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Decorations to your ceremony site can provide a personal feeling to you and your guests. The location of your ceremony is going to determine how much or how little decoration is allowed for. During the planning process, you should familiarize yourself with the location to learn what can and can’t be done. Some venues may be more liberal than others when it comes to decorations. The manager of the property should be able to advise you of any restrictions. You should insist to have any restrictions and rules included in the contract.

If you are lucky, decorations may already be included in the site fee. Event facilities specializing normally include items such as chairs, aisle runners, kneeling benches, candelabras, unity candleholders, and bridal archways in the site fee. If you choose a facility that does not, or only provides certain décor, than you’ll need provide your own decoration. Your wedding planner should be able to recommend local rental companies. Be sure that the decoration compliments the location and the style of your wedding.

When considering a ceremony location you should ask the following questions:

What are the fees, and what is included?

How much time is allowed for the ceremony? Is there are ceremony before or after yours?

Are their any restrictions regarding ceremony attire?

How many people will the venue hold? Is the venue insured?

How much are the cleanup fees, in case rice, birdseed, or rose petals be thrown?

Is there a changing room available?

Are there any restrictions regarding flowers or candles?

What are the rules regarding photography?

Are there any noise or music related restrictions?

Is there enough parking?

Does it have a view?

Be sure to get everything in writing. You may verbally agree on something, but requirements and concerns written in your contract are going to be more effective in case of any disputes.

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