How To Write A Wedding Speech – 6 Tips to Write A Wedding Speech

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How To Write A Wedding Speech – 6 Tips to Write A Wedding Speech By []Huyen Truong
Giving a wedding speech or wedding toast is hard to do. Sometimes the hardest part is writing your wedding speech. Where do you start? What do you say in your wedding toast? How do you write a best mans speech? How do you write a maid of honour speech? Check out 6 tips to writing an amazing wedding speech.
1) Play to your strengths. Don’t think the pressure is on to be someone you’re not – are you funny? Great, everyone loves to laugh. Don’t feel you HAVE to be funny. If your strength is the emotional stuff, don’t try to leave the audience rolling on the floor – tug at their heartstrings. People get way too nervous about giving a speech – but you don’t have to if you keep it simple, and keep it real!
2) Start with a story. No one wants a lengthy introduction – A story starts off with a bang. It draws your audience in and gets them engaged. Plus,they’re more natural! You won’t have to rehearse it, all you have to do is tell it! This could be a funny memory you’ve shared or something more serious – perhaps a scenario that really showed the grooms strength of character or the brides amazing heart etc.
3) Choose a few key things you love about both the bride and the groom, before you begin writing your speech. What are their best characteristics? The best wedding speeches usually only have a couple of key points, and once you’ve chosen yours, the filling in the rest of your speech is much easier. If you’re writing your speech as the maid of honour, you’ll choose a couple more for the bride than the groom. If you’re the best man writing your speech, pick a few more for the groom than for the bride. Make sure they are REAL things you and others love about them – if you’re saying the bride has a motherly heart and everyone knows she hates kids, people will know you’re faking it. If you’re not very close to your friends new spouse, then emphasize the speech towards the friend who you know and love.
4) Once you have your points, think of a story, quote or metaphor for each one. Now is the time to take a trip down memory lane and think about all those hilarious times you’ve had together. This makes the speech easier to deliver because its far more natural, and will also make it much more interesting than if you were reading it straight from the page. Stories, quotes and metaphors strengthen each of your points and give the speech a sense of progression. If you can’t think of any stories to work with your points, ask their other friends or parents – someone will have one!
5) Wrap it all up. Once you’ve got your points, its time to pull it all together into the awesome wedding speech of the century! You do this by taking the things you’ve just said you love about them, and saying why they’re a good match. He’s funny, shes smart? Perfect, he’s the next Ray Ramano and she can be his agent. They both have a heart for helping people? Awesome, they’re going to be world changers together. This can be serious or funny – the main thing is taking time to say why they make such a good couple.
6) Toast the bride and groom, wish them an amazing future together, and thank them for the amazing wedding. Then go sit down and pat yourself on the back. You’ve just given the greatest best man or maid of honour speech of all time.
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Top Questions to Ask a Potential Wedding Photographer

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Top Questions to Ask a Potential Wedding Photographer

By Michelle Wermuth

Woo Hoo! You’re engaged! Congratulations!
Now comes the big question… do you have your photographer?
Too daunting of a task to think of right now?
Not to worry, choosing a wedding photographer is really not that difficult if you know what to ask. Being educated about each photographer’s qualifications and offerings is the first step to narrowing down the list of choices.
We have answered thousands of questions from hundreds of couples and we have narrowed down the most important questions that everyone should know. This list is not 100 questions long! This is a relatively short list but these questions are the ones that are the most important ones.
So let’s begin!
1. How many weddings have you photographed? First off, why is this important? It is important because it shows experience. You want a photographer that has photographed more than a few weddings. Experience is necessary because you want a photographer who knows what they are doing! How to pose couples and groups. Knowing what photographs to take and how to take them is key to quality photography. You don’t want to have to tell your photographer what photographs to take and how to pose people you have enough to think about; and besides what are you paying them for?
2. Do you do photography full time? Not all photographers do this as their main job. More and more people are picking up photography as a hobby or to bring in some extra income. Weekend warriors are rampant in the photography industry. This is something you may want to know. To some couples, it does not matter, but if it does matter then this is a good question to ask.
