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Guarantee That Wedding Pictures Look Gorgeous

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By Irene Gutierrez

Clothes that fit

Make sure that all of the clothing fits properly. Clothing that is too loose can easily make a thin person look overweight and will look sloppy, but clothing that is too tight can make it appear as though some members of the wedding party are a bit on the heavier side. When guests look at wedding photos, it is one of the first things that will be noticed.

Instead of dealing with wardrobe malfunctions, soon to be brides are advised to put aside money for dresses and custom shirts, and then get them a month or so before the big day arrives to guarantee that they still fit properly. Most businesses can give an accurate price estimate to ensure that wedding couples have the correct amount of money put back.


A few key accessories can really make a wedding picture pop. Instead of just black and white, add in a pop of colour with a baby blue silk tie or handkerchief. Other ways to add colour to a wedding portrait include:

• Colourful ties look great against a white made to measure shirt

• A silk handkerchief in the pocket of a made to measure shirt

• Cummerbunds in coordinating colours

• A patterned vest

• Chequered socks

Accessorising is not just for the men. Women can dress up even more with curly hair, golden bun holders, and made to measure accessories. For beach weddings, check out the made to measure tote style bags, and for more elegant weddings, a silk hair accessory is the perfect touch.

Colour Coordinate

When couples let the wedding party buy their own attire, it can save a lot of money. On the other hand, it can also result in one person having a baby blue tie and another with a dark blue tie. Instead, take the time to select a tailoring company that specialises in made to measure shirts and accessories, and then send the entire wedding party to the same business. Speak with the owners first to make sure that everyone is on the same page, and that everyone looks the same. Whether it’s custom designed shirts or the colour of a silk handkerchief, it can make the world of difference when it comes time to take pictures.

By guaranteeing that a photographer has the experience and knowledge necessary and paying attention to the minor details, such as investing in some made to measure shirts and key coordinating accessories, every bride will wind up with pictures that will make them smile from ear to ear instead of being horrified when it comes time to pick out which pictures will make it into the wedding album. There will always be a few pictures that are taken at a less than desirable angle or that one person does not look perfect in, but there should also be more good pictures than bad ones. Following these tips will give every bride the peace of mind that they need to simply trust their photographer to take an album full of fantastic photos.

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Medida has previous experience working with individuals to make their clothing design dreams become a reality as well as larger parties, such as weddings. Tailoring services are also available for individuals that would simply like a garment or two adjusted. Visit Us:

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5 Tips for Perfect Wedding Photos

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By Leo Eigenberg

Every bride and groom wants gorgeous wedding photos, so it makes sense to invest the time and effort to carefully find the right photographer. So many things on the big day will be fleeting, such as the music, the flowers, and the cake, but the photos will become a permanent reminder. Let’s look at a few useful tips for working with and finding the perfect wedding photographer:

Plan early

Do your homework early and start the search to find a photographer about 12 months before the date of the wedding. Get personal referrals from other recently wed couples or browse blogs or websites online. Try to view online portfolios or picture galleries to get a full sense of the different style and quality offered. While it is nice to see a few of the highlighted pictures on a website, it is best to see a full album in person before deciding on whom to use.

Think critically

In the process of looking at the review photographs it helps to think critically and decide whether the most important moments have been captured. The photos should have the people looking completely relaxed and not spooked. Everyone should be in focus and thoughtful composition used. Also, the type of shots taken or poses should match your particular needs.

Organize a meeting

It is different to fully evaluate the qualities of a photographer simply by looking at review shots. After compiling a short list of 2 or 3 people and confirming they are available for the big day and within your price range, it is time to organize a face to face meeting, However, if that isn’t possible there may be the option of having a video chat. While having the chat you should be able to feel comfortable and relaxed because this person will be around for most of the wedding day and also interacting with your guests.

Check packages

Most of the photographers offer different levels of services, so it is important to check what is actually included. A major point is the number of hours the photographer will spend at the wedding and reception. A typical service is in the region of eight hours, but for those that need longer, it helps to find out if this is available.

Make a shot list

By preparing a reasonable size shot list it is possible to guarantee that the most important photographs are taken on the big day. To increase the likelihood of capturing the right shots it can benefit to have a member of the wedding party help orchestrate the guests. Also, the shot list should include things like taking the color or black and white photos, as well as the preferred background to be captured.

