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The Craziest Wedding Venues

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By Antoinette Ayana

All weddings are special. Any time two people in this world come together to express and commit to their mutual love, it’s a beautiful occasion. Perhaps because of this, some people really go out of their way to find wild wedding venues to make the event all the more memorable. These are some of the most unusual places people have tied the knot.

Taking the Plunge

Mike and Crystal Vartanian wanted to start their relationship with a ceremony both meaningful and deep; 20 feet deep to be exact. The Vartanian nuptials were held underwater off the coast of La Jolla in San Diego, CA. The bride donned her gown over her wetsuit and the groom followed suit with his tux. When the couple said their vows, they read them over a radio in the mouthpiece of their scuba gear. Crystal Vartanian said that “if you’ve seen one wedding, you’ve seen them all. We wanted to give our guests something to remember.” Many in the wedding party had never gone diving before and got certified just for the occasion. To carry on the theme, they had the reception dinner at the San Diego aquarium.

Up in the Air

Flying is generally not something people enjoy, but for Dottie Coven and Keith Stewart, one flight was the happiest day of their lives. The couple racked up enough frequent flyer miles to get tickets for their friends and decided to turn something that people might dislike and give it a joyous association. They got married on a commercial flight from Nashville to Dallas in front of 30 family members and friends, and a whole bunch of confused, then amused, passengers. The flower girl even passed out peanuts as she made her way down the aisle, and the airline was nice enough to give the newlyweds two complimentary tickets for their Caribbean island honeymoon.

What a Rock!

Marriage is the pinnacle of relationships, the peak that lovelorn singles aspire to climb. Bob and Antonie Ewing gave a literal interpretation of that metaphor when they picked one of the more inaccessible wedding venues around. The Ewings pledged their love to one another atop the 900-foot south peak of Seneca Rocks in West Virginia. The granite spire rises vertically from the base and requires technical mountain climbing ability to summit. Both bride and groom were avid rock climbers who had summited the peak before together and couldn’t think of a more romantic spot. The groom’s brother was the only other person with them on the small space atop the rocky outcrop. Most impressive, the bride made the climb in a vintage wedding gown that her mother had worn. Other members of the wedding party watched from neighboring peaks and the party had a larger repeat ceremony at a more accessible venue the next day.

If you are looking for a memorable place to get married, remember these wedding venues have already set the bar pretty high (and low).

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Outdoor Weddings: Tips To Keep Guests Comfortable

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By Andrew Stratton

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful events, especially when they take place in the right location. They are especially wonderful for outdoor enthusiasts, those who spend their spare time in nature, and those who enjoy to garden. However, there can be a number of things to think about when considering this type of event. A number of things could go wrong, from bad weather events to issues with pests. Without proper planning and preparation, what should be a fairy tale day could end up being a disaster with unhappy guests. The following are some tips to keep in mind when planning outdoor weddings:

Choosing a Location

When deciding on where to get married, it is incredibly important to choose the location very carefully. Always try to find a location that has an indoor option in the event of inclement weather. While the hope is that an indoor venue will not be needed, the extra insurance of having it will ease the mind of everyone involved. For wine enthusiasts, vineyards can provide a beautiful backdrop outside while still having weather protected area like a gazebo in the event of rain.

A hotel can also provide an ideal option for a location. There are some gorgeous hotels in lovely areas of the country, and they almost always have a conference room to use if needed. For those who are on a smaller budget and may be using a friend’s large yard, be sure to budget for a tent to protect guests.

Be Prepared With Protective Equipment

In the budget, be sure to include some room for protective items to keep the guests comfortable. Heating lamps are one item to think about if the event is going to be held during a cooler time of year. Also, think about bathrooms if the event is in a remote area. Portable toilets will have to be brought in if there are no other options for guests. Also, make sure there is a working power source at the location. Otherwise, a generator will need to be secured to ensure there are lights and electricity for the big day.