3. Do you carry backup equipment? This also goes to experience. Every photographer who has been in business for awhile knows that anything can happen and usually does. Only carrying one camera and lens is just asking for failure. And you certainly don’t want that failure to happen at your wedding!
4. Do you have business insurance? Not only to cover equipment but liability as well. This is a sign of a professional. A professional business should always have insurance.
5. What will you wear to photograph my wedding? You would be surprised what we have seen photographers wear to photograph in. You should know going in if you can expect yoga pants or black jeans or professional attire. If you are having a casual wedding and don’t care then you do not need to worry. But if you are having a wedding where you do not expect to see yoga pants and flip flops then you should make that clear up front.
6. How long after the wedding will our photographs be available? Some photographers will take as long as 6 months to edit a wedding. You should know how long to expect before you book.
7. How many edited images can I expect? This is important because some photographers take 2,000 images but only edit and deliver 300. You should know in advance if you will receive all of your photographs, less bad ones of course, or only a selection of photographs taken.
8. Do I receive my high-resolution digital files and will they be watermarked and resized? A combination question but it all goes together. Of course, you want to know if you will receive your digital files. The vast majority of photographers do offer them in their packages but there are still some holdouts that will charge extra for them, so you should know. And along the same lines, some photographers will resize and watermark the digital files that they give you so that you are still forced to order prints from them.
9. What is your deposit and when is the balance due? Again, you should know this up front before you book. Every photographer will do this differently. The average options are; a specific deposit amount with the balance due before the wedding; a 1/3 now, 1/3 before the wedding and the final 1/3 upon delivery; payment plans etc. Just make sure you know when and how everything is due.
10. Are the photographs that I see in your samples a good indication of your style? This is important. You want to like the photographs that your favorite photographer is showing you. If you do not like the sample photographs then that is a good indication that you will not like the photographs they take for you. You cannot expect the photographer to shoot in a different style just because they have a price and personality that you like. Make sure you love the whole package!
11. Are there any additional fees I should be aware of? Taxes, editing, travel, meals, additional time etc etc. You should know these things before you book.
12. Do you have a contract? Never book a photographer without a contract! This protects both of you.
OK, so did I overwhelm you? I certainly hope not! Of course, there are other questions to ask, lots of them, but these are what I would consider the most important. And you should ask about packages and other details but this is the nitty gritty must know stuff.
Good luck! And try not to get too overwhelmed!
If you have a question that you are curious about just let me know and I will do my best to explain it better. Or if you would like to ask us these questions and more just visit our website and click the contact page and I would be happy to talk to you further.
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The Trendiest Color for Weddings in 2017

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By Kristin Dvorak
Every year designers, event planners, artists, and more await Pantone’s Color of the Year announcement. And with each announcement, a new trend in color is born.
This year, Pantone has dubbed Greenery its Color of the Year 2017. “A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings” ( Fitting for the celebration of marriage, no? It really does sound life changing- and that is why you need it in your wedding.
• If you are afraid of having a shade of green be the star of your wedding, have no fear. There are plenty of other colors you can incorporate to subdue the hue and enhance your wedding day aesthetic.
o Pink – Blush and other variations of pink are a great route to go. Pair it with Greenery for a romantic, refined setting. This is an easy route to take especially when dealing with floral arrangements. Oftentimes flowers make one of the largest statements (other than the bride, of course) at weddings, and many flowers bloom into a beautiful range of pinks, so Mother Nature is essentially doing the work for you!
o Brown – Variations of brown pair really nicely with green. Incorporating tan, beige, and sandy brown will ensure that your wedding is earthy and welcoming. Think about adding a metallic, too! Bronze and gold are beautiful shimmery additions to this palette. A great place to include this color scheme is in your decorations. Look for mossy accents and other rustic pieces like reclaimed wood to help polish the appearance.
o Blue – The options with blue are limitless. There are so many wonderful shades of this calming color that you could go several different directions with this. For a gentler atmosphere, try adding light blues and blue-greys to your palette. And for those of you who really like to make a statement, you could include more vibrant varieties like aqua and royal blue. This is great for the ever popular beach-themed and peacock-accented weddings.