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Wedding Photography / Video – Simple But Important Information to Optimize Your Destination Wedding

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By Roger J Curley

Sure it’s OK to bring your own video camcorder to your Dream Destination Wedding; but before you assign a Loved One to be stuck watching your entire Dream Wedding through the camera’s tiny peep-hole… Consider This!

More often than not, that Loved one is not a professional and may not even get the thing turned on and recording, I’ve also seen numerous times the battery dies out or the memory chip runs out of space part way into the Ceremony.

The times the video is recorded, the tiny microphones built into most camcorders, iPhones or tablets can’t clearly pick up the softly spoken personal, heartfelt vows unless the camcorder is placed Obtrusively close to the Ceremony which also spoils the otherwise fabulous High Resolution still shots being taken.

Most couples tend to speak their Heartfelt Vows in a soft intimate voice, so using a Clip-on Wireless microphone ensures the best clarity while the Minister’s Ceremony, Conch Shell Blessing, Flute Blessings & the wonderful sound of the ocean is picked up perfectly with an Audiophile quality microphone. We highly recommend covering up this mic or any other obtrusive gear that needs to be placed in the Ceremony view with a mix of tropical flowers & foliage.

One consideration that seems to get overlooked with every wedding that does not include video is, the Ceremony Audio is often way more precious than most would expect! The Heartfelt vows, the quivering emotional little voice, sniffing back a tear, the relief of the “I do’s”, not to mention when couples have worked out special things to say adding to the vows and making truly a “one of a kind” True Love Story–like this Amazing line – “I only wish I could kiss you for each time my heart beats”. Wow, that’s sure to raise the bar for the ‘Romantically Challenged!’

Also consider whether you would like to have your otherwise grand professional pictures of the darling wedding couple with the priceless Destination Island views sort of ‘compromised’ by having a bevy of camera toting guests in the picture!

Oh sure, it’s cute to have Auntie Eagle-Eye workin’ a tablet video camera only to be forever captured as a headless wedding embodiment… just an iPad with a body in every picture at just about every camera angle – This is highly distracting. Hire a professional wedding videographer and let All your loved ones enjoy your Destination Dream Wedding on the Beach… and get better still shot photography as well!

A lot of still shots will capture all the honorary guests, whether or not they are hiding behind a camera or worse, the huge tablet video camera. If you would rather see their lovely faces instead of ‘camera holding human tri-pods’… Let your guest know they should take only an occasional shot & not stand there the entire ceremony behind a camera.

Be very aware of what the ‘not cheap’ Professional Photographer is shooting at so as not to compromise otherwise priceless pix with a highly distracting ‘Scene Killer’ view of an amateur videography “artist”.

It’s fine to have a loved one shoot video, but they need to become more of a ‘Camera Crew’ & less of a guest in attendance. They will need to coordinate their shots with the Professional Photographer – this way they both get great shots.

When getting both video and still shot photography, inquire about having a Photo Fusion Video created from the enhanced High Resolution wedding Highlight images. With professional high-res pictures, you can draw focus to inspiring details by zooming in, then out and panning… The moving picture that is created is a very unique production that brings great still shots to an even greater perspective. These Photo Fusion Videos can be edited into the regular video to create a longer version of the main wedding video, but often both the main wedding video and the photo Fusion Video stand on their own perfectly well. When showing these at a reception, it is best to have two shorter videos than one big one since attention spans decrease exponentially with each drink!

If at all possible, scout your perspective wedding locations beforehand at the same time of day as the wedding will be. The best video camera angle will be ‘the sun’s view’ so that the subjects are being nicely lit by the sun that’s close to directly behind the video camera. You’ll want to take note how the background looks with these considerations. Most people choose a great sunset beach for their wedding expecting glorious off shore views as the background of the video, but on west-facing beaches the video would then be pointing directly AT the sun with the wedding party subjects reduced to just dark shadows contrasted with an overblown sun that hasn’t set yet. With photography you can use powerful flashes shot closer up and heavy Photoshop to tame the brights & bring out the shadows, but most wedding Videos don’t normally use big production flood lights to spoil the romantic vibe and aggressive highlight/shadow modifications to video can easily add un-desirable side effects; so it is imperative that the video camera is positioned with the sun close to directly behind it.

