How To Entertain Guests At Your Wedding Reception by Mark Thomas Walters

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Weddings are a joyous occasion, not only for the bride and groom, but for all of their friends and family. It is a time of new beginnings, hope, and love. Amidst all of the preparation and formalities, there needs to be some fun too, and this is where the wedding reception comes in. The reception is, as its name suggests, for receiving the couple, but it is also for the guests to enjoy themselves. There are plenty of entertainment ideas for a wedding reception to keep it from getting dull.

At the core of any successful wedding reception is the music. It provides the soundtrack for the first dance, group dances, and, in all actuality, the entire evening. A professional deejay is a popular sight at many wedding receptions because they are in touch with all of the popular tunes of the time as well as the timeless mainstays that get everyone on their feet. Deejays can inject some comic relief with their banter on the microphone, keeping things lively. Wedding bands are also nice options for music provision, because they add a live dimension to the music, making for a more interactive experience.

One way to really make the evening unique is to hire a dance instructor. A reception doesn’t get much more interactive than when everyone is on the dance floor doing the Electric Slide or the Achy Breaky. A dance instructor can organize and choreograph the proceedings as well as make some hesitant dancers feel much more comfortable. Dancing doesn’t need to make up the entirety of the reception, and a magician is the perfect way to take the evening down an amusing path. As the middle portion of the night draws on, people are beginning to let dinner digest and may not be in the mood for a great deal of movement. A magician can perform parlor tricks and larger, more interesting illusions until it’s time to get back on your feet.

Setting up a chocolate fountain off to the side allows for a sweet snack for guests who are milling about or who want to grab a quick bite away from the hustle and bustle. Seating arrangements are important as well. Seating people together with similar interests is sure to get conversation going, leading to fewer opportunities for boredom. And at the end of the evening, a fireworks display would really send the event off with a bang.

Wedding receptions are meant to be entertaining. A mix of traditional activities with new and exciting pursuits results in a memorable event. Fun and happiness are the name of the game.

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