Prepare For Any Potential Weather Events

The topic of weather has come up many times, but it bears repeating that the bride and groom need to be fully prepared for any weather that can affect their big day. In addition to rain, there are also extreme heat and humidity to think about. Sudden cold spells in the fall can also be an issue. Make sure the guests know that the wedding will be outside so they can prepare themselves. If it is especially hot, provide some water bottles and fans to cool the guests down. For colder outdoor weddings, consider providing some fleece blankets as one of the favors so guests can cover themselves.

Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but they do take a lot of planning. Always have an indoor option available just in case. Also have anything necessary on hand to make sure guests are comfortable as possible. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the big day!

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Effective Ways to Cut Down Wedding Costs

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By Joncarla Domingo Sese

All brides dream of a wedding with an endless budget, but the actual cost of wedding details can quickly empty the wallet and cause pressure to couples. Wedding spending has drastically increased in the last decade. Most couples admit they’ve gone over initial budget because of unplanned upgrades. You don’t have to break the bank to get the wedding of your dreams. If you know how to work around a few key wedding elements, you can stay on your budget without cutting quality or losing ‘wow’ factor you’ve imagined.

1. Steer clear from expensive Saturday bookings

Saturday is the most coveted day for a wedding. This is why it is costly, not to mention taxing, to book a Saturday wedding. Some couples have to wait a year to get a Saturday slot on their preferred date and venue. Great savings can be made from booking a Sunday or Friday wedding. Also, price negotiations with vendors are easier since there isn’t as much competition for services.

2. Go easy on wedding stationery

Wedding stationery can easily eat up a percentage of your budget if you let yourself get carried away with the extras you don’t need like lined envelopes, foil stamping and high-grade fiber paper stock. Remember, expenses don’t end on invitations. You still have to send them out and postage is an added cost.

You can save on excessive spending by opting for simpler alternatives to your paper goods. Know that you can have classy invites even with standard card stock. If you do your research well, you can find invitation vendors offering quality wedding cards and printing services at a cheaper price. Instead of hiring a calligrapher, consider printing addresses on envelopes.

3. Be flexible with your flower choices

You don’t need a specific flower to achieve a certain look. Talk to your florist about cheaper alternatives to steal colour and texture of your desired arrangement. Florists can always suggest in-season flowers at a lower price, reducing cost up to 70% without giving up on quality.

4. Stand by the favorites

It’s nice having something exotic to offer guests but it’s not budget-friendly. Catering companies charge less for common comfort dishes and your not-so-adventurous guests will surely appreciate you for making a safe choice. It’s also a good practice to ask your caterer about all-inclusive packages you can take advantage off.

5. Go for bigger tables

Often, caterers offer a range of table sizes to accommodate guests. By opting for bigger tables, you can save on a few elements such as linen sets and centerpieces.

6. Control alcohol selection

If an open bar is a must, ask the venue manager if a BYOB is possible. Controlling alcohol selection to just beer and wine and some common cocktails can save you from spending hundreds of dollars on drinks. You can also arrange a ‘Stock the Bar’ party where guests can bring a bottle of liquor or champagne as gifts to be used at the reception.

You don’t have to break the bank to have a lavish wedding. With all the expenses lined up like the honeymoon and home buying, saving money has never become more important.

Joncarla Domingo Sese is a VA and Project Manager who’s worked with many entrepreneurs in and outside the United States. She is currently working as a full time happiness engineer for Padlet (formerly Wallwisher Inc). During her free time, she reads ( and sometimes write) articles related to parenting, food, and wedding. You can visit her blog at

Carla lives in Angeles City with her husband, Sean and daughter, Janella. Tweet with Carla @joncarlasmile

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How to Pick the Colors For Your Wedding

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By David Levin

If the setting sun determines your bridal color selection, won’t you be wearing bright oranges, reds, golds, and maybe navy blue? Perhaps, your cover band will select songs from an era of blissful sunsets, twilight songs of years long past, to play for your night in the spotlight?

Have you considered yet, how you would select your wedding theme?

Sitting on the golf course with my love, I realized I wanted to wear the colors of the night, and I couldn’t imagine my wedding without the crooners. The Rat Pack of my parent’s era, love songs made for dancing the night away… Shelby shared.