Another aspect of wedding videos that is certainly overlooked is the Aerial Videos with remote-controlled un-manned ‘quad-copters’. This is still very new but rapidly gaining popularity. The main reason for having a destination wedding is because it’s so beautiful. Still shots and ground video capture the intimate close up detail of the wedding party and their view of the wedding site’s natural beauty, but the ‘Jaw Dropping’ Awe-inspiring views from above are breathless! The ‘quad’ can elegantly fly smoothly by the wedding party and rises to expose the dynamic beauty of the shoreline with rocky outcrops and clear turquoise water. These flying camera views are for the most part ‘never seen before’ and the real helicopters would not be able to get in that low to people.

If you hire a professional photographer that is there to capture every emotion and offer lots pictures there is no need for a beautiful wedding party to morph into a presidential press release event; just make sure your photographer will be shooting and offering ‘many to all’ the pictures taken to include something for everyone. Plus, most technically hip photographers offer to post the highlights on Facebook right away so this should take care of everybody in the wedding party trying to take their own pictures to post on Facebook. Let the professional photography pick out the highlights and apply the standard enhancements and post to Facebook, the entire wedding party is encouraged to jump in and tell all their friends by sharing the wedding highlights.

All of these tips are highly recommended to consider before hiring your destination wedding photographer and videographer. You can certainly have all of these amenities for a fraction of the cost that you would previously imagine. The average cost of a US wedding is over $30,000.

For just over $1,000 you can get your Dream Destination Maui Beach Wedding with Professional Photography/Video, music, flowers and “Aunty Eagle-Eye” can enjoy the wedding too! No more headless embodiments! Visit our website for further details.

If you will be having a Destination Wedding consider coming to Maui, our Tropical Island Beach Weddings are great all year long. Contact the Maui Marrying Muse for all your Maui Destination Wedding Planning Wishes. A ‘Tried and True’ locally based Mom and Pop – One Stop Shop!

Bobbie Jo and this article’s author Roger Curley have a deep connection to the ocean and the Tropical Islands they have sailed to and lived among during their nearly 4 years of Sailing Adventures with their son Robin aboard their ‘ol 51 foot sailboat ‘Hipnautical.’

We Bring the “Spirit of the South Pacific with the Soul of Aloha” – Joining loving couples in the deepest expression of Love!

Prior to our Sailing Adventures I enjoyed the experience of a 30+ year career in Hollywood’s Film, TV and Audiophile recording industry while Bobbie Jo has been performing Harp and Vocals at Wedding Ceremonies for over 30 years as well.

We bring our highly technical photography, video and worldly experiences together for Simply Elegant Dream Weddings on a Tropical Island.

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What to Look for in a Wedding Photographer by Dave Lakins

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When you’re not a photographer, or really hugely into photography, chances are this is the first time you will have been asked to sit in judgement over a number of wedding photographs and decide which are best. Photography is so much more than just pushing a button; good photographers are just as much experts in their own field as say a surgeon is in his.

Can you separate bad images from good? Can you tell who really knows how to use their camera and get the best from it?

Also, being a Wedding Photographer especially is much more than just taking beautiful images. A good Wedding Photographer needs to be confident and relaxed on the day to know how to blend into his surroundings, to get on with everyone he works with and fully understand how a wedding works; can you spot the difference in the pictures of those photographers who do just that from the ones just going through the motions?

Maybe not, and it is important because you are hiring this person to be around and with you on the most important day of your life. He has just one go at getting it right; there is no room for error!

So here’s a quick guide to what to look for, to help you see the good from the bad:

Blown highlights do you even know what that is?

Thought not! It’s when the photographer has trouble sorting out the lighting, he focuses on the dark area of the picture the light adjusts itself which means the darker areas can be seen, but the lighter areas all get thrown together into the ‘white’ band. This means that the brightest parts of a wedding dress, for instance, will be ‘blown’ great big areas of pure white with no detail at all. A good photographer will adjust his settings for even the trickiest of lighting situations to make sure this never happens unless they want it to.

Relaxed expressions check people’s faces. Do they REALLY look like they’re having fun? Or are they smiling for the camera whilst wishing they could go and do something less boring instead?

It is helpful to check not only the bride and groom but also the friends and relations in the photos.

Spot colour this is when a picture is black and white, with one area left in colour. It’s dated, mildly tacky and unless you’re directing Schindlers List it’s considered a big no-no by Those Who Know.

Too many ‘effects’ a less-than-perfect image can be ‘fixed up’ by copious use of soft focus filters, messing with the colours, or the previously mentioned spot colour. An enthusiastic but inexperienced photographer will often over-use all the tools at his disposal on every picture. When actually they should all stand up very well with absolute minimum of interference. That’s not say effects are bad just the over use of them.

