The Craziest Wedding Venues

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By Antoinette Ayana

All weddings are special. Any time two people in this world come together to express and commit to their mutual love, it’s a beautiful occasion. Perhaps because of this, some people really go out of their way to find wild wedding venues to make the event all the more memorable. These are some of the most unusual places people have tied the knot.

Taking the Plunge

Mike and Crystal Vartanian wanted to start their relationship with a ceremony both meaningful and deep; 20 feet deep to be exact. The Vartanian nuptials were held underwater off the coast of La Jolla in San Diego, CA. The bride donned her gown over her wetsuit and the groom followed suit with his tux. When the couple said their vows, they read them over a radio in the mouthpiece of their scuba gear. Crystal Vartanian said that “if you’ve seen one wedding, you’ve seen them all. We wanted to give our guests something to remember.” Many in the wedding party had never gone diving before and got certified just for the occasion. To carry on the theme, they had the reception dinner at the San Diego aquarium.

Up in the Air

Flying is generally not something people enjoy, but for Dottie Coven and Keith Stewart, one flight was the happiest day of their lives. The couple racked up enough frequent flyer miles to get tickets for their friends and decided to turn something that people might dislike and give it a joyous association. They got married on a commercial flight from Nashville to Dallas in front of 30 family members and friends, and a whole bunch of confused, then amused, passengers. The flower girl even passed out peanuts as she made her way down the aisle, and the airline was nice enough to give the newlyweds two complimentary tickets for their Caribbean island honeymoon.

What a Rock!

Marriage is the pinnacle of relationships, the peak that lovelorn singles aspire to climb. Bob and Antonie Ewing gave a literal interpretation of that metaphor when they picked one of the more inaccessible wedding venues around. The Ewings pledged their love to one another atop the 900-foot south peak of Seneca Rocks in West Virginia. The granite spire rises vertically from the base and requires technical mountain climbing ability to summit. Both bride and groom were avid rock climbers who had summited the peak before together and couldn’t think of a more romantic spot. The groom’s brother was the only other person with them on the small space atop the rocky outcrop. Most impressive, the bride made the climb in a vintage wedding gown that her mother had worn. Other members of the wedding party watched from neighboring peaks and the party had a larger repeat ceremony at a more accessible venue the next day.

If you are looking for a memorable place to get married, remember these wedding venues have already set the bar pretty high (and low).

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