Fill the garden with white sparkling lights, dancing in the breeze, warm delightful colors of the sunset on each of the bride’s girls, groom’s men wear navy tuxedos, and music echoes from a season as the reception lingers. A night made for dancing requires colors spilled from the heavens. But more importantly, it requires a band – music that sets the stars on fire.

Pink, Black Tie, & Masquerade

Can you think of a more exciting evening reception than the masquerade ball? On the verge of Mardi Gras, a masquerade ball can bring a wealth of music options, southern jazz bands, cover bands with uptown beats, or maybe a seasonal combination of current hit classics. You can have more fun with a select group of older songs than you can with random songs, at most parties… Remember the vast majority of wedding attendees are going to be your parent’s ages.

Red, White, & Black Love Seasonal

Two wedding seasons call for girls in red dresses. And why shouldn’t you make the most of that by asking your cover band to present their best female vocalist in coordinating attire? A theme of love songs, old and new, could bring dancers of many generations onto the dance floor. Cover bands offering themes of love songs, evergreen music selections, and popular tunes of the season might bring seasonal ambiance to your wedding reception without over-decorating the hall.

Pastel Summer Dresses for a Brunch Reception

Just because your reception is in the morning, instead of the evening, doesn’t mean that you don’t want a top-shelf cover band to perform summery dance tunes in the garden. Dance floors are portable now, and quite cozy in a summer garden. Dance bands appreciate tented covers in the event of spring showers, but nothing sets the tone or ambiance of a wedding more than lovely music, and delightful pastel colors in a garden wedding setting.

Do you need help coordinating your wedding colors with the dance band that best suits your theme?

Ask our expert event coordinator about cover band specialties, seasonal dance band choices, and how color sets the mood for your wedding reception at We have answers and solutions for your wedding band questions.

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Wedding Photography / Video – Simple But Important Information to Optimize Your Destination Wedding

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By Roger J Curley

Sure it’s OK to bring your own video camcorder to your Dream Destination Wedding; but before you assign a Loved One to be stuck watching your entire Dream Wedding through the camera’s tiny peep-hole… Consider This!

More often than not, that Loved one is not a professional and may not even get the thing turned on and recording, I’ve also seen numerous times the battery dies out or the memory chip runs out of space part way into the Ceremony.

The times the video is recorded, the tiny microphones built into most camcorders, iPhones or tablets can’t clearly pick up the softly spoken personal, heartfelt vows unless the camcorder is placed Obtrusively close to the Ceremony which also spoils the otherwise fabulous High Resolution still shots being taken.

Most couples tend to speak their Heartfelt Vows in a soft intimate voice, so using a Clip-on Wireless microphone ensures the best clarity while the Minister’s Ceremony, Conch Shell Blessing, Flute Blessings & the wonderful sound of the ocean is picked up perfectly with an Audiophile quality microphone. We highly recommend covering up this mic or any other obtrusive gear that needs to be placed in the Ceremony view with a mix of tropical flowers & foliage.

One consideration that seems to get overlooked with every wedding that does not include video is, the Ceremony Audio is often way more precious than most would expect! The Heartfelt vows, the quivering emotional little voice, sniffing back a tear, the relief of the “I do’s”, not to mention when couples have worked out special things to say adding to the vows and making truly a “one of a kind” True Love Story–like this Amazing line – “I only wish I could kiss you for each time my heart beats”. Wow, that’s sure to raise the bar for the ‘Romantically Challenged!’

Also consider whether you would like to have your otherwise grand professional pictures of the darling wedding couple with the priceless Destination Island views sort of ‘compromised’ by having a bevy of camera toting guests in the picture!

Oh sure, it’s cute to have Auntie Eagle-Eye workin’ a tablet video camera only to be forever captured as a headless wedding embodiment… just an iPad with a body in every picture at just about every camera angle – This is highly distracting. Hire a professional wedding videographer and let All your loved ones enjoy your Destination Dream Wedding on the Beach… and get better still shot photography as well!

