DIY Wedding Favors Aren’t As Hard As You Think by Lise Rina

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On your big day, you want it to look just right. It has to have flare, romance, and a look and feel that reflects you and your special someone. This includes the little details just as much as it does the dress and cake, so the favors have to be unique to you. In order to assess what kind of favors to get, you have to first look into what your budget will allow. If your budget is tight, and you want your big day to be unique, the best way to capture the feel is to make the favors yourself. The first step in making DIY wedding favors is to decide on a theme.

The theme should relate to you and your fiance’s relationship in some way, so lets take a look at some basic points. Where did the two of you meet? If there were sentimental or unique aspects to how you two came to be, this is a great place to start in coming up with the theme. The two of you have built your relationship on such memories, so why not include them in your big day?

Another good place to look would be in any hobbies or similar interests the two of you may have. If you both like to read, or maybe you love fishing, whatever it is that you and your fiance do together would be a good idea for an easy DIY favor. Maybe your families have similar wedding day traditions that you’d like to honor. If you could put a fun and creative spin on family traditions, it would be a unique way to remember the big day.

Once these points are brought up, you could look at the time of the year. A lot of couples base their themes on the season the weddings are to take place in, or holidays near which the big day is due to commence. This is a great way to decide on the colors that will be used in the decorations. Another possibility is the favorite colors of the bride and groom, if they correspond well.

Another way to pick the colors is to look at more physical features. You can use the place where you are getting married as a way to pick the colors, for example, you can pick greens if you are having a mountain wedding, or cooler shades like blues and aquas if you are getting married near a particular body of water. You should also look into how big or bold you want your favors to be, since this will effect how much time, effort, and money you will be putting into them.

Now that you might have an idea of what you want the favors to be, you can look into some materials. Some people favor shells over decorative plates, and some people like flowers while others prefer candles. All that matters is what looks right to you. Once the materials are gathered, you have to assemble them. This part requires a lot of hot glue, so you have to remember to put that on your shopping list. In the next paragraph I will describe how to make a few displays that I have seen used in the past.

Now that you have all of this, you have to actually put the favors together. This step is simple with a little creativity and bit of patience. Just visualize what you want, and piece together the materials, and then apply whatever binding tool you have chosen to hold it together. I have seen people use fish bowls with marbles in the bottom and silk flowers coming out of the top, and I’ve seen some use bubbles with a shear fabric bunched up over the top and tied off with a decorative ribbon. It all depends on your taste.

These are just a few of the simple, inexpensive favors that have been used before. Remember whatever you do, this is your day, and it should represent your relationship in a way that works for you. No matter what you choose to do, just know that the guests will go home happy knowing that they got to keep a little piece of your special day, and making the favors yourself will do even more to ensure that the memories are unique.

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