o Purple – You might not typically pair green with purple, for fear that the two strong personalities of each might clash. Nope! With Greenery, your purple pairing options are virtually endless. Lighter shades like lavender, orchid, and mauve are great matches for green. This combination really brings a soft, earthy presence to any event. On the other end of the spectrum, we have shades like royal purple, plum, and amethyst, which will make your wedding rich and vibrant.
o Pastel – White, ivory, yellow, and other pale colors are an exceptional option that will accent those pops of Greenery, all while maintaining the long-standing tradition of having a white wedding. Pale colors alongside green make for a truly subtle, yet beautiful wedding.
• There are definitely more apparent ways to include Greenery in your wedding. Think dress code and table settings. These are the two segments of a wedding that get the most attention and often leave guests amazed.
o The bridal party – If you really love Pantone’s Color of the Year, then it only makes sense to include Greenery in your bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s attire, because that will surely stand out. To refine it a little bit, try choosing green shoes or jewelry for your special ladies and green ties for the gents.
o The table – Wedding receptions typically mean food and dancing, but as far as design goes, I would say that your table presentation is more likely to make a statement. From runners to centerpieces to plate settings to chair d�cor, your design possibilities at the table are infinite!
With that, I leave you to it! Happy planning, and cheers to your fresh beginning!
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Storage and Preservation Options for Wedding Dresses

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By []Andrew Stratton
If you opt to keep your gown after the big day, you will need to store it correctly to ensure that it remains beautiful. Simply tucking it into a garment bag and hanging it at the back of your closet will not be enough to keep the fabrics in pristine condition. When it comes to wedding dresses, it is important to explore your storage options to choose the one that you’re your needs.
First Things First
Before you move ahead with storage, you will need to have your gown professionally cleaned to prepare it. A local dry cleaner may not have the skills and equipment necessary to perform this task properly, so consider hiring a company that specializes in the cleaning and preservation of special dresses and gowns.
Whichever company you choose, ask questions about the process. Ask whether the company uses a wet- or dry-cleaning process. Wet cleaning is more effective for removing food stains and dirt along the hem. Wet cleaning is also preferable because it does not leave chemicals behind in the fibers. Dry cleaning uses solvents that can have negative health and environmental impacts. If a company uses the dry-cleaning method, ask about the solvents used. It’s optimal for the company to use virgin solvent during the process instead of a recycled solvent that could contain dirt from other garments.
Preservation Benefits
Once your gown has been prepared, it’s ready to be preserved. Storing wedding dresses has a number of benefits. You will prevent the fabric from yellowing or developing oxidation spots. You will also eliminate the risk of permanent creases in the fabric. Preservation also eliminates the risk of mold and mildew. Light and dust are also common enemies of wedding dresses. Preservation effectively seals the fabric to prevent damage from light and dust.
Storage Options
You have several options for permanent preservation of your wedding attire.
– You can choose a sealed, acid-free box, often with a window area to enable you to see the gown. Generally, a company will use acid-free tissues to fill out the folds of the fabric to prevent creases. This option effectively seals the fabric from oxygen.
– Another box option involves boxing it in similar fashion to the sealed method. However, this box is not permanently sealed to prevent oxygen from reaching the fabric. With this method, you can open the box, take out your gown, and then return it to the box. The benefit of this access is that you may prevent permanent creases from developing in the fabric.
– A third option involves placing the attire into a special muslin garment bag designed to protect it from dust, light, permanent creases, mold, and mildew. With the garment bag, your gown hangs so that it is not folded. It’s important to store the garment bag in a climate-controlled environment, such as a closet in your home.
After exploring your storage options for wedding dresses, choose the one that fits your desires for your special gown. With proper care, you may be able to pass your attire down to one of your children for their wedding.
Article Source: [] Storage and Preservation Options for Wedding Dresses
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7 Most Important Vendors to Have at Your Wedding

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By []Layla Nejad
Whether you are planning a wedding for someone or your own, it is very important to know about all the vendors that provide services and what kind of services they actually provide! Many people make the mistake of overlapping services with out even realizing it and then they end up spending way more money than they needed to. I hope that this guide helps you in the planning process!