A lot of still shots will capture all the honorary guests, whether or not they are hiding behind a camera or worse, the huge tablet video camera. If you would rather see their lovely faces instead of ‘camera holding human tri-pods’… Let your guest know they should take only an occasional shot & not stand there the entire ceremony behind a camera.

Be very aware of what the ‘not cheap’ Professional Photographer is shooting at so as not to compromise otherwise priceless pix with a highly distracting ‘Scene Killer’ view of an amateur videography “artist”.

It’s fine to have a loved one shoot video, but they need to become more of a ‘Camera Crew’ & less of a guest in attendance. They will need to coordinate their shots with the Professional Photographer – this way they both get great shots.

When getting both video and still shot photography, inquire about having a Photo Fusion Video created from the enhanced High Resolution wedding Highlight images. With professional high-res pictures, you can draw focus to inspiring details by zooming in, then out and panning… The moving picture that is created is a very unique production that brings great still shots to an even greater perspective. These Photo Fusion Videos can be edited into the regular video to create a longer version of the main wedding video, but often both the main wedding video and the photo Fusion Video stand on their own perfectly well. When showing these at a reception, it is best to have two shorter videos than one big one since attention spans decrease exponentially with each drink!

If at all possible, scout your perspective wedding locations beforehand at the same time of day as the wedding will be. The best video camera angle will be ‘the sun’s view’ so that the subjects are being nicely lit by the sun that’s close to directly behind the video camera. You’ll want to take note how the background looks with these considerations. Most people choose a great sunset beach for their wedding expecting glorious off shore views as the background of the video, but on west-facing beaches the video would then be pointing directly AT the sun with the wedding party subjects reduced to just dark shadows contrasted with an overblown sun that hasn’t set yet. With photography you can use powerful flashes shot closer up and heavy Photoshop to tame the brights & bring out the shadows, but most wedding Videos don’t normally use big production flood lights to spoil the romantic vibe and aggressive highlight/shadow modifications to video can easily add un-desirable side effects; so it is imperative that the video camera is positioned with the sun close to directly behind it.

Another aspect of wedding videos that is certainly overlooked is the Aerial Videos with remote-controlled un-manned ‘quad-copters’. This is still very new but rapidly gaining popularity. The main reason for having a destination wedding is because it’s so beautiful. Still shots and ground video capture the intimate close up detail of the wedding party and their view of the wedding site’s natural beauty, but the ‘Jaw Dropping’ Awe-inspiring views from above are breathless! The ‘quad’ can elegantly fly smoothly by the wedding party and rises to expose the dynamic beauty of the shoreline with rocky outcrops and clear turquoise water. These flying camera views are for the most part ‘never seen before’ and the real helicopters would not be able to get in that low to people.

If you hire a professional photographer that is there to capture every emotion and offer lots pictures there is no need for a beautiful wedding party to morph into a presidential press release event; just make sure your photographer will be shooting and offering ‘many to all’ the pictures taken to include something for everyone. Plus, most technically hip photographers offer to post the highlights on Facebook right away so this should take care of everybody in the wedding party trying to take their own pictures to post on Facebook. Let the professional photography pick out the highlights and apply the standard enhancements and post to Facebook, the entire wedding party is encouraged to jump in and tell all their friends by sharing the wedding highlights.

All of these tips are highly recommended to consider before hiring your destination wedding photographer and videographer. You can certainly have all of these amenities for a fraction of the cost that you would previously imagine. The average cost of a US wedding is over $30,000.

For just over $1,000 you can get your Dream Destination Maui Beach Wedding with Professional Photography/Video, music, flowers and “Aunty Eagle-Eye” can enjoy the wedding too! No more headless embodiments! Visit our website for further details.

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Bobbie Jo and this article’s author Roger Curley have a deep connection to the ocean and the Tropical Islands they have sailed to and lived among during their nearly 4 years of Sailing Adventures with their son Robin aboard their ‘ol 51 foot sailboat ‘Hipnautical.’

