Tuxedos Are (Almost) As Important As The Wedding Dress by Albert Clark

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Today is your wedding day! You’ve picked out your wedding dress, your cake, your band for the reception, and matched up the bridesmaid’s dresses to the groomsmen’s tuxedos. What part of the ceremony is your wedding photographer going to focus most on? Well, all of it- of course! He or she will make certain that not only are there plenty of great pictures of the bride and her dress, but also the groom photos will be a classic addition to your wedding album.

While the bride is the star of the wedding, you will want to remember how handsome your husband-to-be looked while waiting for you to walk up the aisle, while he got dressed with his best man, and other groom photo ideas, like standing outside, just talking with his groomsmen and trying to not look at all nervous!

The tuxedo photos are often posed to show off the detailing in the tuxedo, such as the cummerbund, or perhaps his father’s cufflinks, lent for the occasion. This does not have to be the case; your wedding photographer will be able to create any mood you desire for your groom photos. With the trend of outdoor weddings, and particularly beach weddings, tuxedo photos can be fun and romantic, with his pants rolled up, walking along the beach, the sunset in the background. What a picture to remember your handsome guy on your most important day! Your professional photographer will have many groom photo ideas for your special day.

While there is only one bride’s dress, there will be many tuxedos. The groom, the father of the bride, the father of the groom, the groomsmen, the best man, the miniature groom and the ring bearer will all be wearing tuxedos. Make sure their photos in your wedding album are exactly as you want to remember them!

Some pictures featuring the men in your life on the most important day of your life can be:

1. The classic jacket over the shoulder pose
2. The picture of the husband cutting in on the first dance
3. The bride standing behind her husband with her head on his shoulder is a very popular picture idea.
4. The bride’s father and the groom standing together before the ceremony, talking or sharing some private moment.
5. The ring bearer being given that important pillow.
6. The best man raising his glass in a toast to the happy couple

Your wedding day is a day that will live forever both in your mind and in the minds of many, thanks to the wedding photos you will have. The fathers being photographed together, the groomsmen and groom spending a few moments together horse playing or blowing off steam, the groom having a quiet moment with the priest, the miniature groom looking at himself in the mirror will all be perfectly preserved for you by your professional wedding photographer.

Santa Clarita wedding photographer can easily create any mood you desire for your groom photos. In order to have that perfect day captured in a perfect way, hire a Los Angeles wedding photographer.

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