1. Caterer: The food is very important to focus on! You do not want to pick a vendor with terribly prepared food that all of the guests will hate. It is very important to not oversee this category because this vendor is the one vendor that essentially comes in direct contact with each and every one of your guests. You want to make sure they not only provide food for your reception, but appetizers for the cocktail hour too. Many vendors are growing to also provide some light dessert snacks like cookies and coffee, but not cake. That’s the Cake Vendors job and they do not want to take the cakes thunder away!
2. Cake Vendor: The cake is very important too!! With out the cake, did someone really have a wedding? The cake has to not only taste good or the guests, but look good too. You do not want a slanted cake with uneven frosting, no way! And please pick a cake vendor that is smart enough to put the cake in the fridge… I have come across too many incidents where, for some reason the expert cake vendor thought that the cake would be okay in the 85 degree heat… outside… hours before the reception.
3. DJ: The DJ is the conductor of the reception. With out a vocal, strong, and energetic DJ, your reception will not have the amp and fun you are looking for. A few services the DJ vendors are starting to add on are Lighting, which rental vendors also provide – so pick the cheapest one! – and they are also starting to provide Photo booths too.
4. Liquor Vendor: Liquor vendors may be useful when the caterer is restricted from providing this option. Many caterers are able to provide this, but in the event that a caterer cannot provide this, a liquor vendor comes in very handy! Or even in the case that you find a liquor vendor that’s cheaper than how much the caterer is charging.. well the answer there becomes very simple!
5. Florist: Florists provide an ambiance to the wedding. Even if you do not want flowers as your centerpiece… florists are still necessary! What about the bouquets? yup! Can’t forget about those. So try to find a florist that can recreate your vision. I’ve seen florists do some beautiful work and some that provide half dead flowers in the bouquets. It is all about quality in this area.
6. Event Coordinator: Obviously, as an event coordinator I will promote getting one! However, the importance is of where to get a coordinator from. My recommendation is to actually combine the services and get an event coordinator from a Tent & Party Rental Company, similar to one that I work for now. If you get a coordinator from a coordinating company, and solely just that, the process of getting things taken care of and putting things together actually becomes more difficult. By combining these two services, the coordinator is then able to have automatic and full access to the rental material making the set up, take down, and all the preparation in the middle much simpler.
7. Tent & Party Rental Vendor: Last but not least… you cannot have a wedding with out tables and chairs and linens! That’s what a party rental vendor provides and it is very crucial to have this. If you have your wedding at a hotel, sure they will provide linens, but your options of white an ivory. And if you are not a white and ivory type of person, then check out your local party rental vendors and see what they have to offer.
Article Source: [] 7 Most Important Vendors to Have at Your Wedding
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Common Mistakes When Getting Men’s Wedding Suits

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By []Grace T Robinson
When it comes to weddings, the bride takes all the attention with her long and luxurious gown. Apart from that, guests are also mesmerized with her wonderful hair style, makeup and accessories, leaving their soon-to-be-groom behind the spotlight. However, men should remember that they are part of this glorious event.
So, it is best for men to use a suit and wear their favorite perfume for their big day. Unfortunately, getting men’s wedding suits is not easy since there are certain issues that can affect your decision. In addition, men also experience mistakes in getting a suit. To help men find the best suit for their wedding, listed below are the common mistakes they must avoid.
Buying VS. Renting
Men have two options when it comes to getting a wedding suit, to buy or to rent one. As of now, renting a suit is one of the most popular options due to its price. But, there are certain drawbacks in renting. For one, men may not find the suit that they want. Next, no suit can fit them. And, some suits have damages, which can affect your looks. On the other hand, buying a suit can be expensive. But, owning a suit can provide you with better benefits such as getting the style you need and being able to wear a custom-fitted suit specifically for you. In case you insist in renting one, you need to carefully check the suit to avoid problems during your big day.
