Suggestions for DIY Wedding Favors by Tiffany Jordan

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With today’s brides looking for the best ways to cut their wedding budgets, creating your own wedding favors has become a chic and popular idea. Yet, the best do-it-yourself, or DIY wedding favors, are those that look like they were store bought. Buying items at discount chains, and in bulk, will definitely help you stretch your dollar as much as possible. There are many ways to accessorize the items you bought to give them the appearance of professionally created wedding favors. Still, the best part of DIY wedding favors is that you are free to be as creative and funky as you would like. Nothing is more customized or more personal than DIY wedding favors.


Candles make great DIY wedding favors, since they can be purchased in bulk and are usually pretty inexpensive. The variety of sizes and colors make them a big hit regardless of the style of wedding favor that you are trying to create. Buying tag sheets are a quick and easy way to turn do it yourself wedding candles from glob to glam. The variety of tag sheets available is so enormous, that you have the option of creating a favor that is either classy or funky, or anything in between. You should also never underestimate the wow factor that is received from monogrammed ribbons.

Wedding Favor Box Kits

Wedding favor box kits are also very easy to create, and are a big hit amongst weddings. The best thing about these favors is that you can take them a step further and fill the boxes with personalized candies, confetti, or anything else you like. You could also leave the boxes empty for your guests to enjoy filling themselves. Similar to candles, wedding favor box kits can be easily accented with personalized tag sheets and a beautiful ribbon. Similar to box kits are the newer trend of favor box cones and mini bags.

Do it yourself wedding favors often allow you save money since you are buying your items in bulk. This allows you to feel free to create your own wedding favor marketing department. You can personalize anything for your guests from water bottles to candy, and anything else you can imagine. To ensure that everything has that professional look, you can also purchase the personalized labels or tags to place on them.

Potted Plants

Small potted plants are becoming a popular eco-friendly gift in the recent years. If you have time, and a green thumb, consider creating small potted plants for your guests. These plants can first be used as place cards, and then can be planted in their yards after the wedding is over. Although this is a DIY wedding favor project that is more involved than most, the fruits of your labor will be earth friendly and unforgettable.

Do it yourself wedding favors can also be based on the season, theme, or location of your wedding. For example, wedding held in December may incorporate personalized candy canes. While, beach weddings may allow guests to leave with tiny vials of sand. A few fall weddings have utilized pine cones. However, this may be a great opportunity to create DIY boxes or cones and fill with pumpkin seeds to commemorate the time of the year.

For the computer savvy, creating wedding favor bookmarks are also a great way to show your family and friends that you care. Bookmarks are cheap and easy to make yourself, and they can be personalized with quotes, poems, scriptures, or whatever you may like.

If you are a real techie, then consider creating your own electronic wedding favors, such as mixed cds of the songs that will be played at your wedding, or a picture cd of pictures of the bride and groom throughout the course of your relationship. You can also use tags and labels to give the gifts a more professional feel.

Another way to get creative is to introduce any and all cultures that represent both families. By infusing DIY wedding favors with cultural tidbits such as cloth patterns, parables, and other symbols of your culture. This not only adds creativity to your DIY wedding favors but also acts as away to bring the various cultures together.

Many brides worry that do it yourself wedding favors are so time consuming during a planning process when extra time is scarce. However, DIY wedding favors are so easy to handle that, after enlisting your bridal party and family members as extra helpers; you will be done in no time and satisfied with the final product.

Many brides consider throwing production parties with your bridal party. Putting your bridesmaids and groomsmen to work can be a wonderful pre-wedding bonding experience. This is a great way to create lasting memories of your wedding, have fun with your friends, and, with the exception of the cost of snacks, get free labor.

Tiffany Jordan is a freelance writer who writes about family events such as weddings, often discussing a particular aspect of weddings such as wedding favors.


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