Wedding Favors: D.I.Y. or BUY? by Lindsey Hively

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Great websites like Etsy and Pinterest have made is so easy to find creative D.I.Y. solutions for everything from interior decorating to wedding favors. Many brides, still early in the wedding planning process and filled with energy, look to sites like these for ideas and draft lofty plans to create their fabulous wedding favors during the 11th hour of wedding preparation. This is especially true for brides looking to hand out perishable wedding favors to their wedding guests. Whether you plan on taking on your wedding favors on your own or have enlisted your family and friends to help, it is important to plan ahead when deciding whether to D.I.Y. or buy.

Knowing the reasons for choosing D.I.Y. wedding favors is essential to deciding whether or not D.I.Y. favors truly are the right choice for you. The top two reasons brides indicate for wanting to make their own wedding favors are to save money and to create something completely unique and custom tailored.

On the flip side, brides that have chosen the D.I.Y. route for creating their wedding favors listed the amount of time it takes as the biggest downfall. This being said, consider the following two tips for deciding whether to D.I.Y. or buy your wedding favors.

1. Objectively Determine Your Level of Creativity

If you were the kid in elementary school that had trouble gluing two popsicle sticks together and couldn\’t draw a stick figure to save your life but still want great, unique wedding favors you may want to look into paying someone to do them for you. If you have a great idea in your head but just cannot put the pieces together on your own enlist the help of one of your creative friends or Google wedding favor companies. Many companies are willing to work with you to come up with the exact favors you are looking for, whether or not it is already a product in their store. Do not be afraid to ask store owners if they can deliver exactly what you want. Then be prepared to clearly communicate your expectations for your favors.

2. Do Not Overestimate Your Free Time

Early on in the wedding planning process, when things seem to be progressing smoothly and ahead of schedule, it is easy to assume that things will continue to move along perfectly right up until the moment you say, \”I do.\” Be careful in estimating your free time, especially when it comes down to wedding crunch time. The last thing you want to do is have to hand make 350 wedding favors the night before your rehearsal dinner because you don\’t want to give your wedding guests stale favors.
Remember too, that time is money! What else could you be doing instead of monotonously pumping out a ton of favors? You can probably list 1,000 things more fun than sitting in an assembly line like a factory worker. The best part about D.I.Y. wedding favors is designing them–NOT making them. Consider handing your design over to a professional so they can do the dirty work for you.

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