Guidelines For Your Bridesmaid

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By Imran Nasir

Having your friends involved with your wedding can be a unique experience. As a bride, you will learn very quickly that some dress types, and colors do not fit every person. Being the responsible bride that you are, you will lay out a few guidelines for your bridesmaids as they go to purchase their dress. A few things you need to consider is hair styles, matching styles, or matching colors. You want your bridesmaids to look great, but not make you fade into the background. Choosing with your bridesmaid on their dresses is where your input is the most valuable.

Hair Styles

If you have women with any hair type, one of the first obstacles you run into is what hairstyle will look best. Are you going to have a uniform hairstyle, or leave it up to the girls? You can set a guideline like “your hair needs to be off your neck” an altogether reasonable request. An unreasonable demand is that everyone dyes their hair the same color to look exactly alike. They are not twins; they should be different.

Dress Styles

Take a good, critical look at your bridesmaids. Are they mostly thin, curvy, and how much cleavage do they have? It is imperative to note that not every body type will look the same in one type of dress. For example, a sweetheart cut is great for just about every body type, so it is a good place to start. Remember, they were invited to be a major part of your wedding, you should try to ensure they look pretty that day too. Everyone is staring at them while your back is turned to your guests. Having your bridesmaid’s dress styles match is necessary for the flow of the wedding. If it is very laid back, there may be some differences in dress styles. If it is highly structured, very traditional, your girls will look much better in matching dresses.

Matching Colors

Matching the colors of your bridesmaids is another tricky process. Not every color will flatter every girl. That being said, have a few colors in mind for them. As long as they can accent your wedding colors, it will look great. If you were to alternate the colors of the dresses that always looks stunning. Again, this comes down to how structured the wedding is. If you want a general color palette up on your stage, have them wear a similar hue to your dress (or a pop of color if you are wearing white). Or you can let them choose their color that goes with the wedding that also fits their body type.

Choosing bridesmaids is hard, and their job is not easy either. On the wedding day, reward them for all their hard work by being comfortable in the dresses they are wearing. Comfort will show on their faces, and give a better vibe to the rest of your guests. Plus, if you are accommodating, you may get a better wedding present!

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