To ‘Clutch’ or Not!

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By Achal Mehrotra

Themed and location weddings may have changed the way weddings are planned these days but somethings never change. The bride’s wedding outfit has remained the staple white in color although every wedding season brings in a new style – traditional, modern, Victorian, flouncy, layered etc. in various fabrics like silk, satin, lace, taffeta, mesh and so on. Among the most important accessories that complete the bridal outfit is the wedding clutch. Although the bride may not be able to carry a clutch for an obvious reason like holding the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaid or the ‘maid of honor’ will be tasked with ‘clutching the clutch’!

Most women find it very difficult to choose appropriate accessories to wear to a wedding; it’s almost as difficult as what dress to choose. Weddings can be formal or casual and the time of year also matters a great deal as it dictates the kind of material choice. However, there are some basic rules that can help make quick decisions.

Material and shape

There is a wide range from beads, embroidery, fur, knit, leather, satin, sequins, silk, velvet and so on. Most importantly, clutches made from beads and sequins are very fragile and edges can sometimes catch in the dress while satin, silk and velvet can get dirty quite easily. A curvy woman would do well to choose a rectangle shaped bag; for someone tall and slim, a round shaped bag is ideal. Clutch shapes have become bold and beautiful including the likes of heart-shape, lip-shape, bottle-shape and fan-shape etc.

Matching the accessories

A certain level of matching is recommended without overpowering. A beaded dress bodice calls for a beaded clutch but if the dress is fully covered with sequins, a matching sequined bag will be completely out of place. Another subtle way is to accessorize clutch with the jewelry. Silver jewelry will go well with matching silver clutch; gold knob or embellishments on a clutch will look weird when paired with silver jewelry. A great way to get the perfect look is to match a red clutch with ruby jewelry, a green one with emerald jewelry and so on.

Strap or no-strap

This is entirely a matter of personal preference. A wedding clutch is only meant to hold essentials like a tissue, an eye pencil, a lipstick or gloss and of course, the cell phone so one without a strap adds to the classy look; however, that leaves only one hand free! A strap bag however ensures that the clutch doesn’t get left behind on a table or on the wash-room counter.

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