How Interviews for Wedding Videography Should be Done by Bill Cotter

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Interviews have helped us in many ways. In news casting, it has helped news reporters to communicate to their viewers what the real issue is in controversies that concern the public. In hospitals, doctors and other health care providers are able to trace the causes of illness among clients who seek professional health to cure their health problems. Researchers are also able to get their raw data through interviews and they become an integral part of their studies that can help them create a conclusion. These things may only be sets of questions but they can uncover many truths and many stories from different people that can affect their lives.

In weddings, an interview can also be part of the celebration. Well, it will not contribute to changing the world or cure illnesses but definitely, it is something that can tell the world how love stories come to their happy endings. It is also a way of letting the guests (especially those who are close to the bride and groom) express their best wishes for the couple. It may not be something that can contribute to world peace but it is something that can tell people how successful love stories are made. And this is done through a wedding videography.

This may be difficult to do especially on the wedding day because people will be very busy chitchatting with their friends. Some may be too busy helping out on the wedding. The bride and groom might be too busy entertaining the guests and focusing on their programs. However, the person who is tasked to do this job must know the right timing in order to get the job done. He or she may interview the couple days before to tell their stories in a different venue. It is important that prior to any interviews questions are already laid out to have spontaneity in the conversation. You also have to prepare questions that are asked in the right way, nothing too offensive and nothing too personal. Questions should be directed about the couple and highlighting their best moments and admirable challenges. Bottom line is every question should be asked with tact and they must be interrelated with each other. Remember, an interview for this activity has a goal. The interviewer must have control and must make sure to get the best parts of their story.

This is not done to sugar coat their love story in a wedding videography. It is also better for people to hear stories wherein they can smile and believe in love again; not to be gasped and to be disappointed with the awful truths in every relationship. This is because their stories and the good things about it, which has brought to this special moment, what makes weddings magical and happy. It is sacred and people who joined there did not come to witness or see the bitter part of every relationship.

In addition, when it comes to guest interviews, the interviewer should also ask them randomly, particularly the most important persons in their lives. He or she need not to ask all them. To make it more exciting, it should be quick and lively. That way it can be more fun and spontaneous as well.


Try to do this when taking videos in a wedding. It can have an amazing impact on the guests. In addition, greetings from the heart can reach the couple, as it will focus the person. Just remember, to plan it, have a flow and be tactful.

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