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Wedding carriage by Lior Eldan

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We all recall the day Lady Diana Spencer arrived for her wedding in a horse drawn carriage and became a princess. What woman doesn’t want to feel this special? Although we cannot arrange for our wedding to be viewed by millions world wide, we can make sure our arrival is the fairy tale reality.
Hiring a horse drawn carriage for your wedding day does take some preparation. First of all think about the distance you need to travel. Horses are strong enduring creatures but if your house and the church are 30 miles apart a horse drawn carriage may not be a suitable option, unless you can arrange for teams of horses to swap on the way! Most horse drawn carriage companies will recommend a distance of no more than 8 miles between venues, but to find out always contact the hire company directly.
The second consideration is what type of carriage you require for the day. An open-top carriage may seem idyllic and romantic but if the weather suddenly turns you may find yourself in need of a new dress before the day is through. Several horse drawn carriages have the option of either being open-topped or enclosed. Your decision may also be affected by whether or not you decide to make all or part of your wedding progress in a carriage. Some brides prefer to arrive in a car and choose a carriage to take her and the groom from the church to reception venue.
Choosing a Horse Drawn Carriage for your wedding is also a fantastic photo opportunity. Some carriage companies will hire a horse drawn vehicle just for this purpose, and it is worth thinking about if you are on a tight budget. You may also choose a small two-seater pulled by a pony, which can be a really charming visage in a small village. However, if you really want to blow the budget the ultimate horse drawn carriage is the Cinderella fantasy. These amazing carriages form a delicate frame around the bride in the shape of a pumpkin, although thankfully do not turn into one at the stroke of midnight! Often glass sided they are beautifully trimmed with velvet seats and often pulled by two white horses with white feather plumes in their bridles.
Some horse drawn carriages are large enough to accommodate the entire wedding party. This can be particularly suitable for small children who make up the bridal party as it provides them with a real treat to enjoy too. The bride and bridegroom may choose a separate carriage and be followed by the wedding party. It also gives everyone a chance to truly capture memories of your special day. To round the event off why not ask the carriage company to provide a bottle of champagne to sip as you are whisked away to begin the greatest adventure of your life. is the largest Horse Drawn resource on the net. We hope to provide a unique and rich source of information to all those who are passionate as we are.

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Making the Special Day Unforgettable with a Hired Wedding Carriage by Lorenz

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Everyone’s seen one. The Roller; the old Jag; even the Jazz Age roadster; gliding towards church or registry office with those unmistakeable white ribbons tied from the front of the bonnet to the car windows. But what about a hired wedding carriage – the best way to make that special day something a cut above the norm….?

Imagine. Plush leather seats, the rich smell of polished wood. Impeccably groomed horses, their coats cropped and gleaming; the wedding carriage itself; its wide lacquered wheels and bouncing struts. The top hat of the coachman shining in the morning sun. A hired wedding carriage will turn every head on every street between house and wedding – and make its occupants feel like royalty.

A wedding is, of course, a girl’s special day. And what could be more special than arriving in a wedding carriage, like a Princess in a fairy tale or a member of the Royal Family? A girl might conceivably get a chance, at some other point in her life, to ride in a limousine or a classic old car – but a wedding carriage? The only day she’ll ever get to do that is the one day of her life she turns up to church or registrar to be hitched to her partner in word of law.

A wedding carriage is uniformly hired with handlers and driver. The horses pulling the wedding carriage are trained, well looked-after and well used to the work. The wedding carriage itself will be immaculately maintained, shining on every surface and as impressive as the carriages that used to carry the Prince Regent over the cobbled streets of London. As a modern replica, the wedding carriage will also be a lot more comfortable: think contemporary ride with glorious baroque façade and you’re on the right track.

A carriage of any kind, in a motorised world, is the last word in opulent indulgence. It’s slow, stately and infinitely beautiful. A wedding carriage brings an inimitable touch of class to any marriage, surpassing even the silver beauty of an old Roller in terms of individuality and style. They’re reasonably priced, too, and a part of that money goes towards the upkeep of the horses (either Welsh cobs or Belgian blacks) – so hiring a wedding carriage isn’t just a statement of style, it’s an environmental friendly and ethical way to get to your special day! For carbon-neutral weddings, or marriages wanting to go off with class, a wedding carriage is a unique way to travel.

AA executive cars provide Vintage wedding cars and Wedding Carriage on hire in London, Kent and the South East. Vintage cars for weddings and Rolls Royce cars are also available on hire.

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A Wedding Back in time – The Joys of Hiring a Wedding Carriage for That Special Day by Lorenz

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of “executive” hire services offering transport for wedding days: but how many can claim to be as classy as London based AA Executive, whose fleet includes a bona fide horse drawn wedding carriage? A Roller or a Bentley is all very well, of course – nothing quite like the soundless whirr of that refined engine, the smell of interior leather, and so on – but even they can’t compete with the sheer style of a lacquered brogue or hansom, drawn by proudly groomed horses and driven by a liveried footman.

The idea for such a sensational fleet addition, when you think about it, is a natural one. The wedding day is traditionally the one time in both bride and groom’s life when they get to travel in style, cruising through the streets of their home town in state before rolling up at church or registry office to the gasps of the assembled guests. A wedding carriage is the ultimate expression of that style. Just think of the sensation caused by an immaculately polished carriage, clopping sedately along the high street, its windows shining in the sun.

Carriage hire comes complete with a choice of horses – Welsh cob or muscular Clydesdale, for example. The horses’ coats gleam after a thorough wash and brush, their manes are neatly cropped or bobbed. The driver and footmen’s liveries can be selected to match both the interior of the carriage and the coats of the horses – or to complement the overall colour scheme of the wedding. Should transportation be required after the wedding, horses and carriage will wait for the duration of the service. Full groom facilities are included as part of the price and the horses are of course well fed and watered throughout the day.

The wedding carriage itself is a joy to behold, a modern replica of a beautiful Regency landau, its plush seats and glistening wood harking back to days when style was synonymous with luxury. And comfortable, too – those seats and the ample suspension leaves under the carriage’s belly are bolstered with modern materials to ensure the smoothest ride possible.

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a limousine, or a classic car, of course: it’s just that everyone else does that, while hiring a horse drawn carriage is something a bit special. The front covers of popular magazines are replete with images of fairy tale weddings, fantasy receptions – the kind of thing that sets the event apart from the everyday. Hiring a wedding carriage propels a wedding into that league – arriving in one, the whip of the driver bristling finely in the air, white ribbons hung from the carriage doors, is like turning up at the end of one’s own personal fairy story.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with treating oneself to a bit of real style on the wedding day. And there’s nothing quite as stylish as one’s own personal retinue. Footman, driver, page, all on hand to complete the atmosphere of occasion every wedding deserves, and of course, a genuine horse-drawn wedding carriage to finish it off.

AA executive cars provide wedding cars and wedding carriage on hire in London, Kent and the South East. Vintage cars for weddings and Rolls Royce cars are also available on hire.

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October 9, 2014 |
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