Preserving your wedding memories by Yolanda Nash

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Ok, your wedding is over do you know how to preserve all of those special memories you created? Well if not I will give you some tips and advice to preserve every special item you used in your wedding.

Do you want to hand down your wedding dress to your daughter? Do you want to eat a piece of your wedding cake on your first anniversary? Do you want to use your wedding bouquet as a wall decoration? Well do not worry you still can as long as you follow these simple tips.

Your bouquet

To preserve your bouquet you will need to start drying the flowers right away. What you will need to do is hang the bouquet in a dark dry place for at least a week. When you check the bouquet make sure it is nice and dry and free of moisture. If needed dry for a few more days just to make sure. When you are completely sure your bouquet is dried then you can place it a nice curio cabinet or on a wall however you choose.

Your first piece of cake

If you do not have one buy a food sealer, you know one of those neat little small kitchen appliances that sucks all of the air out of the food you are sealing. When you have your food sealer take and suck all of the air out of the plastic bag you are sealing this way when it is air tight it will be good for a long time. This is not it though you want to be safe than sorry. Once you have it sealed you need to take and wrap some aluminum foil and wrap it up then you should be good to go. Just make sure you put your piece of cake in a good working freezer that will keep a constant temperature.

Your wedding dress

When starting the preservation process of the gown time is of the essence. The first thing you need to do is take it to the dry cleaners within a couple of weeks after the wedding. If you wait much longer than this some stains that the dress might have might not be able to be removed.

When taking to the cleaners you will need to make sure that the dress is properly cared for such as in applique, beading or embroidery. Make sure you get a really good idea of how they will be treating your dress. Ask of how many dresses they have cleaned and how long it will take.

The best way is to store your dress with acid free tissue paper and acid free box. When I say acid free I mean everything from the window of the box to the interior, if not you will get brown spots on your dress. You will need to remove all the padding of the dress including the shoulder pads and bust. You will need to lay the dress completely flat and do not store nothing else with it.

Do not store your dress know where else but a dry area where the temperature remains constant. Storing in a shed, garage or attic will not be a good idea because the temperature will fluctuate. Also check your dress every six months just to make sure it is still in good condition.

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