Black and Whites should be clear white and crisp black, not all grey and muted.
To make a digital image a really good black and white requires more than simply hitting the ‘desaturate’ option. A flat, grey image is usually the result of lazy or amateur processing.

Are ALL the pictures you’re seeing posed? If so, is that what you want?

Sometimes a photographer will carefully stage all images even the ‘fun’ ones. Be sure to look carefully, and assess whether the subject actually knew this image was being taken. Then see just how many of them come into that category. If they mostly do, then no matter how much they call themselves unobtrusive you’ll be spending a lot of the day turning and smiling when directed make sure this is what you want.

When it comes to your wedding photo album, do you feel that the album tells the story of the whole wedding? Can you follow the whole story of the day, or is just a series of pretty images? Which do you want for yourself?

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Wedding Photography Styles A Guide to Exquisite Wedding Photographs by Sergiy Rulikovskyy

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When it comes to a wedding party everyone wants to look their best, of course the bride and groom included. In fact the to-be-married couple would look like celebrities on that particular day. Why so? Not just because it is the most important and memorable day of their lives but also because they are going to be skillfully captured in paradisiacal moments on film that would be preserved and cherished for life. Now that you obviously know how important it is to hire the best wedding photographer to make your special day look momentous and royal on still photography you must also get acquainted with the different styles that are prominent on today’s modern wedding photography styles. Following are some of the most popular wedding photography styles used these days:

– Portrait:

This is one of the oldest styles of photography where the bride and groom and their near and dear ones who are invited to the party are made to stand together in a picture-perfect manner and asked to smile for the photos. These photos look good on walls as much as they look elegant in the wedding albums. They are just perfect and standardized with everyone giving the same attention to the photographer.

– Photojournalism:

This style of wedding photography has been adopted since the 90’s. It is modern and chic and demands a lot of skill from the photographer’s side to capture emotions and expressions that are true and right from the bottom of the heart of all the people present at the occasion. It is a story-telling portraiture that involves a lot of quick capture of expressions and movements. This style involves a lot of candid moments that you would otherwise have missed out on the D-day.

– Black and White:

Classic shots that echoes excellence in quality and ecstatic blend of tones of black, white and gray. You could always ask your photographers to have certain shots printed in these immaculate styles to add the extra zing to your wedding memories.

– Color:

Color photographs are never out of vogue, and the major reason why having color photographs that bound the natural hues of the occasion is many decades down the line you would be able to see the actual colors used in the center pieces, flowers, laces of the gown and so on.

– Action:

These are pictures that give literal action pact photo shots that have some action like dancing and twirling involved that happens during the long stretch of a wedding party. They are filled with energy and adds that excitement in the ensemble do the wedding pictures.

– Detail:

You could guide the photographer on certain details of a dress, a moment, a location or a person to be captured with the right timing in the photographs in this particular wedding photography style.

– Sepia:

Photos dipped in brown shades of antique beauty have no words that can be expressed and sweeps you off your feet in no time.

– Hand-tinted:

The entire background in hues of black and white and certain important details displayed in majestic color entails this very intriguing style of wedding photography.

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Choosing the Wedding Photography That’s Perfect for Your Big Day by crmcdonald

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The images of a couple’s wedding are, along with their memories, the most lasting memento of the happiest day of their lives. But like the reception band that hits the wrong note or the meal that doesn’t live up to expectations, so the photographs can sometimes fail to capture the special event.
That’s the reason couples can take much longer to decide on the photographer they trust with their wedding. And that’s why many photographers now offer potential clients different styles so they pick one that suits them best.

So what are those different photographic styles and why would you settle on a particular one?


The wedding party in formal poses is what best sums up traditional wedding photography. Expect shots of the bride and groom at the altar, with bridesmaids and best man, with their parents and cutting the cake. For decades this has been the most popular style of wedding photography, culminating in an album and with the happy couple providing their families with the type of wedding photo they’ll want to hang on the wall. It’s safe, although time consuming as the photographer ushers you from shot to shot, but at least you’ll know exactly what kind of pictures you get at the end of the day.


Fast replacing the traditional poses as the style of choice, documentary style photography provides the story of your big day from start to finish. Expect more naturalistic pictures, snapshots of the happy couple and guests as they enjoy the ceremony and aftermath, rather than everyone standing stiffly together. While your pictures may also come to you in album form, they are more likely to be presented in chronological order, which is a great way of showing those who missed the event what happened. If you still want a formal image to showcase the wedding, this style of photography might not suit you but it’s ideal for those less hidebound by tradition.

