Think About Proximity When Considering Apartment Locations by Felix Richerd

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When you first look for an apartment, it may be tempting to find the best deal first, rather than taking other aspects of apartment hunting into consideration. Though getting a great deal is important, and is something we’ll discuss later, one of the first considerations you should be making is what location suits your needs best.

Here we discuss about proximity when considering apartment locations:


1. The apartment you choose to live in should ideally bring together a balance between price, and proximity to locations you visit often. Mark down on a map the locations that you visit most frequently and feel you may want near by.

2. If you are moving to a new town you should start off with the locations that you know of that you need to be near (employment for instance) then consult a map to see if the area has different amenities near by that suit your needs.

3. Once these locations are marked, you should have a strong idea of the general location that suits your needs best. Here are a few examples of locations you’ll want to mark down:

1. Employment
2. Schools (if applicable).
3. Medical attention (hospitals, doctors offices, dentists, pharmacies).
4. Shopping (groceries, supplies, clothing).
5. Transportation: public transportation, highway access.
6. Any other locations you feel are important.

4. If you find there are a few residential areas that suit your living needs, factor in some other locations that may increase your fondness of an area, some examples include:

1. Restaurants
2. Public Parks
3. Community Centers
4. Athletic/ recreational facilities
5. Religious centers
6. Entertainment (theatres, cinemas, concert halls, ect)

By finding these locations on a map, you can create a general radius of areas that suit you. If numerous areas suit your living situation, colour code according to preference. This may help when going on to look at other aspects that should be taken into consideration when finding the best location for you to live in.
Next time we’ll offer advice on how to choose your location once you’ve found a few general areas you feel that you would be comfortable living in.


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