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When you’ve finished your perfect invitations it’s time for you to get them sent. Here is exactly what you should complete so that you can get your wedding day invites out in just the right way; merely follow all of these steps:

1. To start with, put the actual invite in the special inner envelope which came with the invites.

2. Cover that inner envelope in protective paper and place it inside a large envelope, that is generally supplied with the wedding invitation. When you put it within the envelope, make certain that the invite faces the rear of the envelope so that when it is opened the words on the inner envelope can be read.

3. If you’re sending a wedding reception invitation be sure to stick it behind the marriage ceremony invite, that is, between your invite and the outer envelope.

4. Place the RSVP card partly in its envelope and partially out of it. And then position the entire RSVP behind each of the other invites.

5. Last but not least, if you’re offering roadmaps and directions, put them behind the RSVP envelope.

6. When you address the outer envelope, employ some type of calligraphy or calligraphic writing. Hand writing the address contact info will be the proper conventional route and you ought to make every effort to accomplish that. However, with all the computers and top quality printers, if you’re in a bit of trouble or if you are having a contemporary wedding ceremony, printing the envelope on your printer using a calligraphy font would be satisfactory.

7. Get some good special postage stamps that will harmonize with and accentuate your wedding invitations and place them on your exterior envelope.

8. Hand carry your wedding invites to your post office and get all of them hand stamped in order to avoid the ugly scars and scrapes which the cancelling machines may cause.

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