Creating a Wedding Ceremony Timetable by Juhlin Youlien

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Planning a wedding can be both an overwhelming and exciting challenge. There are so many details to think about, from the wedding invitations to choosing a wedding videography studio. There is a never ending list of things to do right from the moment your fiance proposed to you. It usually takes months or possibly years to plan and organize a wedding. There are a lot to accomplish in just little time but still every detail should be perfect.

To complete everything you planned for your wedding it is important for you to create a timetable. Following a timetable will be able to help the wedding day to go smoothly as possible. Every wedding is different so a timetable should be customized to each individual situation. The arrangements for large formal weddings begin as soon as the wedding day is set. Here are a few basic guidelines you can consider in making your own wedding ceremony timetable.

1. Three hours before the wedding, the bride and her bridesmaids should arrive at the church. They should begin putting on make up, curl their hair and put on their gowns. This will take about an hour.
2. Two and a half hours to two hours, the florist should arrive with the flower arrangements. This will include the bride’s bouquet, the corsages, flower girl’s baskets and boutonniere’s. This is also the time when the groom, his parents and the ushers will arrive. The ushers are in charge of pinning the corsages to the groom’s parents, bride’s parents and other honored guests. The flowers will be distributed to the bridesmaids and flower girls.
3. Taking pre wedding photographs have become popular. This is done once everybody in the wedding entourage is ready. This usually starts two hours prior to the ceremony.
4. After completing the pre wedding photography session approximately an hour before the ceremony, the bride and her entourage will take this opportunity to freshen up and retouch their make up. It is a good idea to offer snacks in the dressing but remember to avoid food that may possibly stain the dresses.
5. An hour before the wedding, it is the ushers job to direct the guests to their seats.
6. The pianists will begin the prelude to the wedding march as the guests arrive about twenty minutes before the wedding.
7. Fifteen minutes before the ceremony, check if every wedding participant is ready.
8. At about ten minutes, the groom’s parents are escorted to their seats immediately followed by the bride’s mother.
9. Finally the ceremony is about to start. The carefully chosen music for the wedding march will begin. Candle lighters will slowly light each candle down the aisle and proceed to take their seats. The officiating minister, groom and the best man take their places at the front of the altar.
10. The wedding entourage starts their walk with the flower girls leading the way. They will be followed by the ring and bible bearers with the bridesmaids close at hand. The maid of honor will be the last person to walk down the aisle as the pianist change the music for the bride’s entrance. Everybody will stand up in honor of the bride.

No matter how you organize your timetable, it really depends on your priorities. If you decide on having a wedding videography and photography session before the wedding, it is advisable to arrive at the church ahead of time to avoid delays on the actual ceremony. Careful arrangement and scheduling will allow you to truly enjoy every minute of your wedding day.

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