Modern and contemporary

This style of photography is based on the type of stylizing that is done for fashion shoots and magazine-style photography. Expect to spend a lot of time waiting for your photographer to find just the right light and background so he or she can capture the moment perfectly. While this can be a slow process, the results are rarely less than stunning and the images produced will grace any frame. The biggest downside to being pictured in this way is that as fashion changes, you might find your images date rather quickly.

The solution is to ask the wedding photographer to use a combination of all three styles and so produce an album that captures the day in a style that’s timeless.

Colin McDonald writes on behalf of Steven Brooks – Wedding Photographer London

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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before You Sign the Contract by Lizzie Mosley

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You\’ve got a list of the top wedding photographers based on recommendations and research, but now comes the hard part: entrusting one of them with the everlasting memory of your wedding. Finding the best wedding photographer for you, your family and your wedding will depend not only on your intuition, but also on how thorough you are in interviewing him or her.

You can glean a lot of information from just the first contact with the wedding photographer. This is your opportunity to ask if he or she would even be available on the day of your wedding and if so, when you can meet for a more thorough conversation. After the first contact, ask yourself these questions:

Did you like his or her personality? Did you feel comfortable talking with him/her?
Was he or she responsive and easily contactable by email or phone?
Did he or she answer all your questions clearly and thoroughly, and make you feel welcome to ask more?
Was he or she accommodating to your needs and special requests?

The face-to-face meeting is when you get to know the wedding photographer much better by interviewing him or her. Consider the following questions for your first appointment:

How long have you been in business? How many years of experience do you specifically have in wedding photography? How many weddings have you covered?
Have you covered a wedding at my venue before?
How will we receive the photos to select from? Online gallery and downloadable from the website, a photo CD or proofs?
How can I, my family and my friends order reprints?
How long after the wedding can I see the photos? How much time do I have to select the photos?
Will you be the person I\’ll be doing business with after the wedding? Will you help me select photos?
How much time will you spend at our wedding? What are your overtime fees?
Will you personally be the wedding photographer at my wedding? Do you have an assistant? What is his or her role? Can I meet him or her?
Will you be more or less invisible at the wedding or will you be making requests of the wedding party and guests?
Do you have any special packages, plans or options? Do you create wedding albums and design Thank You cards?
How can you get the most flattering shot of my face and body?
What is your cancellation policy? What if the wedding date changes?
Do you keep back-up copies of all your wedding photos?
Do you provide any guarantees on your services?
Will you be taking film or digital photos? Why? If digital, what is the resolution at which you\’ll set your camera? (Photos at 12 megapixels allow for quality enlargements).
What is your photography style? Photojournalistic (more candid shots), traditional (more posed shots), both or another style altogether?
What is your philosophy on wedding photography?
What\’s the worst wedding situation you\’ve experienced and how did you problem solve your way through it?
Are you formally educated in photography? Do you have any credentials, certifications, awards or recognitions?
How will you be dressed on the wedding day?
Can I see a full wedding album of a wedding you\’ve covered? How about one from the backroom or one that\’s going to be picked up soon?

Can we edit and enhance your wedding photos for you? At Apex Photo Retouch, we specialize in retouching bulk wedding photos for wedding photographers and newlyweds. We provide high quality, timely and accurate photo editing services. Whether we\’re retouching simple skin blemishes or removing objects from a photo, our work is always of the highest standards. Contact Apex Photo Retouch to perfect the memories of your special day.

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Wedding Photographers and Their Styles by Aynsley Kindig

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Wedding photographers can make your wedding day special, and provide you with beautiful memories to have and hold long into the future. There are several things to consider when choosing the person to make your memories. Here’s a look at just a few of them.

First, there are different photography styles. You can get an idea of the photographer’s style (and talent) by looking at his or her portfolio. They should definitely have a website for you to look through, and have sample albums when you meet.

Most photographers use several different styles when creating a wedding album. One of the most popular is the portrait style, but contemporary styles are now becoming the norm. This type of photography mixes traditional portraits with beautiful moments throughout the wedding day. Just make sure that they don’t forget to do your formal portraits!

You will of course have portraits of the bride and groom with bridal party, but other groups or individuals are often included in the portraits. Examples of portrait photos include the bride alone, the groom and best man, the bride and her bridesmaids, the parents of the bride and groom, etc. Many of these can be done before the ceremony if you have time.

