How to Choose a First Dance Song

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By []Neil Kristopher
The first dance at a wedding is one of the most pivotal moments of the night, as the couple shares a special moment on the dance floor that marks the beginning of the festivities and also of their life together. Many couples already have a favourite tune picked out for the big day, but for others, making the right choice can be much more difficult.
Although some couples do already have their own “song”, they may not feel that it is appropriate for a wedding setting or to dance to. On the other hand, some couples may not even have a song at all! For these brides and grooms, here are a few tips on choosing the right first dance song for you.
First of all, even if you have a first dance song and you believe it is too unconventional for your wedding, you may want to think again. Although you may be concerned about what others might think about dancing together to that cheesy 80s pop song that you and your partner have always loved, it is your wedding and you should feel free to select a tune that is the most meaningful to you.
If you are hiring a solo wedding singer, ask if he or she can prepare a rendition of the piece, which might make it more entertaining and original for all the guests. Otherwise, ask your DJ to play your unconventional choice as the first dance song, and prepare to not only to surprise you guests, but also to enjoy celebrating your union with a piece that means something to both of you.
If you prefer to go for something a little more classic, then why not ask your solo wedding singer or DJ for some advice? As these professionals are likely to perform at a great number of weddings, they are often able to provide some great suggestions of tunes that will be the perfect way to spend your first dance as a married couple moving around the dance floor to.
If you are hiring a solo wedding singer, make sure that he or she has the song already in their repertoire, or is able to learn it in time for your big day; your singer of choice will often be able to give you a clear indicator of how much time they need for learning a song before they are ready to perform it.
You can also conduct an online search and see the suggestions of other people when it comes to great songs for the first dance; using the internet is also a great way to remind yourself of tunes that you and your partner have both loved, but may have forgotten about.
However you find your shortlist of potential weddings songs, be sure to choose a track that is meaningful for you as a couple. This can be difficult to do, so spend some time with your partner listening to the lyrics of each song, seeing if any of the words resonate with you. Lyrics are very important – perhaps more so than the tune – so pay attention here.
You and your partner can also narrow down your list of potential songs by choosing a genre of music that you both like. You may both see a rock ballad as being first dance material, or instead prefer an upbeat pop song that starts your evening – and your life together – on an uplifting note.
Whichever song you do end up choosing, make sure that your DJ or solo wedding singer is aware of your choice and can perform it for you. It is best to confirm this early on to avoid disappointment.
Choosing a first dance song does not have to be difficult, it just requires some researching of possible suitable tracks, listening to lyrics and selecting a couple of choice genres to help you make a decision. In all cases, be true to who you really are as a couple without catering to your guests’ expectations, and you are sure to find a song that suits you both.
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