We Bring the “Spirit of the South Pacific with the Soul of Aloha” – Joining loving couples in the deepest expression of Love!

Prior to our Sailing Adventures I enjoyed the experience of a 30+ year career in Hollywood’s Film, TV and Audiophile recording industry while Bobbie Jo has been performing Harp and Vocals at Wedding Ceremonies for over 30 years as well.

We bring our highly technical photography, video and worldly experiences together for Simply Elegant Dream Weddings on a Tropical Island.

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Wedding Receptions at Your Destination Wedding Can Be Arranged Easily With These Important Points!

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By Roger J Curley

From just a cake & a bubbly toast for two on the beach to ‘Full on Abundance’ at a Palace like Resort, you can easily arrange your wedding reception. Sort out your dreams, wishes, plan ideas and, of course, the almighty budget thingy.

If you are on a budget, it’s best to go small and simple; unless you are blessed with a generous loved one, then by all means allow them the pleasure of creating whatever their big heart & wallet can manifest! This can never be planned but when it happens, dreams come true for so many that would otherwise not get to come to a Dreamy Destination Wedding Location… And, they say, it’s better to give than receive!

The smaller the wedding parties the more flexible the arrangements can be which tends to create a more personalized, carefree, relaxed and romantic reception; while a large party can have the time of their life and their privacy by ‘buying out the venue’ or chartering one’s own Wedding Charter Yacht for their exclusive use.

Small, intimate wedding receptions aren’t just for the budget conscious, but for Romanic Dreamers of all walks of wallet size. For about the price of dinner at most any top restaurant in a desirable destination location, you should be able to find a mobile chef that will show up on a grassy ocean overlook near your Beach Wedding and set up an impressive Romantic Dinning Experience that will be forever fondly remembered; if not seek out caterers and local Delis, all kinds of restaurants offer delivered food or food for pick up for more savings.

Larger parties on a budget can still have all the big family fun, but save HEAPS by having the reception at a public park with a ‘Bring your own dish’ buffet style ‘family style wedding reception’. Since most everyone will be at a ‘destination wedding location’, everyone would have to spend precious time shopping for reception supplies, so it may be worth just having the family picnic catered since the ‘reception venue’ was ‘cheap to nothing’.

Smaller parties can always just get a table section that is sort of to themselves in most bustling trendy restaurants, but why not make it more special by finding that smaller venue–like a private vacation rental or Bed & Breakfast place that has a reception area just big enough and at the right price for your party. Either your wedding coordinator or the venue staff will be able to arrange for catering at many budget levels along with a ‘Bring your own dish’ family buffet style ‘ accommodations.

There are advantages to having a reception ‘Just Steps Away’ from the Wedding and there are certainly different advantages to have two locations. For all the reasons you choose that spot for your wedding, it would also make it awesome for your reception, plus not having everybody from the wedding party drive to another location and re-park adds to the convenience. However, you can enjoy the inspiring advantages of having Two Honeymoons by having a Morning Wedding at a nice location with all its glory… Then saunter back to your Love Nest for a Private champagne brunch and enjoy your ‘HoneyNoon’ at the peak of your day! Why wait until the very late hours of a long day of extra big smiles all day before finally getting around to your Honeymoon – You would be just like a HoneyMooner… just a little bit Sooner!

After a luxurious refreshing nap, meander over to your reception to enjoy a second photo session that captures this stunning location with the sunset and all your guests being entertained by romantic live music. After the festivities, in the traditional manner, you are now expected to depart for your Honeymoon… Making it Two ‘HoneyNoonMoons’ in one day! (No extra charge with most reasonable wedding planners)

Find a good local wedding planner that can cheerfully work with you to fulfill your dream Wedding and Reception wishes within your budget. They can confirm any issues with obtaining the required location wedding permits and reserving the use of the park for your event. Look for a complete, one-stop-shop wedding package with a wedding planner that actually performs the ceremony, this is the best way to insure that the details you provide in the planning stages are expressed to the right person; by the wedding day you will feel like good friends. If you’re really lucky you will find a wedding Ceremony Minister that has musical talent to offer both the Ceremony and the reception, there would a nice savings here by keeping the hired personnel to a minimum.

