Planning For That Special Day!

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By Roxanne Tanner

Since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of what my wedding day would look like if I were to ever get married. The princess ball gown, the tiers and tiers of wedding cake, the table decorations, the ideal venue, the guests, the wedding car and so much more. These days there are so many things to consider when planning your special day, and they need to be within your budget.


Imagine yourself as a vision of white walking down the aisle, about to embark on the next chapter of your life. Everyone’s eyes are on you and how beautiful you look but what style of dress are you wearing? Is it a fitted number covered in white lace? How about a princess dress with beading and embellishment? Well whatever you choose you have to make sure you feel comfortable in it as well as looking good. There’s no point having a dress that can make to look tiny at the waist if you can’t enjoy the food and dancing later in the day. Make sure you take your time to look around before making any final decisions. Remember the dress is one of the most memorable items that will be in all the wedding photos, so you want to make sure you choose wisely.


Traditionally the venue used to be one of the easiest decisions to make during wedding planning, due to the variety of religions. However more and more couples are getting married outside of the church boundaries, and in recent years there has been a sudden surge of weddings happening abroad. Again there is a lot to consider with the venue for example will the wedding and the reception be in the same place? If not then how far will it be to travel between the two? Travelling can be a real issue when it comes to weddings and it can deter guests from attending especially if they are elderly or really young.


Traditional wedding cakes are made up of a fruit cake mixture and can be anything from 2 tiers upwards. However given that about 75% of the population hate fruit cake (at least they do in my social groups), wedding cakes have been given a more modern twist. Some couples have had different tiers of different cakes for example a vanilla sponge base, a chocolate fudge centre tier and a red velvet top tier. Others have thought more out of the box and have had wedding cakes made from tiers of different cheese, this is personally one of my favourite options!


Dependent on your taste there are so many to choose from, some more unique than others, and when I say unique I mean really unique! In the last few years people have arrived in minis, camper vans (which are surprisingly quite popular), a London bus, an Army tank and so many more the list is endless.

However with your wedding day being one of the most memorable days of your life it’s important that your ride is something that best describes your personality. You don’t want to make any decisions by “jumping on the bandwagon” (excuse the pun), because when you look back you don’t want any regrets. Personally I would opt for something more classic like a Rolls Royce and would make sure I use a Wedding Car Hire service to also acquire a chauffeur as well, to add a sense of class, after all if it’s my special day, surely I deserve it right?

Although all weddings will have a similar process of events within the day, each wedding will be unique to the individuals it unites, meaning that no wedding will ever be identical to the next. Just make sure that when it comes down to that special day you relax and enjoy it so that you can reap the benefits from all that stressful planning.

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