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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and too often the entire day and night flies by without the bride and groom getting to actually stop and enjoy it. There’s just so much to plan, and so many details to stress over. Instead of living in the moment you come together with one person for the rest of your life, you end up getting tangled in hundreds of little problems and puzzling scenarios to make sense of. So it’s no wonder that any service that can take some of the guesswork and stress out of the day is a lifesaver. That service could provide that much more time for the happy couple to focus on what really matters on their special day.

Transportation is a huge issue for weddings. Many weddings involve two sites, one for the ceremony, and one for the reception. Sometimes there is an after-party. Pictures might be taken at a different, scenic location. So how to get everyone around? Transportation can make or break the day. The last thing you want is to run late because of a tardy driver. And you don’t want to worry about family members or bridal party members driving and carpooling. Taking the time to look into wedding limousine services can save the day, truly. Getting to know your limo company will help you trust their drivers, and this will be one thing you can relax about – and maybe remember why this day is so very special for a few moments before you start stressing over the centerpieces! Plus, you want to shop around for the best prices possible. A limousine service isn’t the only option for wedding day transporting. But it might be the best.

What is Wedding Limousine Service?

You don’t want to worry about driving on your big day, nor should you worry about coordinating others to drive. You can hire a limousine – or more than one – to be at your beckoned call for the day. This way, you can sit back knowing everything is arranged. You and your family and/or bridal party will be picked up and taken to the site of the ceremony, and, if different, from the ceremony site to the reception site. You and your bride or groom can even hold onto the limo to leave your reception in. If you put in the time to find the right company, this can be a relaxing, comfortable, and convenient experience at the right price for you.

Keep in mind that most services have a minimum of three hours for the day. So, it’s most likely that you won’t find a service that will just pick you and drop you off. But, according to, three hour packages typically run from only $250.00 to $300.00. Sound steep? Think about how much more expensive most of the other vendors for your wedding are. Transportation is actually a huge aspect of the day and yet it is definitely one of the least expensive. You can shop around to find packages on the lowest end of the range, just keep in mind more exotic style limos are more costly. For these prices, though, you really get the most out of the service by letting the limo take you to the ceremony, wait, and then take you to the reception. From there it is your call. Remember: you should reserve your limo(s) six to nine months in advance to make sure you get the limo and package you want.

Who is the Wedding Limousine Service Perfect For?

Anyone getting married of course! Unless, obviously, you’re having a backyard wedding or something along those lines, then clearly transportation is not needed! The only reason to skip a limo service is if you are on an extremely strict, low budget, with no frills. Otherwise, the limo is an ideal option for any wedding.

What are the benefits of the Wedding Limousine Service?

Convenience, convenience, convenience. Again, you want to be able to relax a little and worry about one less thing – this will bring you one big step closer to being able to totally focus on the magic of the day. Your wedding day will fly by, it’s so important to savor it. So let a limo service take some of the load off and figure out the transportation for you. How nice will it be to have the driver waiting for you whenever you have to go from one site to another? Plus, a lot of services will give you deals and packages so you can use their limos for your bachelor/bachelorette parties, shower, anything you need!

What are the risks/downsides?

While the basic package is surprising affordable, there are quite a few factors that can boost up the price. For example, a wedding in the spring is more expensive to book limos for, because the demand is so much greater, plus it’s prom season, etc. Again, shop around. Some services boost their prices up to 30% in the spring, but not all do. Make sure you find one that doesn’t go up that much. Also, the size of your wedding party makes a big difference. If it’s on the larger side (over 12 or so people), you might have to go to a more exotic style, like a stretch SUV, or get more than one limo. This, of course, will also increase the price. But don’t settle. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Make sure you see every option possible to fit your wedding party so you can figure out the most cost effective choice.

Make sure you get a contract with your limousine service. This isn’t mandatory but what’s the downside? There isn’t one: this contract will save you in case of a snag, which hopefully won’t happen.

Do all the hard work planning six to nine months in advance when you book, so when that day comes, you can kick back and relax in your limo with the people who matter most.

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