You can also choose a style for the portraits when you have them printed. Popular styles include black-and-white or sepia for an old fashioned, but elegant look. With some editing, a photographer can add or subtract color to draw attention to specific areas of interest if that is something you are looking for.

Candid shots, especially in the photojournalistic style, are another type of photography that most people like. These types of shots are taken by the photographer during the wedding and the reception. They are un-posed shots that happen quickly, and don’t happen again. So, it takes a bit of talent to catch them on film.

Candid shots may include action photos, such as a picture of the bride and groom’s first dance. Other examples might include the bride tossing the bouquet or a picture of the mother-of-the-bride wiping a tear from her eye. Since these are unplanned moments, a good wedding photographer is always ready.

Being a penny-pincher when it comes to your wedding photographs is not a good idea, as these are the memories you will have long after the actual day. Plus, the day often goes by in such a blur that it is hard to remember much more than the look on your new spouse’s face when they saw you at the ceremony. However, the photographer should be able to give you an idea up front of how much the wedding packages will cost, as well as the cost of any additional items.

Fees can vary according to the style and print types you choose. For example, black and white prints or metallic prints can often cost more than color, but it depends on the photographer. You don’t necessarily have to get your prints from the photographer, but they can make prints that look much better on higher quality paper that can’t be found at the local drugstore.

These days, most wedding photographers offer packages that include a set of dvd’s so that you can always have access to your pictures, and can save them to do what you would like for the future.

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Choosing a Wedding Photographer by David Lupica

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Many couples get so caught up with planning all the obvious details of their wedding–such as the cake, the wedding decorations, the gown and gifts for members of the wedding party–that they often overlook the importance of selecting the right wedding photographer. It’s important to remember that the photographer you choose will be responsible for capturing the moments and memories of what may be the most important day of your life! With this in mind, you’ll want to take great care in selecting a wedding photographer considering there are no second chances.

As you might imagine, wedding photography is one of the most challenging types of professional photography. The wedding photographer has to make everyone look beautiful, shooting in a multitude of locations in all kinds of weather conditions–and accomplish all this in minimum amount of time. At the same time, your wedding photographer should have the personality to complement you on your most joyous day. Take your time and follow some of the simple suggestions discussed below, and you will most certainly be satisfied with the outcome.

Where Do You Begin?

Personal referrals or asking friends, relatives and co-workers for suggestions, is a great place to start. Typically, people who have had positive experiences with photographers are more than willing to share that information. In addition, you’ll already have some insight about the photographer’s personality before you actually meet. After compiling a preliminary list, visit each photographer’s web site and thoughtfully review his or her online portfolio. If a portfolio looks appealing you, chances are, that photographer might be a good fit. Next, call or email each photographer on your list. Through this initial contact, you can determine the photographer’s availability, the type of work they specialize in (candid or traditional) as well as an estimate of the cost and what you’ll receive for that fee.

Schedule appointments with the photographers who seem most appropriate and ask to view their portfolios in person and discuss more details. Ask each of them to show you a complete portfolio of a single wedding–this will give you a much clearer sense of what you can expect than a collection of choice shots from several different events. Pay attention to whether the photographer is adept at portraying individual expressions and personalities. Ideally, these meetings should include the bride and groom as well as the bride’s parents since you will all be interacting with the photographer.

What Questions Should You Ask?

Be sure to write down all of your questions beforehand, and take thorough notes during the meetings. Although most professional photographers will provide you with a clear outline of their services and fees prior to your meeting, you will, in all likelihood, still have a large number of questions to ask. Remember, the more information you have, the more confident and relaxed you’ll feel on your special day. The following are some questions, courtesy of, you may wish to consider asking:

1. How will you show me pictures for selection (e.g., electronic, proofs, contact sheets, online gallery, etc.)?
2. Will you help me choose the final pictures?
3. How will you make it easy for friends and family to order reprints?
4. What are the costs of the various levels of coverage?
5. Are there different degrees of coverage?
6. What is your photography style; photojournalistic, traditional, mixed, etc.?
7. How much for the duplicate prints, albums, folios, enlargements, thank you cards, etc.?
8. What’s your time frame for preparing the pictures for my selection?
9. How about engagement session?
10. How long do I have to make up my mind as to which pictures I want and how many?
11. How long have you been in business?
12. What kind of guarantee comes with my hiring you?
13. What’s your philosophy for photographing weddings?
14. Will you have an assistant?
15. Do you have travel fees?
16. How much is your overtime fee?
17. What do you plan to do at my wedding to make my wedding photographs unique and personal to me?
18. Do you have a backup?
19. Will you be shooting my pictures personally?
20. Will you use film or digital?
21. What’s your payment policy?
22. Do you give any guarantees on your services and photographs?
23. What is the possibility of the pictures fading?

