Is a Destination Wedding Right For You?

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When you think of a destination wedding in its simplest form, you think of two people traveling to a destination away from home to get married. It can be just the couple, couple with family, or couple with family and friends. It most cases, it is quite intimate. However, it can be a much larger event, depending on the couple’s wants and expectations.

There are many factors that come into play when planning a destination wedding. The bride may have a dream of being married on a beach with a gorgeous sunset in the background or perhaps the couple sees themselves being married at a destination that is full of history and. While a destination wedding can fulfill fantasies and dreams, it’s not for everyone.

A destination wedding may be right for you if:

• You are inviting a small group of people: Smaller groups of people simplifies the planning and ensures everyone is there at the right time and place.

• Your guests all live in different places dispersed around the country: If your guests are going to have to travel anyway, why not make it somewhere exotic and fun! It may not be that big of a deal for them to take that extra day from work to join you for a more exotic destination.

• You are not interested in a traditional service: Maybe you have been married before and are an encore bride. Perhaps the traditional church service does not appeal to you. There are many possibilities you can explore such as a plantation, seascape, or foreign land that may sound appealing to you.

• The idea of combining your wedding and honeymoon is appealing: Maybe you find “no travel and no hassle” a good idea.

If you find yourself identifying with any of the ideas listed above you may want to consider these points as well:

• Who do you want in attendance? Do you have friends from college or grandparents and great-grandparents who are unable to travel long distances? How you will you feel if these people are not in attendance?

• Cost: Destination Weddings typically cost much less than the traditional wedding. This is often due to the number of attendees and number local vendors that you will employ that make things much simpler and less expensive.

• Are you the type of person who must be in control of every detail? For people who can “go with the flow” and tend to not sweat the minor details, maybe a destination wedding is for you. Considering the local options on an island may be minimal such as flower vendors, photographers, wedding officiates, and caterers.

While destination weddings are sometimes coined as “carefree” and “easy,” the couple needs to take into consideration the factors that go into planning a destination wedding. With the help of an experienced destination wedding and romance travel expert, your special day can be unique and memorable.

My name is Karen Snowdy and I am the Owner of Blissful Travel Escapes. I would love to help you plan your Destination Wedding, Honeymoon, or Romantic Getaway and make it tailored-made for your specific needs. If you are unsure about a destination for your special trip, I can provide a framework for you and guide you to choosing your perfect destination based on your interests and budget. Your wedding day and/or honeymoon is an once-in-a-lifetime trip and it’s important to get it right. You can reach Karen at 318-381-4965 or email her at []

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