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There are various methods that you can transport yourself in your wedding day. Some people have their family or best man drive them, and a few people lease an expensive sports car for their special day. Indian weddings even use horse to transport the groom to the wedding site. Transportation is a wedding tradition that hasn’t changed as much compare to digital pictures in the recent days. Most people will still rent a limousine to transport the wedding party to the wedding site and reception.
Limousines come in all kinds of brand name and size. The capacity of passengers ranges approximately 6 to 20 people. Back in the 90s, Cadillac use to be common, however hummer seems to be the trend for the modern wedding limousine trend. Just as selecting the floral for your wedding day, choosing your limousine can be a headache because of the huge amount of choices available.

When you speak to your limousine companies, most of them will offer you all types of services you don’t need. In order to ultimately lower your expenses, it is a good idea to know precisely what kind of limousine service you need previous to talking with them. Try to make a decision on whether or not you want the whole wedding party to be transported, or it’s going to just be you and your fiancé. The pricing also differs based on the route you want to take. Make sure to reduce the traveling by buying the minimum required route to complete your wedding day’s transportation.

Better Business Bureau recommends shoppers to verify the limousine agency services and vehicles carefully and ensure that they’re reliable before you hire them. A number of complains against limousine company’s poor service include dirty vehicles, unsafe operations, unexperienced drivers, or insufficient vehicle capacity.
Here are some of the major questions you can ask your limousine company:

1. What kind of limousines do you have and can we see them?
2. What kind of packages do you have and what are the payment terms?
3. Are your drivers certified and are your vehicles insured?
4. What is your refund policy and may I see your contract?

Try not to rush into making an decision as just like choosing venue and hiring a photographer, cautiously choosing your limousine company is a vital factor in having a successful wedding day.

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