Guarantee That Wedding Pictures Look Gorgeous

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By Irene Gutierrez

Clothes that fit

Make sure that all of the clothing fits properly. Clothing that is too loose can easily make a thin person look overweight and will look sloppy, but clothing that is too tight can make it appear as though some members of the wedding party are a bit on the heavier side. When guests look at wedding photos, it is one of the first things that will be noticed.

Instead of dealing with wardrobe malfunctions, soon to be brides are advised to put aside money for dresses and custom shirts, and then get them a month or so before the big day arrives to guarantee that they still fit properly. Most businesses can give an accurate price estimate to ensure that wedding couples have the correct amount of money put back.


A few key accessories can really make a wedding picture pop. Instead of just black and white, add in a pop of colour with a baby blue silk tie or handkerchief. Other ways to add colour to a wedding portrait include:

• Colourful ties look great against a white made to measure shirt

• A silk handkerchief in the pocket of a made to measure shirt

• Cummerbunds in coordinating colours

• A patterned vest

• Chequered socks

Accessorising is not just for the men. Women can dress up even more with curly hair, golden bun holders, and made to measure accessories. For beach weddings, check out the made to measure tote style bags, and for more elegant weddings, a silk hair accessory is the perfect touch.

Colour Coordinate

When couples let the wedding party buy their own attire, it can save a lot of money. On the other hand, it can also result in one person having a baby blue tie and another with a dark blue tie. Instead, take the time to select a tailoring company that specialises in made to measure shirts and accessories, and then send the entire wedding party to the same business. Speak with the owners first to make sure that everyone is on the same page, and that everyone looks the same. Whether it’s custom designed shirts or the colour of a silk handkerchief, it can make the world of difference when it comes time to take pictures.

By guaranteeing that a photographer has the experience and knowledge necessary and paying attention to the minor details, such as investing in some made to measure shirts and key coordinating accessories, every bride will wind up with pictures that will make them smile from ear to ear instead of being horrified when it comes time to pick out which pictures will make it into the wedding album. There will always be a few pictures that are taken at a less than desirable angle or that one person does not look perfect in, but there should also be more good pictures than bad ones. Following these tips will give every bride the peace of mind that they need to simply trust their photographer to take an album full of fantastic photos.

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