How Much Will It Cost?

The following are some points, courtesy of, that will help prepare you for what you might expect to pay for your wedding photography:

Plan to allocate a significant portion of your wedding budget to ensure photographs are perfect. Expect to spend at least $1000 on a professional wedding photographer to document your event. Albums and prints are usually extra. Other extras that may increase your bottom line include additional hours, additional photographers, custom albums etc. etc. Add on too many extras – and your photography budget could quickly creep to $5000 and beyond! Get the proofs! To that end, try to find a photographer who will let you keep the proofs. Many photographers consider themselves to be photographers only – artists not in the business of selling photographs. After the big day, they’ll hand over your proofs and be on their way. They’re yours to keep – you can print them in any manner you please or save them for printing after you’ve saved up some cash.

Enter the digital age with digital photography. It’s less costly than film, and with technological advances in equipment – digital images are no longer a sacrifice in quality. Many photographers have taken the digital plunge – which results in savings for you!

Cut the timeline, the longer your event, the more it will cost to document it. Since photographers often charge based on the number of hours they will spend at your wedding, a shorter/smaller wedding celebration will yield big savings in your photography budget.

Making a Commitment

At this point, you should have a relatively clear idea of which photographer is best suited to capture your wedding day memories. Once you have made a decision, be prepared to leave a deposit to reserve the date. You may still wish to reassure yourself by asking about a few final details. For example, find out what the photographer’s policy for wedding-date changes is and what the alternatives are if he or she is not available on the backup date. Also, ask about their policy for an unexpected cancellation. If you feel the photographer is right for you, then relax and make the commitment with the confidence that you’ve made a well-formed, intelligent decision in planning the most important day of your life.

David Lupica is a photographer based in San Diego, California. Photography combines both an artistic and a journalist approach to the art, and it’s vitally important to be well versed in both. David shares great tips for choosing the perfect online photography course on his site Learn more about online photography courses at


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Wedding Photographers – Choosing a wedding photographer thats right for you by Sam

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From two newly-weds to you nearly-weds – a guide to choosing a wedding photographer, by life photographic

So, before i start its only fair to disclose my vested interest in the subject as a wedding photographer in Cornwall – let’s get it out of the way right now – check out life photographic on Facebook and get in touch! There, my impartiality can return now (well almost!). Having got married last summer, and knowing a thing or two about wedding photography, choosing a photographer was probably the most important and most difficult decision of the whole process.

So where do you start? Well i guess most people start in the same place – online and in some of the many great wedding magazines. Have a look around – start off with nothing specific, just try to get an idea of the style of photography you both like, i.e. formal or relaxed, edgy or romantic and the feel of the pictures you like – dark and moody or light and airy. For us it was a fairly easy starting point, it quickly became obvious we wanted pictures like we take, relaxed, romantic and light – if there was any way we could have taken them ourselves we would have!

Once you know the style you are after then look around at as many of your local wedding photographers’ websites as you can, and don’t be afraid to look further afield than just your local town – we cover the whole of the county, and our own wedding photographers drove 6 hours each way to photograph our day!
It may sound obvious, but really look at their pictures, and think ‘if these were my photographs would i LOVE them?’ is there a mix of photographs – photographs of the bride and groom are only a part of what you want (albeit the most important part!) but are there also the little details that you have put so much of your personalities into? And the guests who make your day so special? Having said that, we looked at some portfolios which had virtually no pictures of just the bride and groom! A reportage, documentary style is very nice for certain bits of the day, but in our opinion some things need to be planned / orchestrated if you want to get the shot. It is surprising how convincing it looks putting a bunch of mediocre photographs together into a montage! Look at the individual shots.
The style of a photographer’s portfolio is the most important thing to look for. We have two friends who long ago chose a very traditional photographer (who shall remain nameless) because he was recommended to them. They asked him to create a more relaxed, modern style of photograph to reflect their personality. Needless to say, he failed entirely and their photographs were a disappointment as a result. The moral of the story? Photographers, like leopards can’t change their spots.

