Choosing the Best Hairstyle to Complement Your Wedding Dress by Tatiana Porembova

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You have sent out the invites and collaborated with your favourite wedding dress designers. Looks like you’re ready to go! But, as the big day draws near, it’s now time to focus on the finer details. One important element that you should give careful attention to is your hair. Many of brides-to-be overlook the importance of choosing a hairstyle that perfectly complements their gown – but it is extremely important.
The right hairstyle can help you pull off a more cohesive look that will further enhance your natural glow. Some brides wear stunning gowns from the finest wedding dress designers, but unwittingly spoil the visual effect with an incompatible, out of place hairstyle. Just like the fact that you won’t dare serve Chinese food to a French country themed wedding, you shouldn’t wear a certain hairstyle that contradicts the design of your gown and the theme of the event.
To point you to the right direction, here are a few tips from experts on how you should not only collaborate with wedding dress designers, but also with your hairstylist, to pull off that truly magnificent look every bride deserves on their big day.

Classic Designs

The classic gown design is generally best suited for women who want to look elegant and stick to a more traditional style. Typically, wedding dress designers use simple, clean lines and the necklines will skim along the collarbone, such as the bateau or the portrait neckline. For this type of gown, among the highly recommended hairstyles that complement the look are the simple bun or the timeless French twist. Since classic gowns are typically simple and lack elaborate embellishments, it is a good idea to add some hair accessories.

• Bateau neckline. This cut is best complemented with a sleek high bun. You can add a jewelled clip on the side or a simple headband that adds an understated sophistication to the overall look.

• Portrait or Queen Anne neckline. This type of gown is best complemented with an ultra elegant French twist. You can consider adding some texture on the hair. However, if the wedding dress is jewelled or made of intricate lace, keep the choice of jewellery around the face area simple to keep the look classic and not overdone.

Romantic Designs

Romance-inspired bridal gowns are pure poetry. The lines are flowy and designers typically use soft, billowing fabrics often with lace and embellishments. The necklines are generally designed to show more skin, either with a scoop or a sweetheart design. To complement the look, the hair should be soft and sweet, keeping things simple.

• Strapless gowns. With bare shoulders, you can allow your hair to hang naturally, styled into soft curls to frame the face.

• Scoop neck. A princess style gown can look stunning with a long side ponytail that effortlessly allows the dress to take centre stage.
Modern Designs

If you want to project a chic city look, modern designs range from the simple and minimalist to show-stopping avant garde designs with patterned materials and bold colours. These gowns typically have bolder, plunging necklines or high necklines but with elaborate details. The hairstyle should complement a specific style era. However, with modern designs, you can go ahead and break the rules.

• Asymmetrical neckline. If you want to project that elegant yet stylish look, a slicked back hair with waves can wonderfully complement this graphic neckline.

• High neckline. With this design, you can complement it with a retro-inspired bouffant that adds a whole new spin to your modern dress. This hairstyle adds height to your hair and at the same time makes your neck appear longer, which is important with high necklines.
By now you probably have a good idea on how hairstyles can complement your bridal look. Collaborate with your stylist well ahead of time and discuss the possible hairstyles you can choose from.

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