Storage and Preservation Options for Wedding Dresses

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By []Andrew Stratton
If you opt to keep your gown after the big day, you will need to store it correctly to ensure that it remains beautiful. Simply tucking it into a garment bag and hanging it at the back of your closet will not be enough to keep the fabrics in pristine condition. When it comes to wedding dresses, it is important to explore your storage options to choose the one that you’re your needs.
First Things First
Before you move ahead with storage, you will need to have your gown professionally cleaned to prepare it. A local dry cleaner may not have the skills and equipment necessary to perform this task properly, so consider hiring a company that specializes in the cleaning and preservation of special dresses and gowns.
Whichever company you choose, ask questions about the process. Ask whether the company uses a wet- or dry-cleaning process. Wet cleaning is more effective for removing food stains and dirt along the hem. Wet cleaning is also preferable because it does not leave chemicals behind in the fibers. Dry cleaning uses solvents that can have negative health and environmental impacts. If a company uses the dry-cleaning method, ask about the solvents used. It’s optimal for the company to use virgin solvent during the process instead of a recycled solvent that could contain dirt from other garments.
Preservation Benefits
Once your gown has been prepared, it’s ready to be preserved. Storing wedding dresses has a number of benefits. You will prevent the fabric from yellowing or developing oxidation spots. You will also eliminate the risk of permanent creases in the fabric. Preservation also eliminates the risk of mold and mildew. Light and dust are also common enemies of wedding dresses. Preservation effectively seals the fabric to prevent damage from light and dust.
Storage Options
You have several options for permanent preservation of your wedding attire.
– You can choose a sealed, acid-free box, often with a window area to enable you to see the gown. Generally, a company will use acid-free tissues to fill out the folds of the fabric to prevent creases. This option effectively seals the fabric from oxygen.
– Another box option involves boxing it in similar fashion to the sealed method. However, this box is not permanently sealed to prevent oxygen from reaching the fabric. With this method, you can open the box, take out your gown, and then return it to the box. The benefit of this access is that you may prevent permanent creases from developing in the fabric.
– A third option involves placing the attire into a special muslin garment bag designed to protect it from dust, light, permanent creases, mold, and mildew. With the garment bag, your gown hangs so that it is not folded. It’s important to store the garment bag in a climate-controlled environment, such as a closet in your home.
After exploring your storage options for wedding dresses, choose the one that fits your desires for your special gown. With proper care, you may be able to pass your attire down to one of your children for their wedding.
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