Staying on the Safe Side With a Wedding Insurance Policy

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By Kamil Rauf

It may sound kind of out there, the idea to make insurance plans for your wedding – but is it really? Just think of how much money usually goes into an event like this, from the wedding rings, to booking a church, a caterer, transportation services, maybe even accommodations for traveling guests, catering service to a reception venue booking. It kind of adds up, doesn’t it? And short of being absolutely sure that everything will go smoothly and there’s no doubt that all services will perform as advertised, there’s no way to ensure that you get at least part of your investment back if something terrible happens.

That being said, there’s no wonder insurance companies offer wedding insurance policies to interested parties. What you have to remember is that when you’re planning your wedding, everybody from the baker, to the wedding videographer, to caterers and drivers are all people, and things can happen which may prevent them from performing their services. Worse yet, tragedy can strike everybody at any time, and you’re no exception – and a total cancellation of the event can cost you quite a pretty penny if you’re not insured.

Wedding insurance can cover a lot of different things, and figuring out what exactly you should include in the policy can be tricky business. You don’t want to overpay for insurance, but the truth is that most people who get such a policy don’t know certain details about the services they order. So, for example, if your jeweler offers a guarantee for the wedding rings and you’ve paid by credit card, then there’s no reason you should insure them for potential damages incurred to them before you actually get them. However, once they’re in your possession, you’ll probably be safer to have them insured in case they get lost or stolen.

Another important thing you need to consider having insured is the down payment for the venue. This is even more important if you’ve paid the full amount of money for it, as it stands to reason there might be a risk of something happening and you not being able to keep your wedding reception there. Having that insured will allow you to rest easy, knowing that alternatives can be considered on the spot, without you having to wait for the old venue to refund your expenses.

A few more things you might seek insurance for are caterers and the attire for the wedding you and your partner will wear. These are again items which can easily get cancelled in serious circumstances and you wouldn’t want to be left out of these important aspects of your wedding.

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