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A wedding ring is meant to last the rest of your life, and therefore having inscriptions on the inside of your wedding ring is a wonderful way to show your love. A personalized inscription can be anything from a personal quote, to a simple I love you, but the important thing is to make it personal.

It’s important before you decide on what to inscribed on your wedding ring that you have it appraised by a jeweler. Let them know that you would like to inscribed something on the interior, and ask them their opinion. Some rings will hold an inscription better than others, and some have more room. It’s important to seek professional help when you decide on whether to inscribe, where to inscribe, and how much to inscribe on your wedding ring.

You may want to choose just to initial the ring, a simple inscription that can last for the rest of the ring’s life. Something simple such as initials take up very little room, and can never be embarrassing. It’s also a great way to have your ring handed down through the generations with the initials, they’ll never forget whose ring it was originally.

A nice gesture that can become an intimate surprise, and a wedding ring inscription can be done before the ring is given or when the ring goes in for cleaning, and then it’s a nice surprise for your loved one to discover that you’ve personalized their wedding ring.

Be sure that you use a qualified professional to inscribe your ring. Engraving is a delicate process and the content of the ring as far as gold, platinum, sterling silver or other metals need to be taken into account when engraving, what works for one type of metal may not work on another.

Another nice gesture is to have the dates along with the initials inscribed in your ring. This again, is something to help as the ring is handed down through the generations and becomes a monument to not only your wedding day but also your marriage

Of course, the other type of engraving is extremely personal including pet names, favorite quotes, or a simple way of saying hello or goodbye. Personal quotes can be extremely intimate, make sure that anything inscribed on the interior of your wedding ring is never, no matter how old you get, going to be embarrassing to your spouse

Inscriptions on the interior of your wedding ring can be a very personal and intimate occasion. You can have it done at any time while you own your ring, and can make it a surprise by having it done while the ring is in for cleaning. Make sure the quote is never going to be an embarrassment and makes a statement on your wedding ring that can last for generations.

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