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Weddings are romantic occasions. Wedding planners make sure the ambiance of the event shouts love, romance, and happiness—from the flowers, to the reception hall decorations, to the music.

Music plays an important part in a wedding. It sets the mood for the couple as well as the guests. Slow music is played for slow, romantic dances while fast music is played as the people party the reception away. But the big question most wedding planners will ask is, “Are we going for a band or a wedding DJ?” But before you answer and make assumptions, consider some the pros and cons of the two options.

Wedding bands are hired mainly because most people prefer live music, which is a valid factor to consider when choosing between a disk jockey and a band. Song requests are also a lot more fun because you can ask them to up the tempo if the guests feel like dancing. Of course, you can also do that with wedding DJ’s but the sound quality won’t be the same. Bands can also blend-in with a wedding’s theme—for example: 70’s music for retro style weddings. The band’s vocalist can also serve as a pseudo host for the wedding reception.

However, if you’re wedding-planning on a budget, chances are a wedding DJ will easily fit in to the set budget. Good wedding bands can cost up to $2000 while a disc jockey will ask for a lot less. Also, one common problem with bands is that they can stick to just one genre. Some wedding bands can really only play one sound, and have a hard time switching genres or styles. You might find yourself with one that is either too classical, too jazzy, or just plain too wedding-band-like. And, if you’ve got a favorite song, they may not be able to play it well; unless you really hired them because they play you’re type of music. Wedding DJ’s have huge collections of music, covering different styles and genres. Switching from one song to another won’t be a problem with DJs. In addition, adjusting the volume of the music is a lot easier with wedding DJs because they can easily turn down their equipments. Wedding bands, on the other hand, use live instruments that are often too loud (especially for the people seated near the stage).

Bands will also need to take breaks, meaning there will be portions of the wedding with “dead air.” This can turn down the energy of your guests and it takes away the fun. Even if people are only eating, continuous music ensures a more positive ambience for everyone in the room. A wedding DJ simply presses a button and music can play until everyone goes home.

Of course, there is the possibility of hiring a bad disc jockey for the wedding—one that is always on autopilot, playing boring songs while also looking bored during your special day. Make sure you ask your wedding planner to get a high-energy DJ—one that peps-up the guests when they look bored. Employ the help of wedding DJ services with good track record. Or, if you know one personally, and they pass your standards, the less trouble for you.

If you decide on hiring a wedding DJ, remember this: They are not only there to play music; they are also there to host the reception and do tasks like calling the attention of the guests when it’s time to cut the cake or asking the father of the bride to take his daughter for a dance. When looking for a DJ, ask about the type of events they’ve done. Ask yourself if you feel good upon meeting them. Ask the people you know about reputable wedding DJ services in your area of Tampa, FL.

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