How to Shop For Wedding Dresses

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By Alfred Ardis

Wedding dresses are available in a variety of shapes, styles and colors. Based on your personal taste and body type, selecting wedding dresses to try on can be a breeze. With a little bit of preparation and research, finding dream attire for the big day should be painless.

Do Your Homework

Before beginning your search for wedding dresses, spend some time looking at options online. This research will help inform you about what is available and the types of dresses that are in style. You can also get an idea of price ranges. If you find a designer who produces dresses that truly interest you, make sure the boutiques you plan to visit carry that designer. If they don’t, you can save a bit of time by skipping those stores.

Be Honest

Before shopping make a list of the parts of your body that you would like to emphasize as well as problem areas that you may need to hide. Try not to bargain with yourself about weight loss or fitting into a style that doesn’t flatter your current body. Because wedding planning can be so stressful, you should consider that you may not have the energy or ability to change your body along with all of your other planning responsibilities. Instead of creating more stress for yourself, identify flattering cuts and styles. Think about shapes that you currently wear and really like. Let this information guide your search.

Make a Budget and Don’t Budge

Wedding dresses can range drastically in price. Before shopping, make your budget and stick to it. Avoid trying items that are too far over your budget. This rule is especially important if you do not have a lot of excess cash to spend of your big day. Most consultants will ask for your price restraints early on in your visit to their boutique. If they don’t, offer the information to them. A salesperson who tries to show you items that are far above your maximum price should be avoided.

Start Early

Finding the right gown can take a long time, and it is only the first step of a long process. After you find it, the store will probably need to order it. This step can take up to two months! Then, you will need to have alterations and fittings. Try to start at least eight months in advance so you won’t feel rushed or buy something you don’t really love.

Looking for a dress for your wedding day can be an enjoyable experience as long as you follow this advice. Try to get a picture in your mind of your ideal dress. Think about the cuts, colors and styles that make you look your best. Start early in order to have the maximum number of options available to you. With these tips in mind, finding your gown should be a breeze!

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