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Let’s be honest: a wedding without a ring is hard to imagine. First of all, it’s very uncommon for a wedding to no include rings. And those rings can’t be just a set of shiny things. But is that wedding ring the same ring you get during the proposal?

The Vena Amori
So, why do you wear a ring at all? When you’re engaged it’s simply to show others that you are engaged to be married in the near future. In other words: you’re taken. The ring that you get each other during your marriage replaces the one you got while proposing. Though sometimes it compliments the engagement ring. That choice is yours to make. Approximately three centuries BC the ancient Greeks decided that fourth finger of a hand is connected to the heart via a vein running through it. This vein was called Vena Amori, the vein of love. And with a ring around that finger your marriage is bound to succeed. Although nowadays the choice it yours on which finger you wear your ring. There’s no law!

From friendship to marriage
As said there’s an engagement ring prior to the wedding ring. And this is not just a regular ring. The engagement ring consists of a setting with a nice, shiny diamond. That diamond (and therefore the ring) is customizable to your own taste. That way you can make your engagement ring as unique and special as your engagement itself. In some cases the engagement ring is sort of like a friendship ring. But this is more something young couples do to save money for a real ring.

Which ring on which finger?
You choose yourself! Nowadays it doesn’t matter one bit on which finger or which hand you wear your engagement rings. But in the past it was a pretty big deal. All thanks to religion, of course. It was common that only the woman wears an engagement ring and during the wedding that engagement ring stayed on the left hand while a wedding ring was shoved onto the right hand. For Catholics it was the other way round. In modern times it’s merely a choice of what suits you best. And it’s not just the women that wear rings during their engagement. Some couples also use their engagement rings as wedding rings, or they use a smaller one to compliment the set. Whatever you like the most works, right? It’s your engagement, wedding and relationship. So fill it in the way you want!

Ring after the wedding
So when the wedding is over, you no longer need your engagement ring. Hello from eBay! No, just kidding. A lot of women keep wearing that engagement ring. And sometimes it actually becomes the wedding ring. Or it’s engraved or a little diamond is set in. There are so many options and choices that only one thing truly counts: whatever you want and feels best! That’s the main thing, right? Your love, your life, your rules. Enjoy it your way!

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