Choosing the wrong color combination
Another mistake men do when getting a suit is opting for the wrong color combination. Of course, there are numerous colours you can choose from. Thus, you need to have a keen eye and a little artistic perception to ensure that the colour of your suit, shirt and shoes will complement each other.
Getting the wrong size
Most of the time men use clothes that are comfortable to wear. Hence, men opt for loose clothing. But, this concept is not applicable when getting a suit since loose suit can be very unsightly. Therefore, you need to make sure that you look for the right fit to ensure that you will look amazing during your wedding.
Focusing on accessories
Men can also make use of different accessories to complement their suit such as ties, pocket squares and cuffs. Unfortunately, some men focus on these accessories which can surely affect the overall looks of their suit. So, it is best to make it simple and use accessories for that extra style.
Opting for outdated trends
Just like normal clothes, suit styles also come and go. So, it is important to ensure that your suit has an updated style to make your wedding look more appealing and stylish.
By knowing all these mistakes, men can eventually find the ideal suit that can make their wedding day more luxurious.
Article Source: [] Common Mistakes When Getting Men’s Wedding Suits
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Five Useful Tips on Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

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By []Sharon R Chen
If you are planning a wedding ceremony, you may find that there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration, such as wedding gowns, wedding invitations, wedding venues, bridesmaid dresses and some others. Here in the article below, I would like to give you some useful tips on choosing suitable bridesmaid dresses.
When you are choosing bridesmaid dresses, do not break the bank.
If you are going to pay for the dresses, you had better keep your budget in mind. Generally speaking, a general price range for bridesmaid dresses is 150 USD to 400 USD. Therefore, you need to buy the dresses according to your budget. I suggest you buy online dresses which are cheap and beautiful.
The dresses you choose should complement your wedding gown.
You had better take a look at your wedding gown at first and then choose the dresses for your bridesmaids. If you are going to wear a satin wedding gown, you had better choose satin bridesmaid dresses to complement your wedding gown. Besides the fabric, you also need to pay attention to some details. For example, if your wedding gown is strapless, you can also choose a strapless bridesmaid dresses to match your wedding gown.
Color is an important factor when choosing the right dresses.
You may have more than one bridesmaid, so when choosing the dress color, you had better find one that suits every bridesmaid. When picking the color, you need to keep your bridesmaids’ skin tones and hair colors in mind. However, if you really do not know how to choose the right color, you can try to buy black or taupe bridesmaid dresses which are fashionable and suitable for most people.
Apart from the dress color, you also need to consider the dress size.
Remember that one size does not fit all. Each woman has a different body type, so if you want to choose suitable dresses, you need to know their body sizes at first or just ask your bridesmaids to choose their dresses.
Remember that it is YOUR wedding, so do not feel stressed when choosing bridesmaid dresses.
You need to know that being considerate of your bridesmaids’ feelings is necessary but it is impossible to make everyone happy. Too many opinions and suggestions will stress you out. Therefore, you can ask your bridesmaids for their general opinions about the dresses and make the final decision on your own. At last, you can think about giving your bridesmaids gifts to thank them for their help.
If you still have some questions about bridesmaid dresses, you can read my other articles. It is hoped that we all can find the most effective way to choose the right dresses.
Author: Sharon R Chen
Sharon has read and written a lot of articles about wedding and she has her own unique insight.
Article Source: [] Five Useful Tips on Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses
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Spend or Skip? Wedding Details You Can Do Without

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By []Maigen Thomas
You’re a bride on a budget, and that budget isn’t big. Your dollars need to be carefully spent on just the wedding details that are the most meaningful to you at your wedding, and not on things that you feel like you ‘should’ include just because it’s ‘expected’. Traditions are grand, but without a several grand in the bank, they’re just ideas. You need to do what’s good for you. And these following details are just fluff: you don’t need them!
Letterpress is all the rage, no wait, gold embossed is! They’re gorgeous, it’s true. But they’re all just paper products and literally no one (except maybe your mom, or you if you’re into scrap-booking) will keep these papers after your wedding is over. You just need to get people to your wedding on the proper day at the proper location. That’s what the invitation is for. If you want to DIY, get crafty. If you’ve got a decent printer or access to one, print your own on some inexpensively priced invitation kits and bam, you’ve got people invited.
