The Weirdest Weddings in the World

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By []Louise Adamson
White gown, blushing bride, walking down the aisle, huge cakes and a drunken uncle; these are all things we associated with the traditional English wedding. For some people, however, this is just too normal. We have found all of the weirdest weddings from across the world, which range from extraordinary feats to weird couples. Some of these weddings will make you scratch your head and think why anyone would want this for their big day!
Man Marries Himself
When we are unlucky in love and just can’t quite seem to find the right match, a lot of us turn to ourselves for support. One man in China took this quite literally. So literal in fact, when he was himself unable to find a partner he decided to marry himself. 39-year old Liu Ye, in front of more than 100 guests, married a foam cut-out of himself in a red bridal dress. Bizarrely, he said that he decided to marry himself to display his ‘dissatisfaction with reality’.
Man Marries His Cat
We all know someone who loves their pet just a bit too much, but a man in Germany took this to the extreme. After hearing that his faithful cat of 10 years was dying, Uwe Mitzscherlich made the completely sane decision to arrange a wedding for the two of them. Marrying an animal is illegal in Germany, so the feline loving groom paid an actress to officiate the ceremony. Hopefully, the bride didn’t feel too catty on her wedding day (sorry!).
A Woman Marries her Snake
Not wanting to be outshone by men, women have also been part of completely mental marriages. A woman in India, for reasons that must have seemed completely reasonable to her, fell in love with a snake. She said that although the snake is unable to talk, as he is in fact a snake, she could feel his love towards him and that he comes to visit her whenever she leaves food out for him. So, yes, that totally sounds like the snake is in love with her and not just hungry. The wedding was attended by 2000 people but, hilariously, the snake was unable to attend due to other commitments. I’m sure it must have been slightly depressing to think you can’t even get a snake to walk (or slither) down the aisle.
The Couple who Got Married While Bunging Jumping
I would think that a wedding day is stressful enough without being flung off a ledge 160 feet in the air, but a Belgian couple this seemed perfect. After taking their vows, Jeroen and Sandra Kippers leaped off a platform suspended by a crane. The wedding dinner then took place in the air, with a luxury 3 course meal being served to guests whilst being suspended hundreds of feet in the air. Luckily, the guests are strapped into their chairs, so there isn’t much chance of an accident. This service costs a whopping $25,000.
Superhero Themed Weddings
Superheroes have reached such a level of cultural saturation that they have literally found their way into every aspect of society. If the 700 Marvel and DC films that are coming out this summer aren’t enough, then you could always have a superhero themed wedding, which is what one couple did in England. Not only did they dress up as Wonder Woman and Batman for the ceremony, they made all their lucky friends and relative dress in costume as well. Everything from the cake to the decorations and venue was superhero themed. One guests dressed up as Lara Croft, who I’m sure received many awkward stares from the other attendees, as Lara Croft is in no way a superhero.
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