering the Four C’s When Buying Diamond Wedding Rings by Wedding Ring Guy

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When it comes to wedding rings, diamonds are the traditional choice. Many women have grown up dreaming of owning diamond wedding rings and unless you know your girlfriend prefers another stone, you are sure to impress her by proposing with a beautiful diamond.

Choosing diamond wedding rings can be tricky, so here are the four C’s that you need to keep in mind:


The first C stands for colour. Many people don’t realize that diamonds come in a range of different colours, including pink, yellow and white. They are graded on a scale from D to Z, with D being the rarest colourless diamonds which are the most expensive. The most popular types of diamond wedding rings are white diamonds, but your fiancé might prefer a diamond with a little bit of colour to it.


The next C stands for clarity, which refers to the number of imperfections that the diamond has. Diamond wedding rings with no imperfections will be very expensive, so you might have to choose a diamond with a few “inclusions” which are tiny fractures or other minerals in them.

Clarity is measured on a scale and your best bet is to find a diamond in the S11 and S12 range of the scale. These diamonds will have inclusions but they will be too small to see with the naked eye. However, never choose a stone which has inclusions on the top or in the middle, as this will have a negative impact on the dispersion of light and make the stone less brilliant.

Carat Weight

Another factor in diamond wedding rings is the carat weight, which describes the weight of the diamond. The heavier the diamond is, the more you will end up paying. Carat weight is not necessarily the most important, as a master jeweler can cut and mount a diamond so that it looks larger than its carat weight.


Last but definitely not least, the final C refers to the cut of the diamond. While all of the other factors are determined by nature, this factor is affected by the diamond cutter. A skilled jeweler will be able to cut a diamond in a way that shows off its maximum beauty. It should reflect light from one facet to another in order to project the light out from the top of the stone, which is what will make it sparkle.

Cut is one of the most important factor when choosing a diamond. A poorly cut diamond can be of good quality but can still look lackluster because it leaks light through the bottom. Even if you choose a diamond with a fantastic colour, clarity and carat, if the cut is not skillful it will not look its best.

Dan Globus has been a wedding jewelry insider since 2003. After working with numerous top jewelry design companies, he expanded his own operations and opened his own store, He loves to educate buyers on all aspects of jewelry shopping in order to make their decisions the right ones for them.

Article Source: Deciphering the Four C’s When Buying Diamond Wedding Rings

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