Sure, you dreamed about arriving to your wedding in a horse drawn carriage ever since you were a girl. It was, in all likelihood, most girls’ dream at one time or another. But they’re not – in any way, shape or form – practical. And they’re soooo expensive. Have you priced it? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Yeah, no, absolutely not. Unless you’re marrying a man whose family owns a horse farm, then maybe. Even renting a limousine can be impractical and expensive. What many couples have done is get their car cleaned out and looking good, then have a friend drive them away from the ceremony location. Transportation: check!
You can literally attribute the cost of your wedding to the number of people you invite. For ever person there is a plate, for every plate there is food, for every food there is a beverage and for every beverage there is a charge, etc. It gets insanely expensive the more people you add. Keep It Simple. Set guidelines on who is invited. First cousins, maybe, but not second cousins. Or, if you really want to keep it special, limit it to just immediate family and close friends. This is not the time for your dad to show off his family to his golf buddies. Unless he’s paying for the entire shindig, in which case maybe he can have a couple extra people.
If you’ve already started looking at receptions and catering, you already know that you’re looking at spending lots and lots of $$ for something that almost no one will remember. Why? If you open up your ideas of what a reception after a wedding can be, your options get less limited. What about a sweet, small luncheon for the smaller number of people you plan to invite now? There are a number of lovely vintage (but not kitschy) diners that would be happy to host a post-wedding luncheon. Surely you know of one near you that has an ambiance and menu you would enjoy sharing with your loved ones?
As much as it pains me to say this, you can skip the champagne toast. It’s outdated, to start with, and there are – gasp! – people who don’t even like champagne! Why serve them a small glass of champagne that they won’t even drink when they can toast you with the drink that’s already in their hand? For that matter, another thing you can skip is:
I know it’s a hot topic, but maybe not everyone needs to drink to have a good time. Maybe a fully-stocked bar isn’t necessary, rather just a few beers and/or wines available. At my wedding, the only thing I required was champagne along with the fruit punches, lemonade and tea we served at our tea-party style reception. I spent $150 on two cases of prosecco and ended up taking a case home in the end. Not everyone wanted alcohol, since it was 2 in the afternoon. Those who wanted something stronger had access to the full bar downstairs in the hotel. I saved literal thousands on alcohol people might not have even wanted. What about your group?
Another of the many wedding details that all brides seem to think they need to spend money on is favors. Unless it’s small food items that people can nibble on right then – those usually go over well. Some favorites are chocolate dipped pretzels, cake pops and candies – please skip the Jordan almonds, though.
There are many, many more things that brides on a budget can skip when planning the wedding, but these seven ideas should get you started.
Article Source: [] Spend or Skip? Wedding Details You Can Do Without
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Using Tents for Your Wedding

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By []Karina Popa
Everyone wishes for their wedding day to go smoothly and be picture perfect. A lot of individuals implement all kinds of things just to ensure that they make their special day as perfect as they possibly can. There is the procurement of the loveliest wedding gown and suit, the hiring of the best services – such as makeup artists, bands, photographers, videographers, etc. A lot of effort is put into making this day as amazing as possibly, and it is though a tedious process, there is no better fulfillment to seeing the special day end perfectly. One of the key aspects involved is the venue.
In instances where there is no venue, tents can be implemented for a wedding space. There are many tent suppliers where one can procure a tent. If you think about hiring the services of a wedding coordinator, chances are all you will have to do is give them the specifics, and they will work on what the venue requires, including the tent or tents. Some people however prefer to setup their own wedding venue – this DIY approach is perfect for many intimate events. Having a tent allows any locations to become a cozy and protected place to gather at. As previously mentioned, there are many suppliers out there who have tents at the ready. These tents come with many options for size, design, color, pattern and even interior, which makes it easier find one to suit the party needs.