Once you have got a good idea of photographers styles, realistically the price is probably going to be the next consideration. Whilst it is not always true that you get what you pay for, great wedding photographers aren’t cheap. As photographers ourselves we probably prioritised it higher than most in our budgeting, but our photographers were our biggest expense. But here we are, only six months down the line and the wedding dress is put away, there is a box of ‘wedding bits’ in a cupboard somewhere, but we see our wedding photographs on our walls every single day and they do transport us back to our wedding every time we see them. We rarely have the heart to point it out to our clients as it sounds like such a downer, but after the wonderful day the photographs are one of the only things you have left (apart from each other of course!). There are a lot of wedding expenses which only last a day, but very few which you will keep coming back to for the rest of your lives.
Most photographers will have set packages that include different levels of coverage and different final products – study them carefully and if there isn’t one which is exactly what you were wanting then ask them to make one especially for you. Similarly with your budget, if you can’t afford something then explain your budget and ask what they can do for you. If a photographer is inflexible at this stage it doesn’t bode well.

Arrange to meet with several photographers before you make your final decision. Chat through your ideas with them, get to know them, and look closely at their finished products (albums, photobooks etc.). Don’t assume all photobooks are the same, or all albums are the same, as most photographers will probably have different products and suppliers. By far the most important thing you should learn from meeting them is if you can get on with a photographer and if you can relax around them. Your photographers will be with you for the whole day, on the most special day of your life, its important that you get on with them! We get told time and again ‘I hate having my picture taken’ (and i know the feeling – turn the camera on any photographer and watch them squirm!) but all you can do is try to relax. If you stiffen up because you think you look silly in photographs, chances are you’ll look silly in photographs! Easier said than done, i know, but this is where choosing the right photographer who makes you feel comfortable and at ease pays off.
Find out if you will have two photographers or just one? Again, we didn’t consider any photographer working alone, we know we get much better coverage, and better shots working together. If one photographer is with you the other can be catching what is going on around you – bits of the day you won’t notice happening, but will love to look back at. If you will have two photographers make sure you meet with them both.

Find out how long they have been photographing weddings and if they are full time professionals. Whilst digital photography has had a lot of positive impacts, there are many people who simply do it to earn a bit of extra cash at the weekend. Obviously there will be many exceptions to the rule, but on the whole these photographers lack the experience and expertise of the professional photographer. Also don’t give too much credit to the letters after someones name. We both have degrees in photography so you may detect a little cynicism, but in our opinion those letters guarantee very little, except that your photographer pays an annual fee to join an organisation! At the end of the day, you must judge a photographer by their photographs.

Couples often ask us ‘how far in advance do i need to book’, and the answer is that if you want to get your first choice then you should book as early as you possibly can – it can’t hurt. We have some weekends next month we are still available, but we also have started to get enquiries for the year after next, there is just no way of knowing. So decide as early as you can, and put down a deposit to secure your date. A contract with your photographers is by no means essential, but if it puts you at ease to have one then ask if they can draw one up.
Once you have decided upon a photographer arrange to meet up with them again closer to the big day and work out timings etc., a little planning in advance helps the day run so much more smoothly and gives better opportunities for photographs. If there are to be any surprises on the day make sure your photographers know about them in advance, from confetti cannons to helicopter fly-bys we’ve had them all, and if you know they are coming you are sure to get the shot.

And one final word of warning – something we hear far too often at wedding fairs is ‘Oh, I don’t need a photographer, my uncle has got a really good camera’. Whilst yes, it would save you money, be warned, you WILL regret it. Chances are your mum has got a sewing machine, but would you ask her to make your wedding dress? Wedding photography is a skill, and an art – when done well it is always something special.

So thats about it, Ive tried to be impartial in my advice and for the most part think i have succeeded, so now allow me one more indulgence! At Life Photographic we think we’ve got the best job in the world. And we think it shows in our photographs. Please do have a look through our portfolio at and search Life Photographic on Facebook. We love what we do and we know that you will too!

At Life Photographic ( ) we understand the beauty of simplicity, of working with what nature has provided, and the art that can be found in detail. We take this fresh and sincere approach to our work. We won’t take over your wedding day and smother it with artifice: our skills at portrait photography and passion for taking and making beautiful photographs will allow the genuine, natural joy of your special day to shine through. It’s a privilege to be invited into a couple’s life and we appreciate this.


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