If your Destination Wedding Dreams include a Tropical Island, consider coming to Maui and get Married at a True Tropical Island Paradise – Hawaii’s Best Wedding Beaches are on Maui! Bobbie Jo and this article’s author Roger Curley have a deep connection to the ocean and the Tropical Islands they have sailed to and lived among during their nearly 4 years of Sailing Adventures. Roger experienced a 30+ year career in Hollywood’s Film, TV and Audiophile recording industry while Bobbie Jo has been performing Harp and Vocals at Wedding Ceremonies for over 30 years as well.. We bring our highly technical photography, video and worldly experiences together for Simply Elegant Dream Weddings on a Tropical Island Beach. A ‘Tried and True’ locally based Mom and Pop – One Stop Shop!

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Weddings in Hawaii With Honeymoon Packages – What to Look For When Getting Married in Hawaii

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By Roger J Curley

When getting married in Hawaii there are advantages in considering a wedding package that includes the honeymoon accommodations. since you have to stay someplace anyway, the Hawaii honeymoon haven is a good place to begin your destination wedding planning. Start by finding a personable local wedding planner that can not only create soulful ceremonies, perform stunning live music, make arranges for flowers, photography, video, offer easy instructions for obtaining wedding licenses and whatever your heart desires… But can also recommend the perfect honeymoon suggestions and tailor complete packages around your honeymoon location.

Having a Simple Wedding is a common ‘modus operandi ‘ for a lot of couples. Nothing simplifies a wedding/honeymoon vacation more than having the honeymoon right where you would want to spend most of the time on your destination wedding so that you wouldn’t even need to rent a car for your whole romantic tropical island getaway. The average US driver could circumnavigate the entire planet every 18 months, so taking a week or two off driving sounds very sexy. Also considering you could spend nearly all that time without shoes and be practically naked if your Honeymoon Luv nest was on the beach here in Hawaii, especially on Maui where Hawaii’s best beaches are.

There many choices to tantalize one’s dreamy appetite with white sand beaches right out your door with azure clear blue water to snorkel and sup your days away and plenty of trendy & fun places to eat and drink just a romantic stroll away. At night you will be lulled to sleep by the sound of waves gently lapping the shores right outside your honeymoon haven.

With this kind of location your wedding and honeymoon has many inspiring options that are ‘just a few sandy steps away’. You can have an early morning wedding with an easy stroll from your ‘luv nest’ to your beach wedding site.

Photography and video favor early mornings in order to best capture the ocean and offshore islands for vivid backgrounds to the well ‘lit by the sun’ wedding party. Morning weddings are always less crowded and you should scout out a nice spot prior to the wedding to confirm the exact time the sun clears your chosen spot. Another ‘bonus’ with a honeymoon suite on the beach is, after starting the day with a dream wedding on the beach with stunning photography to capture the magical ‘Just Maui’d Moments’ and well-lit Ocean views, saunter back to your honeymoon luv nest just a few sandy steps away and enjoy a ‘honeynoon’… You would be just like a honeymooner, just a little bit sooner!

After a nice long refreshing nap, you can meander over to your Wedding reception ether on location or at another incredibly inspiring place. Don’t forget to have professional photography to capture those world-famous Hawaiian Sunsets plus candid shots of the joy and emotions of your guests while they enjoy Live Music that speaks to the Heart and Soul. Later that night you can enjoy your 2nd honeymoon!

Honeymoon suites right on the beach may cost a little bit more, but you’ll enjoy them a whole lot more… It’s a bargain nevertheless. In my adventurous opinion, the absolute best choice for a real Tropical Island Emerson experience is to rent the cabins at Olowalu for a week, this is absolutely the most cost-effective choice for wedding party accommodations up to 36 with optional receptions for an additional 114 reception guests. We live here on Maui, but this is where we take our yearly vacation! You can see the awesome coral bank ocean view from inside your cabin. You step out your back door right on to white sandy beach. With snorkel in hand, it’s just a few sandy steps away from one of the more colorful and vivid underwater snorkeling experiences on the island and when you take walks up or down the beach from your cabins, you will not see any condos or other touristy distractions for as far as the eye can see; this is truly a one of a kind oasis here on Maui.

