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A lot of care has to betaken while buying tuxedos for men. Many people rent a tuxedo. It is best to purchase a tuxedo which you can use whenever you need it. Designer tuxedo will be the best type to purchase. It is generally worn when a person is invited to a function. They are the best for wedding suits and are worn by the bridegroom and the best man. For such occasions a regular suit will not be acceptable.

Generally the tuxedo is available in black or dark blue. It will be the best color to buy and can be used for all occasions. However, care has to be taken to get the exact measurements so that the tuxedo gives a perfect fit.

You can purchase designer tuxedos from the famous companies such as Calvin Klein, Fiorelli, Perry Ellis, Ralph Loren and Tommy Hilfiger. These are available in single breasted with one button and double breasted with two buttons. You can the best designs and the latest models in these designer wear. These famous designers have even four buttons in both the single breasted and double breasted varieties.

The tuxedo shirt should have a wing or a turned down collar. The wing collar will be stiff and have a clean front while the turned down collar will have a softer, pleated front. The front part of the shirt should have a bib which should be tucked within the waist band and should not go beyond the suspenders.

Purchase a tuxedo trouser with two stripes if you are wearing a tail coat. With all other types of coats a single stripe trouser should be worn. The waist of the trouser should be high enough so that it is completely covered by the tail coat.

The coat should be of light weight material. It should be of dark colors except when worn during summer months. A single or double breasted coat will suit all occasions. A tailcoat or a black tie is only used for formal wear and special occasions. Single vents do not go well with a double breasted coat. A cummerbund or a vest is not worn with a double breasted coat. There will be need to button and unbutton the coat while changing from a standing to a sitting position.

You can choose either a shawl or a peak lapel which are the ones used for formal wear. A shawl lapel will make the round face look better and coats without vents will make a person look thinner. The coat should have a button on the lapel.

Designer tuxedos are very expensive. They have all the latest designs and you can choose from them. You should choose one that you like and that fits you perfectly. The whole effect of wearing the designer tuxedo should transform you into a person looking extremely smart in formal wear.

You can also purchase a designer at a low price from a departmental store, a thrift store or a men’s suit store. This is for people who cannot afford to buy an expensive designer tuxedo. This can be purchased at a very low price compared to the designer stores and hence will be affordable. Of course, the designer wear will definitely be much more expensive and you will be paying for the name of the famous designer. It will definitely make the person look the best in the designer tuxedo. The choice sat the thrift stores will be very limited. You can also shop online and get the designer tuxedo for a lesser price than at the designer shops. The reason for this being that they do not have to store the tuxedos and so the cost saving in the inventory is given to the customers. Be sure to choose an online store that offers good quality products.

Keeping in mind all the details, you can shop at the various stores or shop online to get the designer tuxedo of your choice, depending on your budget.

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