Tents can be found in many local shops that focus on outdoor, yard or garden goods. There are as well specialty stores that work mainly on manufacturing tents. A quick search through the Yellow Pages can lead one to the nearest reputable seller. In the event that there is none in your locale, the Internet is a good place to source a tent from. Various tent manufacturers have websites that cater to this type of need. Aside from the manufacturers, there are as well retailers who offer competitively priced tents, which can be shipped to your doorstep in a matter of days.
Related Products
Aside from the large variety of tents available, many distributors also offer a series of party related goods, such as wedding marquees, garden pavilions, tables, chairs, buffet setup, fountains etc. Not only are these items perfect for weddings, they also can be utilized in a variety of events. The good thing about these tents is that they are durable and they are designed to be waterproof; additionally they offer protection against various external elements, such as rain showers that can ruin a perfectly planned event.
Renting Option
Even after the big day, the tents you have bought for your wedding can still be of some use. They can be good investments for those folks who enjoy throwing parties on a regular basis. They offer an additional outdoor space that can be setup easily when needed, and put away once done. However, those who do not want to be saddled with a wedding tent forever, can simply opt to rent one out. Renting a tent is just as convenient as owning one, especially for those people who do not see having full use of one year round.
Article Source: [] Using Tents for Your Wedding
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The Weirdest Weddings in the World

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By []Louise Adamson
White gown, blushing bride, walking down the aisle, huge cakes and a drunken uncle; these are all things we associated with the traditional English wedding. For some people, however, this is just too normal. We have found all of the weirdest weddings from across the world, which range from extraordinary feats to weird couples. Some of these weddings will make you scratch your head and think why anyone would want this for their big day!
Man Marries Himself
When we are unlucky in love and just can’t quite seem to find the right match, a lot of us turn to ourselves for support. One man in China took this quite literally. So literal in fact, when he was himself unable to find a partner he decided to marry himself. 39-year old Liu Ye, in front of more than 100 guests, married a foam cut-out of himself in a red bridal dress. Bizarrely, he said that he decided to marry himself to display his ‘dissatisfaction with reality’.
Man Marries His Cat
We all know someone who loves their pet just a bit too much, but a man in Germany took this to the extreme. After hearing that his faithful cat of 10 years was dying, Uwe Mitzscherlich made the completely sane decision to arrange a wedding for the two of them. Marrying an animal is illegal in Germany, so the feline loving groom paid an actress to officiate the ceremony. Hopefully, the bride didn’t feel too catty on her wedding day (sorry!).
A Woman Marries her Snake
Not wanting to be outshone by men, women have also been part of completely mental marriages. A woman in India, for reasons that must have seemed completely reasonable to her, fell in love with a snake. She said that although the snake is unable to talk, as he is in fact a snake, she could feel his love towards him and that he comes to visit her whenever she leaves food out for him. So, yes, that totally sounds like the snake is in love with her and not just hungry. The wedding was attended by 2000 people but, hilariously, the snake was unable to attend due to other commitments. I’m sure it must have been slightly depressing to think you can’t even get a snake to walk (or slither) down the aisle.
The Couple who Got Married While Bunging Jumping
I would think that a wedding day is stressful enough without being flung off a ledge 160 feet in the air, but a Belgian couple this seemed perfect. After taking their vows, Jeroen and Sandra Kippers leaped off a platform suspended by a crane. The wedding dinner then took place in the air, with a luxury 3 course meal being served to guests whilst being suspended hundreds of feet in the air. Luckily, the guests are strapped into their chairs, so there isn’t much chance of an accident. This service costs a whopping $25,000.
Superhero Themed Weddings
Superheroes have reached such a level of cultural saturation that they have literally found their way into every aspect of society. If the 700 Marvel and DC films that are coming out this summer aren’t enough, then you could always have a superhero themed wedding, which is what one couple did in England. Not only did they dress up as Wonder Woman and Batman for the ceremony, they made all their lucky friends and relative dress in costume as well. Everything from the cake to the decorations and venue was superhero themed. One guests dressed up as Lara Croft, who I’m sure received many awkward stares from the other attendees, as Lara Croft is in no way a superhero.
Article Source: [] The Weirdest Weddings in the World
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