How to Plan a Successful Wedding in Winter

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How to Plan a Successful Wedding in Winter
By []Sharon R Chen
Most people think that planning a winter wedding is considered as a gamble because of the cold weather. Contrary to the common belief, in my opinion, a winter wedding can be unique and memorable if you can hold the wedding successfully. Here I will give you some useful tips on planning a successful winter wedding.
Embrace the season instead of neglecting it
Some people do not want to let the season dictates their wedding styles at first, but finally they realize that it is wise to embrace the wedding season they choose. In winter, there are many beautiful and natural ornaments, such as feather-like snowflakes, naked trees, frosted leaves and some others. A lot of people prefer to choose winter wonderland theme for their wedding parties, so you can also try that theme.
Winter-themed wedding invitations
Generally speaking, white is reminiscent of snow, so it is a traditional color for winter-themed wedding invitations. As wedding invitation cards are not sophisticated, you can totally DIY the invitations.
First, you need to buy some basic invitation cards.
Second, you can use some embellishments on the basic invitations cards.
Third, you can use a beautiful bow at the top of the invitation.
Remember that you need to talk to a postman to make sure your invitations are flat enough to mail. Besides, the embellishments and bows can be bought at craft stores.
Choose the right flowers for your winter wedding
Holding a winter wedding does not mean you can not have fresh flowers in your wedding. There are also many lovely and beautiful flowers in winter, such as white Narcissus, orchid, Madagascar jasmine and many others. The flowers mentioned above are all fragrant flowers which can scent the air with their fragrance. Moreover, these colorful winter flowers can make your wedding vigorous and most importantly, they are not expensive because they are in season.
Try to keep all people warm
As the weather in winter is not warm, you had better not choose strapless or thin satin wedding dresses which will make you shiver and feel cold. Instead, you can consider wearing long sleeve wedding dresses and buying bridesmaid dresses with sleeves for your bridesmaids. Besides the dresses, you can also prepare some ear warmers, gloves, scarves and snow boots for both you and your bridesmaids. Grooms can wear wool suits to keep warm. In order to make your guests feel warm and comfortable, you can serve them hot drinks, such as warm cocktails, hot chocolate, mulled wine and some others.
If you still have some questions about wedding planning, you can read my other articles. It is hoped that we all can find the best way to plan the wedding.
Author: Sharon R Chen
Sharon has read and written a lot of articles about wedding and she has her own unique insight.
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