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The most memorable wedding reception is going to be the most unique. A live band, or DJ will always bring a party. You may consider hiring a caricaturist or magician if many children will be attending. Always consider your budget when selecting entertainment. Entertainers should be experienced wedding professionals with proven talent and references. And don’t forget to tip.

As far as music goes, it’s your party. There are so many different variations and styles of music, it’s sometimes best to just go with what you enjoy. This is easier if you first decide whether you’d like to have a DJ or a live band in attendance. A live band gives quite a few options. If you choose this direction in music, your type of music may be limited to the instruments or band you’ve chosen. Choosing a band can be a fun experience. However, be sure you know exactly what the professional(s) are capable of. Do they take requests? Can they handle your musical selections?

A DJ is a more simple approach. By no means does this prove a DJ might not be a good choice for you. In a lot of cases, a DJ will cost less than live music. A bride may prefer the attention of her guests not be stolen by a staged entertainer. And, with a DJ, your selection of wedding reception music will be virtually boundless. Most DJs will request a list of songs singers/bands to play at your reception. They may or may not ask you to obtain such music. In most cases the DJ will opt to purchase the music for your party in order to strengthen his/her library. All of these things are open to discussion and should be done so privately far in advance to the reception date.

At first thought you may believe a caricaturist, silhouette artist, or magician to be less than tactful. However, when these entertainers are spoken of in terms of a wedding, the style of entertainment greatly varies. A wedding magician isn’t a staged fellow who pulls rabbits from his hat. It’s a professional who discretely moves from table to table much like a violinist would. A caricaturist or magician is great when children are involved and, on a more practical level, can fill in if things get out of hand. Who’s heard of a wedding reception going exactly as planned?

In today’s society, tipping is tradition. Wedding tips are commonly overlooked when considering the wedding budget. Although tipping costs should be factored into your budget, you must remember that they are discretionary and if you are stretched thin on your wedding budget you should not feel obligated to tip. Guests should never feel required to tip. At the end of the evening always check first to see if gratuity has been included in the bill.

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