Guide to Wedding Limo Services by Cedric Loiselle

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Renting limos for weddings is a common practice for those who can afford. While these luxury vehicles are not your usual transportation option, because they are costly, they can be well opted for special occasions like weddings.

Knowing the Basics

Looking for a wedding limo is sometimes a challenge. Not only should you look for available wedding limousines but also for those that can keep up with schedule. You have probably heard of luxury wedding cars coming late on the wedding day. They really cause much exasperation, and you do not want to go through that. At the same time, there are limo services that suddenly will not show up because someone paid them bigger. Such is an unfortunate thing. Hence, it is necessary to look for a reputable limo service.

When to Book a Limo

Do not reserve a limo for your wedding next week! The ideal time is 6 months before the wedding so that your schedule can be logged. If you book late, you might be disappointed that most limo services are no longer available. You have wider options if you book early. Check all limo services available in town. It would also be better to check the available limos if you have time.

Where to Find Limo Services

They could recommend the limo service they availed of if they were satisfied. If your friends are all singles, then ask other people. A wedding photographer may be able to direct you to a reliable limo service company. Do not forget to check the yellow pages, too, and phone any limo service company that appears. You can also search the internet.

Personal Limo Inspection

Now, before making arrangements, you have to find out if the limo assigned to you on your wedding day is in good shape. It is common for companies to provide clients with 3-year-old luxury vehicles that no longer look luxurious due to age. Old cars can break down on your wedding day even if they are expensive. Seat upholstery can become torn. The exterior may not look posh anymore. How else would you be able to see if the car is in good condition if you don’t go see it in person? Remember, you are paying big for these luxury vehicles, so you better make sure you get one that looks new. Do not just rely on pictures posted on the company’s website. They may be old photos of the limo vehicles when they were new.

Considering the Budget

Hiring a limo for weddings is not something a lot of people are willing to do. Why? First, it is expensive, and sometimes it is not economical to spend too much. But there are many couples who want to look like a million dollars even just for a day. Limos may give a whole new level of experience for couples, but budget must be considered. Limousine services may be hired on an hourly basis or as part of a rental package. Check the quotes first, and keep in mind there is usually a gratuity, which adds to the actual rental price.

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