OK, even in cabins, camping out is not for everyone so the next best deal on honeymoons for wedding parties up to around 10 or so is to rent a nice house for the week. For about the same price of the average nice place on the beach for two, the entire wedding party can live nicely in a well accommodated house. These are typically nearly million dollar homes with nice views and are within a short walk to world-class beaches. For further savings, you can buy groceries and prepare food just like at home and even host your own world-class wedding reception with the help of catering so you can enjoy your big day without cooking!

Whatever your budget, consider the location of the honeymoon as a central starting point when planning your destination wedding in Hawaii. Make it really personable by hiring a groovy grass-roots ‘mom & pop’ luv biz, because the mega-marrying marathons the big brother marketing giants put on often lack in delivering a personal heartfelt ceremony and will certainly charge heaps.

If your Destination Wedding Dreams include a Beach Wedding consider coming to Maui and get Married at a True Tropical Island Paradise – Hawaii’s Best Wedding Beaches are on Maui, so plan your Dream Wedding around your Honeymoon Hideaway! Bobbie Jo and this article’s author Roger Curley have a deep connection to the ocean and the Tropical Islands they have sailed to and lived among during their nearly 4 years of Sailing Adventures. Roger experienced a 30+ year career in Hollywood’s Film, TV and Audiophile recording industry while Bobbie Jo has been performing Harp and Vocals at Wedding Ceremonies for over 30 years as well.. We bring our highly technical photography, video and worldly experiences together for Simply Elegant Dream Weddings on a Tropical Island Beach. A ‘Tried and True’ locally based Mom and Pop – One Stop Shop!

Check out our Simply Enchanting Wedding Packages with Honeymoon options and the ‘Only Cabin Camping on Maui for your Hawaii Dream Wedding!

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Tips for Planning Your Wedding Reception by aabadie

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When it comes to planning a wedding, you need to make sure that you don’t get too focused on finding the perfect dress and getting the right venue. An important aspect that often gets overlooked is the actual wedding reception itself. If you are on a budget or in need of ideas to help you plan the perfect event, take a few suggestions into consideration.

One common mistake that most brides-to-be’s make is waiting until the last minute to get started. The longer it takes you to get started, the more pressure you are going to feel as you go about trying to get the right arrangements in order. Getting a head start will allow you more time to find better deals. Since weddings are very popular, you need to start planning early so that you don’t have to worry about any establishment being overbooked. Instead of being forced to pay a certain price because you didn’t provide enough notice to any caterers or seamstress, you can reduce your costs and have an easier time of staying within your budget.

When it comes to getting together a guest list for your wedding reception, keep in mind that you have to pay for everyone that is in attendance. When you make your guest list, try to keep it simple. Invite people that you really want to attend. Friends and acquaintances that you barely know don’t necessarily need an invite. To help keep your budget reasonable, invite only those who are important and whose presence will really make your day.

Even if you plan on having a big wedding, you don’t have to overdo it by picking the biggest venue for your wedding reception. The bigger the establishment, the more it is going to cost you. Consider having your wedding reception outdoors in a garden or a park. You can always purchase decorations or use some of the scenery to add a unique and personal touch to your special day.

Keep in mind that no matter how much you feel like panicking or how stressed you feel, being cordial can go a long way. You may have seen those reality shows where the bride-to-be’s are rude and mean to all of the business owners and staff they encounter while trying to plan the perfect day. You may end up getting charged more and being denied service. This can further complicate your plans. You never know who you are dealing with and you don’t want to embarrass yourself or anyone else.

If you are having a professional bakery make your cake, think about what flavors you want for your cake beforehand. This will make it much easier for you to select a cake and focus more on the type of cake you want. If there are a few flavors you are torn between, don’t be afraid to ask for samples. Remember, your wedding reception is a part of your special day and if you start your planning early, there is no reason why you can’t have it planned the way you have always dreamed of.

