Some tips to organize a wedding reception by Michele De Capitani

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The wedding day is not only the moment when two people seal their union, it is also a chance to celebrate. Certainly the ceremony, be that religious or civil, is the solemnest moment of the day, we might say that it is the climactic moment, the core of each wedding day, but the lunch or dinner with relatives and friends is definitely the moment when bride and groom release their tension and can really have fun with their guests. No matter if you organize your reception in a restaurant or if you choose a different location, perhaps a villa in a picturesque place: in any case the reception is an essential feature of your wedding, and it has to be organized paying attention to many different things.

First of all, you need to consider the budget you have at your disposal. A sumptuous reception can really fleece you, especially if you have extended the invitation to many people. According to Eurispes, which has carried out a survey about wedding costs in Italy, the reception is the part that most affects the total costs of the wedding day: the reception in Italy costs on average 6,000 euro, and in general we can say that in the south of Italy receptions are usually more expensive than in the north. The average price of receptions in Italy is so high also because only few couples choose a reception for few people: according to Eurispes, indeed, over 55% of couples invite more than 100 people. Thus if you have a limited budget you might want to consider the idea of a less sumptuous reception, with a smaller number of people, and choose a standing buffet or, if you would like to do something unusual, you can offer an informal reception, organizing a barbecue or a picnic.

If you want to choose something more traditional, spending a bit more money, you can organize the reception in a restaurant. The choice of the restaurant is to be done after considering different factors. First of all, the style of the restaurant: before you book have a look at the room where the reception is supposed to take place and discuss the table arrangement with the person in charge of this. If you want to be sure that food and service are good, you can have a dinner in the restaurant before you book. Secondly, if you do not have an alternative location where to take photos, be sure that the restaurant has a garden or other nice places. Last but not least, consider the distance to the restaurant from the church or the town hall, which should not be too long, especially if some of your guests come from far away. All these variables are to be kept into consideration also if you choose another location, like an ancient villa or a castle, the perfect places if you want your wedding to be a fairytale one.

Another important choice is that of the reception time: it usually depends on the time when the ceremony takes place, and the most popular moments are dinner and lunch. But if you want to try something new, you can organize a breakfast, a brunch or a drink in the aperitif time.

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