How to Make the Right Choice for Your Interfaith Officiant by Jason Hennessey

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Finding an officiant for your wedding may not be a big problem. However, when the two of you are from two different faiths with different religious practices especially during weddings, then care should be taken in order to get the right person for the job. This will help in avoiding conflicts which may arise from various family members who you share you faith with. It will also ensure each side is given equal opportunity so that they can feel part and parcel of the joint ceremony.

Legally qualified officiant
The officiant that you choose should be legally qualified to carryout wedding ceremonies. He or she should have at least officiated in a number of weddings either religious or civil. One who has officiated in weddings involving interfaith couples should be given preference over others.

Interfaith officiant
An interfaith officiant should know how to handle various aspects of religion in such wedding. Due to his or her knowledge of the various beliefs held by the two faiths, he or she can handle the ceremony without mistakenly favoring one side. The officiant can perform one part of the ceremony in one faith and end the other with the second faith. Or if possible, each faith can have an officiant doing their part alongside the other. This will work well for people who may not want to mix faiths. However, consultations between the two officiants and the couple on who conduct which part will be necessary.

Versatile officiant
Some of the interfaith officiants you will get may not be well versed with wedding customs and practices outside their own faith. These ones may only be in a position to administer simple marriage vows. Ensure that you yet a person who understands all needs of your ceremony.

Referral services
Online referral services are available and they should help you to get in touch with the appropriate officiant. Check to ensure that he has the qualifications that you want. Arrange a meeting with the officiant before the ceremony so as to clarify your needs and expectations. This will also ensure that you do not get an officiant from a city far away as it may result into more costs than one from your home town.

Consider a civil wedding
Civil weddings are the cheapest of all weddings. This is because they have no costs such as those encountered in church ceremonies, other religious weddings and reception. The only fee paid is that of the marriage certificate. The other good thing is that civil weddings are equally valid form of wedding under national or state laws. They can be used instead of interfaith wedding ceremonies especially in cases where the couple can not agree on which faith to go for in the wedding.

The normal procedure of blood test and availing witnesses also apply in this here. Officials involved in administering of vows include justices, judges and other legal officials permitted to join couples under the law. Prior arrangements should be made with official to schedule appointment for the occasion. One can still perform a religious ceremony after the civil wedding.

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