Throw the wedding reception Grand Rapids MI party-goers will be talking about for months to come. Celebrate your day with

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What to Think About When Selecting Wedding Reception Halls by aabadie

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Wedding reception halls are one of the biggest investments you will make for your wedding day. That means you should be putting a great deal of time and effort into making the right decision for this situation. Every place is different. That means that it is possible to have a very unique experience based on the location you choose. However, for this to happen, you really do need to know what you want and what each facility can offer. With so many options available, it is up to you to find the one option that is going make your big day a memorable experience.

Think About Space

One of the things to consider when comparing wedding reception halls is the actual size of the space. Is it big enough to accommodate your guests? Do they have the equipment you need? If you have a small gathering of people in a big room, everyone feels separated. Ensure the space fits the group of people you plan to invite to the event.

Consider the Elegance

Consider your needs. Do you want a romantic setting with dim lights and beautiful furnishings? On the other hand, you may want a bright space with plenty of candles. You may want space for a band or a large dance floor for guests to enjoy. Depending on what your desires are, you need to ensure the hall can provide the right atmosphere.

Taste the Menu

Many facilities provide tastings for a reason. Make an appointment to review the menu and taste any dishes that you might consider serving at your reception. Can this location accommodate particular tastes or dietary restrictions that must be considered? If not, this facility will not work unless you can bring in a catering service.

Learn About the Help

It is important to get to know the employees working at various wedding reception halls. Is there a wedding planner on staff who can help you through this day? Perhaps you want someone that you can sit down with to discuss your options. Are there servers on staff? You may want these professionals to help you with planning every facet of this big day.

Your special day is all about you. For that reason, ensure any wedding reception halls you consider can meet your expectations and provide the atmosphere that you are looking for in such a facility. Many location managers will work with you to make sure your vision comes true. You should not have to be stressed or frustrated with any of the event details on the big day. Make the right decisions during the planning stages, and you will be assured of a magical experience to share with friend and loved ones.

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Important Parts of a Wedding Reception by aabadie

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Everyone looks forward to certain parts of the wedding reception. If the ceremony took a little while, many look forward to the food. But once everyone has gathered together again, it is time to really get the party started. Most of the time there are certain events that the bride, the groom, or both participate in. Every couple makes their own choice as to what to include, however these are some of the more traditional parts that typically make the cut.

The First Dance

Every couple gets an opportunity to share their first dance with all of their family and friends at the wedding reception. Usually the couple chooses a song that has some type of sentimental value or significance. While the dance itself is fairly traditional, some couples choose to make changes, including asking the groomsmen and bridesmaids to join in halfway through. Photographers look to capture several moments of the dance to preserve for future memories.

Cutting the Cake

With a large cake ready to be shared, the couple steps up and cuts it together. The couple always shares the first piece, with each person feeding a portion of the cake to the other. A bride and groom can use this romantic moment of their wedding reception to get cheers from the crowd as they tactfully share their dessert. On the other hand, there are couples that tend to feed their partner a piece of cake in a less than dignified manner. When this happens, once again the photographer will be on hand to capture every messy moment.

Garter and Bouquet

At some point during the wedding reception, the groom removes the garter from the leg of his new bride. This garter is then thrown out into a crowd of single men, gathered up at the front. With his back turned the groom tosses out the garter and all of the men compete (or avoid) the garter, depending on their personal preference for what it is said to mean.

Shortly after, the bride turns her back to all of the single women in attendance at the wedding reception. She tosses the bouquet over her shoulder and into the hands of an often-willing receiver. Here traditions tend to vary. Some groups have the garter placed on the leg of the woman that caught the bouquet. Others leave it as is and just get a shot of the bride, the groom, and the lucky single man and single woman.

Regardless of the traditions incorporated into the event, the goal is to have some time to celebrate with the new bride and groom. It is a chance for people to come together in a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy the uniting of two individuals and two families.

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Article Source: Important Parts of a Wedding Reception

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