The Wedding Ceremony Order by Uchenna Ani-Okoye

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The wedding ceremony order varies depending on the country you live in and the religion you subscribe to. In every religion you will find unique established customs, rituals and traditions relating to wedding ceremonies, apart from the wedding ceremony order. Typically, the wedding ceremony order or wedding programs can be broken down into three different components: the introduction aspect, the event order component, and the acknowledge part.

1. Seating of the bride and grooms parents and the bridal party entrance: When everything begins, the seating of the parents is first followed by the bridal party entrance. The traditional angle is for the men at the party to proceed in from the side, with the women proceeding down the aisle. The bride will then enter led by a family member or friend.

2. Opening commentary and first music: The opening commentary is to begin after the first theme music has been played.

3. The first reading and declaration of the intent: We begin with the first reading followed by the declaration of the intent. The order of the wedding readings and music plays a massive role as you are able to personalise the wedding through the readings and music.

4. Question of intent: during this phase, the question of intent, officiates will ask specific questions to the groom and bride.

5. Declaration of consent: This is a process that is typically only seen in protestant wedding ceremonies, where officiates will ask, “Who gives the woman to be married today”, and the father will reply, “I do”.

6. The exchange of vows: The formal exchange of vows between both the groom and bride.

7. The exchange of wedding rings: The groom will put the wedding ring on the bride’s finger, and the bride will follow suit, placing her ring on the groom’s finger.

8. The blessing of the rings: The groom and the bride will make statements to one another and make a vow that they will spend the rest of their lives together. This is a process that takes place after the rings have been put on one another’s fingers.

9. Special celebration acts: Lighting of a unity candle by the groom and bride, flower giving process to the parents, blessings of a medallion may form a part of the wedding celebrations.

10. Marriage pronouncement: Officiates will now pronounce the bride and groom, husband and wife.

11. The bride and groom kiss: The bride and groom kiss for the first time as married couples.

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